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Top 10 Book Publishers in Noida

Noida is one of the leading cities when it comes to book publishing in India and that is why if you are from this incredible city then this blog is for you.

Today we bring you a list of the top 10 book publishers in Noida where we talk about some of the most established and popular book publishers in Noida.

Some of these publishers might not be physically situated in Noida but the reason they are in this blog is simply because of their popularity and market hold in this incredible city.

Today’s blog is going to be very helpful for you if you are from the city and you ever feel like picking up a high-quality published book or even publishing a book yourself.

However, we would also like to tell you that this is our compiled list comprising of our opinions on the quality of publishers and you might have a different opinion as well.

If you do then we would love to hear it in the comments and we might even bring out a blog for you with your selection of publishers.

So, grab yourself some nice tea and sit down and enjoy this blog as we talk about some of the best publishing names in this incredibly energetic city.

Here Are the Top 10 Book Publishers in Noida

Orange Publishers

The first name on the list is certainly a pioneer when it comes to book publishing in Noida because Orange Publishers has been one of the most popular choices continuously for decades.

They are a traditional legacy publisher with the ease and accessibility of a self-publisher which means you get the best of both worlds with them.

They publish in nearly every category and genre from academic to fiction and non-fiction books, children’s books etc and all their operations are in-house which means they keep tight control over quality.

Additionally, they also provide a lot of services that can help any other with publishing such as book formatting services as well as editing and proofreading services, book cover designing services as well as copyright. They even take care of marketing and promotion and even distribution.

The reason why they are so loved is simply that they are the A to Z of publishing and they publish in every kind of medium you can think of from audiobooks to ebooks and of course paperbacks and hardcovers.

That is why if you are looking for one solution for all your book publishing and buying needs then they are here for you.

  • Website – https://orange-publishers.com/
  • Contact Number – +91-9830050132 | +91-9830330809
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Ground Floor, 98, 37-A, Gopal Lal Tagore Road, Sarat Kanan Pally, Nainan Para, Baranagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

Souvenir Publishers

The second name on our list is actually quite unique when it comes to the kind of book publishing services they provide.

While they do not do everything when it comes to publishing like our first name in the list but what they do is actually quite unique.

This is because Souvenir Publishers only do educational book publishing which means their team specialises in the one and only thing and that is to create educational material for students.

They create books and they also create digital study material, entire curriculums, puzzles and so much more for children.

That is why if you have this kind of a specific requirement in Noida then they are a very good option for you and you can definitely trust them with high-quality educational and academic books.

  • Website- https://www.souvenirpublisher.com/
  • Contact Number – +91-9717094164
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 3rd Floor G-196, Sector-63, Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh-201309

Vikas Publishing House

This list is going to be a lot about academic book publishers and that is also the case with our third name in the list because Vikas Publishing House is a higher educational publishing company.

They only publish academic books and they publish books on everything from engineering to management as well as computer science and humanities.

They are very well known for their business and economics books as well and they also publish test preparation books.

Since Noida is a city with some of the finest educational institutions, this is one of the most common themes you will find in the city and that is educational book publishing.

That is why if you are an author who writes academic books on subjects related to science as well as business or even computer science and education and engineering then you should definitely check them out.

  • Website- https://www.vikaspublishing.com/
  • Contact Number – +91 120 4078 900
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – E-28, Sector-8, Noida- 201301

Maple Press

We always try to bring unique names to the table when it comes to this list and that is why the 4th name on our list is quite unique in the sense that Maple Press is an independent family-run children’s book publisher.

When it comes to publishing children’s books, you are hardly going to find anyone better than them in Noida.

This is evident by the fact that they have more than a thousand titles to their name when it comes to children’s books related to mythology and history as well as folklore and much more.

They do everything from baby books to homeschool learning books as well as study books with illustrations and English and Hindi classics.

You can definitely contact them if you are a children’s book author and you can definitely check out their catalogue if you want to buy some books.

  • Website- https://www.maplepress.co.in/
  • Contact Number – +91 9717835777, +91 (120) 4553583
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – A-63, Sector-58 Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301

Walnut Publication

The fifth name on our list is also a hybrid publishing company just like the first name because Walnut Publication is basically a self-publishing company. However, they try to imbibe the characteristics of traditional publishing as well.

They publish different kinds of books and their range of publishing is quite diverse because they publish fiction and nonfiction books and they also to children’s books as well as academic books.

While they are not as old as the other names in the list since they were founded in 2018 but they have managed to gain quite a good reputation for a good quality of service when it comes to publishing.

You can definitely check out everything they do and you can contact them if you want to publish your books with them.

  • Website- https://www.walnutpublication.com/
  • Contact Number – +91 11 422 46688, +91 9911 333792, +91 9911333792(WhatsApp)
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Unit# 909, 9th Floor, Wave Silver Tower, Sector-18, Noida – 201301

Headword Publishing Company

We continue with the theme of academic book publishers with the 6th name on our list which is going to be Headword Publishing Company.

They specialise in academic book publishing when it comes to different kinds of subjects such as maths, science, environmental studies as well as social studies.

They also publish a lot of significant books when it comes to IT and general knowledge.

They published books for the ICSE board of examination as well as the CBSE board and along with that they also publish for different state boards of India.

The reason why they are on the list is simply because they only focus on academic publishing and they do it well with high-quality books and a good attention to detail.

If you are an academic book writer then you can definitely contact them to publish your book with them.

  • Website- https://www.headword.in/#/home
  • Contact Number – +91 8448830254, +91 120 6468350
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – C-12, Block C, Sector 3, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh

Om Books International

Since we are talking about a lot of new names in the Noida book publishing scene, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about another legacy publishing company that is even older than the first name in the list.

We are of course talking about Om Books International. They are a very diverse publishing company and they publish books from different genres whether it is self-help books, children’s books and definitely fiction and nonfiction books.

Along with that day also do contemporary fiction as well as crime thrillers and even fantasy books and graphic novels.

They even have a good collection of books on spirituality as well as action in adventure, short stories and much more.

Since they publish on such a wide range of genres, they automatically become a very good option for any author and that is why you too can check them out if you want to publish with them.

  • Website- https://www.ombooksinternational.com/
  • Contact Number – +011 4000 9000
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – A 12, Sector 64, Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh

Goyal Brothers Prakashan

At number 8 we have a legendary and classic publishing company that is renowned throughout India as one of the most popular academic book publishers.

We are of course talking about Goyal Brothers Prakashan and they publish nearly every kind of school textbook and books for children and young adults.

They do everything from reading guides to competitive exam preparation books as well as novels and much more.

Goyal Brothers publishes academic books for CBSE and ICSE boards of education and they also do NCERT books. However, they are mostly popular for their school textbooks.

They published books for all the regular subjects and they also publish books for data science classes as well as IT subjects. They also publish a unique category of books in the form of IIT preparation books.

While it might be difficult for you to publish your book with them but you can definitely try contacting them if you are an academic book writer.

  • Website- https://www.goyal-books.com/
  • Contact Number – +91-0120-4655555, +91-9319391199(WhatsApp)
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – D-231, Sector 63, Noida-201301 (U.P.)


The 9th name on our list is actually quite a new publishing company if you compare it to the other names on the list but they have a good reputation for providing a high quality of service when it comes to everything they do.

We are of course talking about Inkquills as they are a self-publishing company and they provide some of the most affordable publishing packages when it comes to self-publishing.

While they are not a legendary or a legacy publishing company but they are just what some new authors need to start their journey in the world of literature.

They actually have a good list of books under their name and you can definitely check them out and you can also definitely contact them if you want to self-publish your books with them.

  • Website- https://www.inkquills.in/
  • Contact Number – +91-8696-333-000
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – T3-706, Exxotica Dreamville, Sector 16C, Greater Noida West, Uttar Pradesh, India – 201308

Instant Publication

And finally, at number 10 we also have a very popular self-publishing company with a very good reputation for a lot of successful projects in Noida.

Instant Publication is actually quite new if we compare them to other names in the list but they have managed to gain a good reputation for their very affordable self-publishing packages.

They are also popular because they also provide other kinds of services in the form of ghostwriting services.

Along with that they also provide a lot of additional services that are quite helpful with publishing a book because they do everything from book cover designs to book promotions as well as book compiling and much more.

While they might be a new company but if you want to give them a chance then you can definitely contact them and publish your book with them.

However, if you want to publish your book with a legacy publishing company then we would suggest you to stick to the first few names in the list.

  • Website- https://instantpublication.com/
  • Contact Number – +91 8441884094
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Instant Publication Sector-21, Noida-201301

We hope this blog will help you choose the perfect book publisher for yourself in Noida and fulfil your dream of becoming a published author.

And if you decide to choose us then we would be glad to assist you with the best level of commitment to quality for publishing your book.

Behind the Scenes at A Publishing House – A Manuscript’s Journey

Today we have a very interesting blog for you and this blog is especially important for new authors who are just beginning that journey of self-publishing or traditionally publishing their manuscript into a book.

We are of course talking about what goes on behind the scenes at a publishing house because when we think of publishing, we think of the author submitting the manuscript and the book being published.

In actuality, there is a lot that happens in the background when it comes to a publishing house and there are a lot of preparational steps that take place.

We hope to provide you with a virtual tour of what happens from the point at which the author walks in with the manuscript to the point at which a final book is created.

We are not going to show you a video or we are not going to create an animation but we are just going to use words to help you understand the entire journey of a manuscript to a book.

The process might be a little bit different depending on the type of publishing as well as the type of publisher but this is a general overview of the background process and behind-the-scenes of a publishing house.

Check Out Behind the Scenes of a Publishing House

Acquisition Of the Manuscript

The first step in this process is also the most important step in this entire process because this is when the manuscript comes in contact with the publishing company.

We call this stage acquisition because this is when we do the acquisition of the manuscript.

It can be done in multiple ways because in traditional publishing the author usually submits the manuscript for approval and when it is approved, the author is contacted.

The author can also choose to contact the publishing company with the help of their agent but this is not usually the case for first-time authors.

In the case of self-publishing, the selection process is actually quite simple and it is just the author walking into the office of the publishing company with the manuscript to start the consequent process of publishing the manuscript.

However, in a traditional publishing situation, there is a strict selection process out there as the editor is going to see if the manuscript is up to the mark.

If the editor finds that the manuscript is worthy of publishing then they are going to do a few calculations and prepare some financial estimates before contacting the author.

After they do the calculations, they are going to present royalty estimates to the author along with a proposal so that both of the parties can agree on a contract.

Editing The Manuscript

After the author and the publisher have agreed and signed a contract, the manuscript is going to go into editing and this usually takes the longest time.

If the author has completed the editing process along with the final draft, then the editing process on behalf of the publisher can take one or two weeks.

However, if the author has not initiated editing the final draft, then the editing process on behalf of the publisher hen take more than a month.

It is when multiple iterations of the manuscript will be created and it will move through multiple stages of editing as well as author review and also proofreading and much more.

Only when both the author and the publisher have agreed to the final edit it will move to the next stage of the process.

This step of editing is mostly common for self-publishing and traditional publishing, however, smaller publishers might outsource this work to freelancers.

If you are ever given the choice between in-house editing or freelancers, you must always choose in-house editing because it provides accountability and is generally of a better quality.

Manuscript Formatting

Now that we have the final manuscript in the hands of the publishers, it is just not ready yet for printing because there are important steps remaining.

The first step is going to be creating the layout and the print format and when we say format we mean aligning the text and getting it print ready.

This is when the size of the book is decided and this is when other important things such as the length of each page and the density of the text are also decided. Pagination is one of the most crucial steps in the entire publishing process.

The author might be present throughout the process or they might not be present but their approval might be taken.

This is usually done with the help of professional book formatting software and layout software like Adobe InDesign.

This is a step that you simply cannot skip as a publishing company whether you are creating a physical book or an eBook.

Book Cover Designing

While all these steps go on, the book cover designing team simultaneously starts their work from the moment the contract has been signed and the author has given the green signal.

They are given a copy of the manuscript and they are also present during a lot of conversations with the author.

They are also in contact with the author themselves and the author might also be present with them during their concept creation phase.

This helps them get an idea about how the book cover design is going to turn out and this is when they start creating multiple concepts for the author to choose.

The author might also contribute ideas to some of these concepts and some are shortlisted and it is them, the author and the editor.

In some instances, the sales and marketing team might also be involved in the book cover design because the book cover is ultimately a marketing tool.

When all the parties are satisfied with some concepts or if they collectively select a single concept, the design team then starts the work to finalise this concept.

The time to create a book cover depends on multiple things because if the book cover is going to be created in the form of an illustration, then it might take a lot of time.

If the book cover is digital art or created in Photoshop then it is going to take a little bit less time compared to creating something by hand.

Marketing Team Background Work

The marketing and sales team are also one of the teams that start their work just after the contractual agreement has been signed between the publishing company and the author.

They have a lot of work to do wherever there is a marketing opportunity involved.

That is why they are going to start their work of creating a marketing strategy and the marketing strategy will be different depending on the type of book.

Then they are going to ask the editorial team to create Advance Reading Copies (ARC) while they create a list of the people and send out the ARCs to them.

The marketing team will stay in touch with the recipients of the ARCs like booksellers, librarians, influencers as well as the media as well as book reviewers.

They might also start their work in creating promotional content that will just be needed during the publishing. The promotional content can be something as simple as images for social media posts or it can even be something elaborate as ad films or short films.

They will also start the process of creating merchandise and licencing merchandise if the publishing company has decided to create merchandise.

They will also work hand in hand with the design team for the book cover design as well as creating additional material in the form of banners and hoardings as well as bookmarks and much more.

Printing Plan and Printing

Now that the book is completely ready for print, the publishing company will forward the formatted manuscript and the book cover to the printing team.

There are going to be multiple meetings between all the parties involved including the author to decide on a few important details before a print sample is produced.

The publishing company is going to decide on the type of prints including the print quality as well as the GSM of the paper and even the type of book cover.

If the book has illustrations in the body, then the print quality of the illustrations is also decided because the print quality of the illustrations is going to be different from the print quality of the book cover.

Accordingly, all the important details related to the print are decided and then a sample is created or multiple samples depending on how many versions of the book are going to be sold.

If everyone is happy with the results then the book is printed.


Finally, we come to the stage of the distribution but before that, the book is sent out for copyright or it can even be done online.

When it comes to distribution, different lots are created for different wholesalers, bookstore chains etc.

The different lots are divided and some stock is kept at the publishing company to be sold online through their own website.

When all the stock is sent out to their destinations and warehouses, the book is ready to be launched launched on offline and online stores.

This is when the book cover design team as well as the print team can rest as well as the editing team because now it is up to the marketing team to make it a success story.

We hope this blog helps you understand what it is like behind the scenes at a publishing house and what goes on in the background right from the manuscript to a printed book ready for publishing.

If you want to be part of this journey then we are here for you because we are Orange Publishers and we are a legacy book publishing company that is also the fastest-growing publishing house in India.

All our operations are in-house and we would love to have you on this incredible journey of publishing your vision to the world.

We publish in nearly every genre and we also publish eBooks and audiobooks and we welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Common Book Publishing FAQs

What are the elements of a publishing house?

There are different elements to a publishing house in the form of different departments that handle their own responsibility.

We have the administration team and sometimes they are referred to as the publisher.

We then have the team that is responsible for the editing and it is also called the editorial department and they take care of all the editing.

There is the printing team and the name is self-explanatory because they take care of printing the book and they handle the printing press operations. Some publishing houses might outsource this element.

We also have a legal team that deals with filing the copyright and creating the legal contracts that get signed between the author and the publisher.

There is the accounts team that deals with debit and credit like royalty payments as well as expense payments etc.

The publishing company also has design teams that handle the book layout formatting and the book cover designing and every other design element of the book.

Then there is the marketing and sales department and we all know what they do.

What is the objective of a publishing house?

We all know that the primary objective of a publishing house is to publish books but their objectives can be a lot more than that.

The publishing house can provide multiple publishing-related services, sometimes independently, in the form of editing a manuscript or designing the book cover, formatting the manuscript and much more.

And they might be there to market the manuscript and their objective is also to promote the manuscript.

Additionally, the objective of a publishing house might also be to host book events and to facilitate new authors.

It all depends on the type of publishing house.

What are the three types of publishing?

When it comes to types of publishing, there is traditional publishing which we all know of where the author approaches the publishing company and the publishing company invests their capital rather than the author.

Then we come to the newer type of publishing in the form of self-publishing where the author is basically the publisher because the author spends their own capital and the publishing company is just there to help them with the entire process.

We can also find different hybrid models where there is a capital investment sharing between the publishing company and the author and both of them fulfil the role of investing money in the book.

Find Out How a Book Becomes a Bestseller Today

Every author has this dream of writing bestselling novels because that is the best thing you can expect as an author.

But becoming a best seller is not that easy and the entire concept of what makes a book best seller is actually quite complicated and depends on the list you are talking about.

But you do not have to worry about that because we are going to tell you exactly what you need to do to get your book on any bestselling list.

Speaking of lists, we are talking about lists from reputed companies and news agencies that showcase top selling novels or books in the form of best seller lists.

Publishers always aim to get their books in those prestigious lists and they spend a lot of effort marketing the book to get it to that list.

This is because if you reach that list then it will do half the marketing for you after that.

Let us talk about a few of these lists and understand the kind of specifications they look for and the kind of metrics they utilise to analyse the performance of a book.

This is because each bestseller list whether it is the Wall Street Journal’s list or whether it is Amazon’s list has different specifications and when a book reaches those specifications, they get to be on their bestseller list.

If you understand how they rank books, then we will exactly know the answer to how does a book become a bestseller.

So, let us check out some of these companies and their bestseller lists.

Top Bestseller Lists in The World

Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller List

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is renowned for one of the most popular best-seller lists in the world and this list is respected by every publishing company out there.

WSJ looks at a lot of data points and they do a lot of sales data collection when they are creating their bestseller list.

The reason why they are so respected and their list is regarded as one of the best is that they analyse data from multiple sources in great detail.

Direct Sales

If you want the best kind of sales data then you need to look at direct sales from traditional channels. This means getting sales figures from bookstores to the publisher as well as book clubs.

This is a very involved process because this process entails data collection as well as data cross-checking to make sure they are accurate.


WSJ is trusted among most of the biggest bookstore chains in the world and that is why a lot of their data is dependent on these bookstore chains as well as independent bookstores.

Along with that they also have access to online retailers and it is actually quite a monumental task together all the data from different sources.

Nielsen’s BookScan

They do not just rely on their data because they also rely on other data collectors and their data and one of them is definitely Nielsen’s BookScan retail data.

This helps WSJ to cross-check their information so that they can be sure that when they create the list, it is only created with the most perfect data available.

The New York Times Best Seller List

The New York Times

If we are talking about bestseller lists whether it is physical books or ebook best sellers, we simply cannot ignore the New York Times list.

This is because it is not only one of the oldest, if not the oldest bestseller lists in the world, but it is also one of the best lists for books in the world, especially in the US.

They have been creating and continuously updating this list for nearly a hundred years and they are also constantly innovating how they collect data in order to make sure their lists are always relevant.

They are very stringent when it comes to creating such a list because they only produce a list for traditionally published books and you cannot find a list for bestselling self-published books with them.

Selection Criteria

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind about this list is that you need to sell at least 5000 copies to qualify.

Along with that, they are an exclusively US list which means these sales must take place in the US if you want them to qualify for the list.

They also are quite rigorous about the fact that the book has to be published through a traditional publisher.

Selection Process

The selection process is kind of similar to that of WSJ in the fact that the New York Times collects data from independent bookstores as well as from retail chains.

Since they have such a big and diverse network, they also cultivate a few confidential sources which they might not reveal to the public but they are definitely more accurate than any public source.

The selection process is broken down into multiple categories depending on the genre of the book as well as the kind of book print in the form of hardcovers or paperbacks or even a category for ebook best sellers.

Ranking Criteria

The criteria by which they rank bestsellers is actually quite simple because they consider the volume of sales as one of the biggest indications for qualification.

However, they might add or remove books at their discretion and since they are the ones to come up with the list, they reserve the right to do anything they want.

USA Today List

USA Today

We now have yet another legendary list and you should definitely consider them if you are ever planning on how to write a best selling book because if you get your book in the USA Today list then you are already at the top.

There are actually a lot of ways in which you can get your book into this list because USA Today has multiple lists depending on the genre.

They are also biased towards traditional publishers and that is why if you are looking for a best-selling self-published books list here then you might be disappointed.

Let us now look at their process of creating the bestseller list.

Selection Criteria

The first thing to understand is that your book is only going to qualify for their list if you have sold at least 5000 copies and we are talking about a week.

This will then qualify your book for their list as they will be tracking the progress of sales throughout the week for the books that have qualified to be on the list.

They are more centred towards raw sales data but they also have their ways of making sure only the deserving candidates get to be on the list.

This is an exclusively US list and that is why they do the selection based on nationwide sales.

Selection Process

When it comes to the selection process and data gathering process, USA Today tries to get as much information as possible whether it is from independent bookstores or retail chains or even direct sales to the customer from the publisher.

The one thing that is different about this list compared to any other list is that they do not have individual categories for different genres. They have a single category and it is all about book sales.

They also make sure to keep on collecting data and they keep on releasing and updating their list every week.

Publishers Weekly List

Publishers Weekly

We now have yet another very comprehensive bestseller book list and it is comprehensive because it uses Nielsen’s BookScan for data.

The reason why this data is accurate is that this is not just some independent data. BookScan takes into consideration data from some of the most prominent book-selling platforms like Amazon, Walmart as well as Barner & Noble and many more.

Additionally, they also collect a lot of data from other sources and they also compile it and verify it and that is why they are reputed as having one of the best lists.

Data Collection

Their data collection comes from multiple sources and one of the primary sources is definitely going to be bookstores and we are not just talking about physical bookstores but even online bookstores.

Along with that they also match the data with wholesalers and they match that data with publishers to make sure every number is correct.

Data Compilation

The data compilation is also the process of ranking where they bring together all the data about book sales for a particular category.

They make sure that the data is correct and verify it with multiple sources and this is how they create their bestseller list.

IndieBound List


This is a very different kind of list compared to all the other names we have mentioned simply because IndieBound follows a different kind of approach.

They do not just focus on sales because they focus on preference and we are talking about the collective preference of independent bookstores and not large bookstore chains.

Data Collection

They basically get all their data from independent bookstores and they also talk with a lot of consumers to understand their preferences.

They primarily focus on independently owned bookstores and they do not even look at the data from big corporations and that is why they have such a unique list.

Data Categorization

The data categorisation is actually quite extensive because they create a lot of categories based on different popular genres.

The primary thing to understand here is that if you are an indie writer then you are more likely to find your book in this list than any other list.

Amazon List


Finally, we come to the most popular list among all bestseller lists in today’s day and age and we are talking about the Amazon list or the Amazon best sellers book list.

When we talk about the Amazon list we need to talk about two kinds of lists. There is the Amazon Charts and then there is the Amazon Best Sellers.

Amazon Charts

The best way to understand Amazon Chats is that it is more like a traditional bestseller list because it comes out once a week and has two distinct sections with fiction and non-fiction as its categories.

The data that is used for Amazon Chats is based on the books sold on Amazon’s primary platform along with other platforms like Kindle as well as Audible.

The best thing about this list is that pre-orders are also calculated.

This list is respected throughout the world simply because Amazon takes into consideration a lot of things such as engagement and even completion rates.

Since a lot of their books are digital, they also understand the engagement level of readers and that is why their list is accurate.

While you cannot find any Amazon book sales calculator, you can be assured that they have the correct data because it’s their own platform.

Amazon Best Sellers

The second kind of Amazon list we are going to talk about does not operate like a traditional bestseller list because a traditional list comes out every week or every month.

However, the Amazon Best Seller list is dynamic and gets updated every hour which means if you look at that list you are going to get the most updated information about the popularity of books.

This is a very comprehensive list because the categorisation is quite detailed and is about a broad range of topics from fiction and nonfiction to other specific genres and niches.

Since they only rely on their own sales data, their list is very accurate.

This Is How You Write a Best Seller

A Solid Story as a Foundation

If you want to create a best seller and if you want every rank calculator such as the Amazon book sales rank calculator to pick up your book, then the first thing you need to ensure is a good story.

It is just like owning a restaurant, you can have the nicest-looking restaurant in the best location with the best servers, but if the food is not good then the restaurant will never be popular.

That is why you should focus on the content first and foremost and then you can worry about other things.

Study The Audience

The second thing you must keeping mind is your audience and the reason why we have kept this after the point about the story is simply because of a reason.

The reason is simple and it is that you should never get influenced by your audience when you are writing the body of the novel.

However, you should definitely get influenced by your audience when you are planning everything else like the book cover and the marketing.

Use The Book Cover as A Hook

If you are an author then you already know what is the meaning of a hook. It is something we utilise at the beginning of a story or a chapter to grab the audience’s attention.

If you do it correctly then everything can be a hook. The same goes for the book cover.

The book cover is going to be the first point of contact between your readers and the book and that is why you need to make sure to make it as attractive and as unique as possible.

The book cover is very useful if you utilise it correctly.

Proper Book Description

You need to understand the journey of the reader in the bookstore. First, they are going to look at the book cover.

The next thing they are going to do is to turn over the book and look at the book description and this is the second point of contact if they decide not to open the book.

That is why you need to make sure to create a book description with as much marketing language as possible.

Your book description is not your book’s primary content and that is why you can even utilise a marketing expert to write the book description for you.

Study Best Seller Lists

One of the other very helpful things you can do is to study how bestseller lists work.

This will give you an idea of how book ranking is calculated because it is not just about the number of books sold.

There are a lot of factors that go into bestseller lists and that is if you understand how these lists work then you can work towards them better.

Generate And Promote Book Reviews

The thing about a best-seller list is that once you get into that list, it will be the single greatest form of marketing for your book.

But until you get into that list you need to try out every marketing technique and method possible and one of them is to facilitate book reviews.

The way you can do that is to simply send out free copies of your book to reputed book reviewers who are respected in the market.

If you are a new author then most of them will probably not review it but if one of them does then it will help a lot in book sales.

Try Getting Preorders

If you follow the Amazon list then it is also going to count pre-orders and it will act as a headstart for you to reach the best seller list.

That is why if you want to get pre-orders then you can set special prices for people who order before the release.

You can also run a special promotional campaign that offers special discounts to your readers.

Have A Strong Social Media Strategy

If you are an author in today’s day and age then you definitely need to work on your social media because it is one of the best kinds of medium to promote your work.

That is why you need to be active on all popular social media platforms and have regular updates for people and also engage with your fans and readers.

The more active you are and the more engaging content you put out; the more people are going to show interest in your book. It is one of the best ways to generate traffic.

Invest In Marketing

And if you think this is too much work then you can always invest in marketing which means getting a social media manager as well as getting a marketing expert.

These experts are going to formulate marketing strategies for you so that you can target the perfect audience for book sales to reach a particular level.

You must understand that your objective is as many book sales as possible in a fixed time period so that your book reaches the bestseller lists.

We hope this blog helps to understand how bestsellers work and if you are a new author and you are confident in your book but bewildered about the entire publishing process then we are here for you.

We are Orange Publishers and we are one of the fastest-rising traditional book publishing companies in India. We do everything in-house when it comes to publishing.

We do the layout design as well as the book cover design, the printing and publishing and even the marketing and promotion in-house. We also take care of the copyright.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything you do.

Common Book best seller FAQs

How many books sold to be a bestseller?

Every bestseller list is different when it comes to the number of books that you need to sell in order to qualify for that list.

However, if we look at an average then the average is definitely going to be something between 5,000 copies every week to 10,000 copies every week.

This can vary depending on the category as well as the market and even the genre of the book.

How do I know if a book is a best seller?

You do not have to actively find out if your book is a bestseller because if it is a bestseller then your friends are probably going to text you and tell it.

If your book is a bestseller then your publisher is probably going to invite you to celebrate with you.

This is because creating a bestseller is a monumental task for any kind of author and if it is a best seller then the news this going to reach you.

Can a self-published book be a bestseller?

A self-published book can definitely be a best seller but it might not come up on every bestseller list.

This is because some bestseller lists exclusively rank traditionally published books and they do not look at the data for self-published books.

You do not have to worry about that if you are looking at the best-seller list from Amazon because it does not differentiate between traditionally published or self-published books.

How much do first-time authors make?

This is very subjective and while it is impossible to give you a figure on how much new authors or first-time authors make, we can of course talk about the factors that lead to earning.

If the first-time author creates a masterpiece that becomes a bestseller, they can earn as much as established authors.

There are also various other market factors that determine the earnings of a new author.

How Should You Deal with Negative Book Reviews? Find Out Now

If you are a new author and you are active on social media and you have a good footprint online then you might have faced this issue.

The issue we are going to talk about is not only faced by authors but any creative person.

We are talking about negative reviews. Negative reviews can come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they can do to you is demotivate you.

So, how do you deal with negative reviews? We are going to find out just that in this important blog that will help an author immensely.

We will tell you everything you need to know about negative reviews and all the scenarios in which you might get a negative review.

We are also going to tell you what you should do with negative reviews and how you deal with that situation.

This is because there might be different things you can do about a negative review.

You can go after the person but that would not be wise, you can simply ignore it and that will also not be the best thing to do, you might choose to take it to your heart and that is also not the best approach.

So, what do you do? Let’s find out because not all negative reviews at the same and not all negative reviews should be put into a similar category and treated similarly.

Let us start by understanding the reasons why negative reviews might bother you.

This Is Why Negative Reviews Might Be Bothering You

They Are Not Wrong

One of the reasons why you might be bothered about the situation is simply because the person making the negative review might just be making sense.

This means that the review might have actually good points and the intentions of the reviewer might not be to intentionally be malicious because they might be trying to provide you constructive criticism.

If that is the case then you should actually listen to what the person is saying and it is simply because no author is going to be perfect. You might have flaws too.

That is why it is not a good thing to completely shut down every reviewer you have because you simply cannot grow like that.

This is why you should pay attention to the reviews that actually make sense and if the book is already published and you simply cannot do anything about it then you should just take it as a lesson.

This will help you avoid the same mistakes later.

They Are Just Being Mean

The second reason why you might be bothered about a negative review is simply that most reviews are just there because the person is bitter.

They might be jealous of your work or they might just be trolls looking for some attention and they might not even make sense or have any good constructive criticism for you.

This is actually what happens to content creators most of the time and it might also happen to you that some reviews might be negative just because the person wants some attention and they might not even be a reader.

This is actually very common and this might happen if you try and promote your book because then it will reach a wider audience and most of the audience are not readers.

You should not take these reviews to heart it is very easy to become a keyboard troll and sit behind a screen and be cruel and this is just a reality that you have to accept.

You are not a social reformer who is trying to change society and make it kinder, if you are then you can engage in a kind conversation with that person but we would suggest you to ignore these negative reviews.

They Are Wrong

If the person is not making sense and if they are actually not trolls looking for some attention then it might just be the case that they misunderstood your book.

What do you do in that case?

The person is providing genuine criticism from their standpoint and they are right from their perspective and they are also not trying to be cruel.

In that case, the best thing you can do is to engage with them and provide them with explanations for things they have misunderstood.

This is when a fanbase comes in very handy because if you have fans who admire you and understand what you write then you can request them to explain to the reviewer the correct meaning of something they have just misinterpreted.

If you do not have such a network and you are a one-man army then the best thing to do would be to engage with that reviewer if you have the time for it.

And if you do engage with that person then you need to be as kind as possible to them.

They Made You Doubt Yourself

Sometimes it might just be the case that you are not really sure what to do with the negative review because while they might not be 100% correct, they might be kind of right.

Sometimes they might be completely wrong and they might also make you doubt yourself. Any kind of negative review whether right or wrong might make you doubt yourself.

If you encounter such a scenario then the only thing to do would be to understand that this is literature and you cannot achieve perfection because there is no definition of standardized perfection.

Your book is a reflection of yourself and it is very personal to you. There will always be someone that might feel you are wrong but that does not make your work wrong.

Yes, you should always pay attention to what your readers are saying but you must also understand detachment because once your book is published, it is like your child growing up, you can only do so much now.

That is why if you ever doubt your abilities then you should just remember the fact that you are a published author and that itself should not make you question your abilities because you have a book and the negative reviewer does not.

They Are a Risk to Sales

Being an author is not just about achieving perfection when it comes to your craft as a writer but it is also about understanding marketing and being a businessman.

This is especially the case if you are also the producer of the book in the form of self-publishing and if you have invested either time or money or both in a book then it is quite usual to get afraid of negative reviews.

What if potential readers read the review and decide not to get the book? That is a nightmare every author has.

The most beautiful thing about literature is that it is not like any risky marketing campaign which has an inherent risk of optics and backfiring.

If your book is good and if the quality of your content is good then the positive reviews will always be more than negative reviews.

This is because readers, unlike other consumers, actually express their happiness and their satisfaction if they find something really good. It is not like Amazon reviews on any tech product where only bad reviews are done.

And if you are still worried then this should settle your tension.

In the world of online marketing or rather any kind of marketing, negative publicity is also publicity.

Negative reviews are also engagement quite literally which means even if your book gets negative reviews, it will still be organically promoted by the eCommerce platform just because it is generating engagement.

You just have to make sure not to do anything with negative reviews like trying to contact the reviewer and pursuing them and asking them to delete it because that can make things worse.

They Are Getting Personal and Dangerous

One of the scenarios that should actually make you worried is going to be negative reviews with malicious intent.

While the literature industry as a whole is quite tolerant, it is still an industry and that means your competitors might just be running a malicious negative review campaign behind your back.

It might also be the case that the reviewer is just a sadistic person who is trying to rile up controversy for some kind of gain.

They might be trying to portray you in the wrong light and they might be starting controversies.

In that case, you can take legal help but before you do that it is always a good option to contact them and ask them to delete that negative review if it is actually incriminating under the law or if it can be pursued for defamation.

If they do not listen then the second option for you would be the contact the platform and ask them to take the step of removing that review and banning that person.

If even that does not work then the last step for you would be to take legal action and it can be in the form of a defamation case.

But you must keep in mind that this should only be reserved for negative reviews where the reviewer actually has bad intentions and is speaking about your family and spreading lies about you.

You should never take this step for a genuine negative review even if it is a stupid or plain negative review or even if the negative review is done by a person who misunderstood your work.

Important Tips to Deal with Negative Reviews

Not All Negative Reviews Are the Same

One of the most important things you must keep in mind about negative reviews is that not every negative review is worthless.

Negative reviews can actually teach you a lot of things and if the negative review is constructive criticism, then you should welcome it.

This is because someone has read your book and decided to provide you constructive criticism and while every criticism is negative, that does not mean every negative review is just malicious.

That is why you should welcome a good negative review and we would even ask you to try and contact the person and even collaborate with them to improve your craft.

Expect Negative Reviews

Every creative thing in the world has negative reviews whether it is the most remarkable thing that has changed humanity or whether it is something ordinary like a lemon toffee.

That is why if you are putting your work out there then you should also be ready for negative reviews because even if your work is excellent, chances are that 1 out of 10 people will not like it.

The good thing about literature 65is that people are generally very polite about negative reviews but that is not the case with any other kind of creative endeavours such as movies or art.

If you want to know how to deal with negative reviews then you can find hundreds of interviews with actors, YouTubers, celebrities as well as musicians and every other creative person on how the deal with it.

It will provide you with a good sense of how you should also deal with negative reviews.

Negative Reviews Mean You Are Strong

One of the most important things that authors forget is that a person with no haters is a very balanced and diplomatic person.

But you cannot have art and diplomacy in the same sentence because if you want to create art in the form of books then you need to put forward your viewpoint for the world to see. You need to be bold.

If you are not a diplomatic person and courageous enough to put forward your ideas without thinking about appeasement, you can create a masterpiece.

Every famous book out there in the world has its fair share of critics and that is also the case with your negative reviews because if you start thinking about the haters, your next step would be to please them haters.

This will lead you to the next step, you are going to lose your individuality and your standpoint.

So, keep your head strong and keep writing.

Contextualize Negative Reviews Correctly

Behind every negative review is a purpose and that purpose can be just trolling around and that purpose can be the honest perspective of a person who has read your work.

Every opinion out there has a reason and that reason might be something very important and actually logical or that reason might just be attention-grabbing and stupidity.

That is why instead of looking at negative reviews emotionally, if you try to understand the reason behind the review and if you try to understand the perspective behind the review, your viewpoint will change completely.

This means if you try and understand the context behind why a person has said something negative about your work and if you can come up with a reason, it will not be as depressing as you think.

Always Be Kind in Answering Them

We generally never encourage authors to engage with negative reviews, especially reviews that seem malicious.

But if you really want to interact and engage with negative reviews then the best way to do it is to just be as kind as possible to them.

This is because a kind reaction might just change the mind of the person who has left a review and the other important reason is that everyone can see negative reviews.

And if your readers see that you are always kind then it will definitely leave a positive impression in their mind and you might even find people coming to your defence.

We hope this blog will help you deal with negative reviews. It is actually quite a time-consuming process if you are a bestselling author because you are going to get a lot of negative reviews along with even more positive reviews.

Sometimes it is just good to ignore them and not overthink.

And if you are ready to deal with negative reviews and you want to finally publish your book then we are here for you because we are Orange Publishers.

We are the fastest-growing as well as most popular book publisher in India and we publish in nearly every genre of literature.

We do everything from fiction and nonfiction to educational books and everything else and all our operations are in-house which helps us ensure the finest quality of print.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Negative Reviews FAQs

Should authors respond to reviews?

When it comes to reviews, you can generally respond to them and just express your gratitude about the fact that they have read your book.

However, when it comes to negative reviews, we generally suggest our authors to never respond to them because it has a chance of creating unnecessary controversy and your response might not be the best.

But if you decide to respond to negative reviews, you need to be as kind as humanly possible and shower them with kindness and also tell them that you understand what they have to say.

What not to say in a book review?

You can basically say anything you want in a book review as long as your intention is not malicious because if you want to provide constructive criticism then you are free to say anything you want.

But if your intention is just to tarnish the reputation of the author then we would suggest you not to do that because it is not a good thing to do.

And if you do decide to still do it with malicious intentions then you must also understand that you stand that chance of getting a notice for defamation.

Such things are rare in the world of literature and we believe in decency and we all should make sure to uphold this beautiful industry and its ethics.

Do authors read their book reviews?

Of course, authors read their book reviews and it is just like how celebrities often read the comments from their social media posts.

The reason why people think that authors do not read reviews is that most of the time the author does not choose to reply to a review or send out an answer to the review.

But you can be assured of the fact that authors are really eager to listen to what their readers have to say about something.

How do I get better at book reviews?

The only way in which you can get better at book reviews is simply to get better at your craft because if you want a good review then the only way to get it is to create good content.

You actually do not even have to pay attention to book reviews if you do not want to and that is exactly what we suggest to our authors.

We tell our authors to concentrate on their work and to simply improve their craft in their own time and not get influenced by reviews and what people have to say.

That is why you do not have to try and get good reviews because the moment you start trying to get good reviews is the moment you are bending your perspective and losing individualism.

AI Book Cover Generators – Can They Help You with Book Cover Design? Let’s Find Out

Today we have a very interesting blog for you and we would like to start this by asking you to imagine yourself as a writer.

You are a first-time writer and on your way to becoming a published author. Your manuscript is complete and all you need to do is to self-publish that manuscript.

And since you are self-publishing, you need to do everything by yourself, things like creating the book cover, getting the books printed and also thinking about copyright filing

You can do everything on your own but there is a small problem and that is definitely the book cover.  You are probably not an artist but you want your book cover to look professional and you have a certain vision for the book cover.

You can spend some and get yourself a professional book cover designer who is experienced in graphic design as well as drawing illustrations and much more.

But you want to do everything yourself and so the only other option for you is to either try and draw the book cover yourself or do something else.

That something else is going to be utilising AI to generate the book cover for yourself.

It will not infringe on anyone’s copyright because it will be an image you created and you can create it any way you want.

That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog because we will talk about whether you can design a book cover with AI image generators and whether it is practical and even doable or even legal.

What Are AI Image Generators?

AI image generators basically work on the simple function of text to image which means you need to write a prompt and the AI engine is going to interpret that prompt into an image.

You can then add additional prompts to alter that image according to your needs.

There are a few ways in which AI engines do it. These are the most common AI image generator types.

· Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

· StyleGAN and StyleGAN2

· Variational Autoencoders (VAEs)

· Transformers

While we do not want to get too technical in this blog meant for authors but they basically work on the principle of generating an image and discriminating that image to see if that image is comprehensible or realistic.

We would love to write a separate blog on the different kinds of AI image generators if you want us to.

There are a lot of options these days that will allow you to generate images based on text prompts as well as image inputs. Let us look at some of them now.

Popular AI Image Generators


The first one we are going to talk about is OpenAI’s DALL-E 3. If you know Chat GPT then they are the same people to have created this AI image generator.

It produces excellent results but the only thing with this is that if you want to use it then you need to upgrade your Chat GPT 3.5 account and upgrade to Chat GPT 4 with a Plus subscription. It is $20/month.

If you only need to generate a single image or maybe try out the generator for a single instance of creating a single book cover then $20 might seem expensive.

You cannot have access to OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 with the regular free plan.


The concept behind Midjourney is quite different because they operate with Discord which means you need to sign up with them and also create a free Discord account.

Then you need to join their server and you will get to generate 25 free images and after that, they are going to charge a subscription fee.

Midjourney produces good results and people have even won AI artwork competitions with the help of Midjourney because it is so good at producing results in the form of artworks. It is excellent at replicating human artists and illustrators.

Adobe Firefly

Now we come to a unique AI generator because if you know how to write prompts then you can expect excellent results from this AI generator by Adobe.

All you need to do is search for it on Google and you might be asked to get an Adobe Photoshop subscription but if you look a little bit more then you can find an option to try out Adobe Firefly for free.

This generator has a lot of control options and even has very detailed controls including colour and tone as well as lighting effects and you can even set the camera angle before you generate the image.

You should definitely try it out because it is a very good free option and while we do not know how long it is going to stay free but you should try it as long as it does.

Stable Diffusion

The last option that we are going to talk about is going to be Stable Diffusion because while it comes with a steep learning curve but it is completely free because it is an open-source generator.

However, Stable Diffusion comes as an API in its open-source version which means you might need some bit of technical knowledge to utilise it.

Some programs might let you use it like the other generators but there might be a paywall or it may not be as fast or astable as the original API.

If you want to choose one among them, then it is a very tough decision to make because all of them are quite new and this is just the early stages of development for what we know as AI generators.

DALL-E 3 and Midjourney are excellent especially DALL-E 3 because it is based on OpenAI and we would suggest you to use it because of its ease of use.

So, what if you want to use DALL-E 3? There is another option to use it completely free.

The Option to Use DALL-E 3 For Free

The only option to use DALL-E 3 for free as many times as you want is to use a device that supports the Microsoft Bing browser.

This means you can use your PC that runs on Windows or you can even use your smartphone where you can install the Bing browser.

All you need to do is to open the browser and sign up with a Microsoft account. That is the only complicated part of it because you need a Microsoft account.

All you have to do then is to search for Copilot. It is the Microsoft smart assistant. Copilot will let you create as many images as you want.

This is only possible because Microsoft is a shareholder in OpenAI which means you get to use their premium products for free.

The only catch is that you might not get the best resolution photos and you might need to upscale it and know a little bit of Photoshop work to utilise that image in your book cover.

Now that you know how to use AI image generators, let us talk about the ethics of it and understand if you should actually do it and if there are any legal implications behind it.

Should You Use AI Image Generators for Your Book Cover Design

The Argument for It

If you are a first-time author trying to do everything on a budget then there is actually no harm to using AI image generators because that is your only option.

It is not like that is the primary body of your creative endeavour because the actual body of that creative endeavour is going to be the manuscript or the body of the novel which is completely original.

The book cover is just the covering of your work and you definitely need one so why not create it in the best way possible?

The most important thing to understand here is that you are utilising your own vision and your own prompts to create that book cover with any AI image generator.

You can definitely argue that it is your own creation and you would have created something like that if you had illustration skills.

As a first-time author trying to publish your book with your own funds, you have the right to do anything in your power to create a good book, provided you do not use AI for the actual body of the text.

The Argument Against It

The argument against it is just that it is not real. It is not created by a human and it is created by a model trained with multiple images and that is why your book cover will not be original but simply inspired by millions of images.

It also means that you are not pursuing absolute originality when it comes to your work but then again you can if you create the book cover by yourself, you are probably inspired by millions of images you have seen.

So, from that standpoint, is any image actually original whether it is created by a human or AI?

While we have to consider the fact that this might steal the employment of an artist or an illustrator whom you might have hired for creating the book cover design, that is out of the question here because you are not planning on doing so in a small tight budget.

So, even in the argument against using AI image generators, we can’t really think of anything to support this argument.

Of course, that does not mean you should create an entire watercolour portrait similar to any classical painting and attribute it to yourself, but if you just use it for inspiration in the design then there is no harm in it.

If you want to be absolutely clear in your conscience when it comes to the ethics of it, you can even put in a little attribution on the inner side of the book cover jacket telling readers that it is AI-generated.

You can even put the prompt for absolute transparency. That would actually be amazing and unique.

The Legal Side of Things

If we consider it from the legal side of things then it is completely legal because you are creating that image yourself and we cannot find any attribution or CC common laws regarding AI image generators.

There are even marketplaces where people sell AI-generated art and there are even auctions for that kind of art in digital galleries.

Several brands are already utilising AI-generated art for entire marketing campaigns and brands use AI art to even create logos and so much more.

So, if corporations and big-name brands can utilise AI-generated images for entire marketing campaigns with full immunity, so can you without the fear of any legal consequences.

The only thing you need to worry about is your audience because if they are okay with it then you do not need to care about anything else with AI image generators.

And you must also make sure the prompt is original and custom.

The only problem with generating AI images is that there is a lot of trial and error if you want to create something complex and something truly unique. Writing the perfect prompt is an art in itself.

However, even after creating that, you might feel bad for your audience because you probably want them to have the best and the most authentic experience. An AI book cover would seem like a compromise with that quality.

That is why if you are publishing on a budget, you do not need to worry about creating your own book cover image with AI and compromising on originality because we are here for you.

We are Orange Publishers and we take care of everything for our authors including book cover design because we have professional illustrators that can do the work for you.

We are the fastest-growing book publishing company in India and all our operations are in-house which means we can assure you the best kind of quality when it comes to printing, publishing as well as promotion.

We even take care of the copyright which means our authors simply have one job and that is to present us with their manuscript and relax.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Common AI Book Cover FAQs

Can AI make book cover design?

AI can absolutely make your book cover design because all you need to do is select the best AI image generator for yourself and learn how to write prompts.

Once you master the art of writing prompts, you can create any image in the world and you can keep altering that image until you are satisfied with the final result.

This is opening up endless opportunities for new authors within a shoestring budget looking to have the best kind of illustrations for their book covers.

Is it legal to use AI art for a book cover?

It is completely legal to use AI art for book cover design and let us help you understand this.

The reason why AI art generated by you will always remain legal to use is only true if you also write the prompt yourself and not just copy it from somewhere else.

This is because if you copy someone else’s prompt then there might be a chance that the AI will generate a similar kind of image and that image might be already claimed and copyrighted by someone else

So, if you write your own prompt and generate an image and also reverse image search it on Google to find out that it is truly unique, then it is completely legal to use that image.

Entire brands are utilising AI for creating marketing material for their marketing campaigns and you can find celebrities and popular personalities endorsing AI art for their projects.

Does AI art break copyright?

AI art does not break copyright laws usually but it is always a good practice to reverse image search the image you have generated to make sure it is unique.

You must always keep in mind to use your own custom prompts and even if you are getting inspiration from someone else’s prompt, you should customise it and make it unique.

The reason for this is that if you are going to blatantly copy and paste someone’s prompt then there is a small window of chance that the AI will generate the same image.

That is why if you use your own prompts and also reverse image search the generated image and find out it is unique, then it will never break copyright laws.

Who has copyright to AI art?

The AI company behind the AI generator does not have copyright claims to the art because it is something that you have created with your own prompts and text. Just as Microsoft Word will not have copyright over a novel you have typed in it.

That means if you generate that art, claim the copyright of it and file a copyright of that art then you are the owner of that copyright art.

It is as simple as that.

Top 10 Book Publishers in Dhaka

Today we have a very interesting blog for you because we are going international for today’s list as we continue this very popular series of top 10 book publishers.

This is because we are going to talk about the top 10 book publishers in Dhaka which is the capital city of Bangladesh.

We have decided to choose this fantastic city for this edition of the blog series simply because we cannot ignore Dhaka if you talk about book publishing and literature.

This city has one of the highest numbers of readers and critical thinkers as well as book lovers from small children to people who might themselves be grandparents.

That is why it is only fair to bring this popular blog series to such a city and such a literature-loving and culturally rich country.

There is also another important reason why we are doing this blog about another city that is not even in India as an Indian publisher.

It is because of the love and support we get from our readers in Bangladesh as Orange Publishers. We are really honoured by the level of readership numbers we get from this fantastic city.

Book Publishing

And that is why this blog is our tribute to such a literature-loving population, our lovely Bangladeshi readers.

So, without any delay, let us look at the top 10 book publishers in Dhaka that have some of the biggest readership numbers and popularity.

Top 10 Book Publishers in Dhaka, Bangladesh


This is the first name on the list because Mayurpankhi is one of the legendary book publishers in Dhaka when it comes to publishing children’s books.

If you are a children’s book writer then you should definitely contact them because they have a good distribution network all around Dhaka and Bangladesh and they also have a good support system for children’s book publishing.

They published every kind of children’s book from story books to books on fables as well as colouring books and even books for young adults.

Additionally, they publish nonfiction books along with fiction books and the variety you are going to get with this publisher is excellent.

They even provide some very helpful services in the form of editing services and illustration services and that is why you should definitely contact them for every book publishing need in Dhaka

  • Website – https://www.mayurpankhi.com/
  • Contact Number – +8801711961588
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Jamider palace, 291 Inner Circular Road, Motijheel, Dhaka -1000, Bangladesh

Guba Books

One of the beautiful recurring themes that you will come across in the Dhaka publishing landscape is going to be a lot of children’s book publishers.

This is because Dhaka, in general, has a bigger children’s readership where children are encouraged to read from a very young age.

That is why we come to the second name on the list as Guba Books is also a very popular choice when it comes to publishing children’s books.

As with most publishers in Dhaka, they are a bilingual publishing company and they print both in English and Bangla.

This publisher prioritises the use of imagery in their publications and they also try to advocate for social causes through their publications.

They are a publisher with a mission and you should definitely support them and you can also contact them for publishing needs.

  • Website – https://gubabooks.com/
  • Contact Number – not available
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Haque Tower (2nd Floor), 191/A, Mir Shawqat Shoroni,
    Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208

The Royal Scientific Publications

We hope you are enjoying the blog so far and so after two popular children’s book publications with thought we might change the taste a little bit and bring you a different kind of publication.

So the third name on our list is one of the top academic publications of Dhaka and when we talk of Dhaka then it automatically qualifies for the entire Bangladesh.

The Royal Scientific Publications are quite well known for publishing books for school and college students as well as for students appearing for different government job examinations.

Along with that, they also have a good lineup of books for primary teacher recruitment books.

The best thing about this publisher is that they are versatile because they also publish children’s books but along with that they are more focused on textbooks.

That is why you can contact them for all your academic book publishing needs because they are a solid option to consider and they are also one of the oldest names in this list as they have been operating since 1992.

  • Website – https://the-royal-scientific-publications.com/
  • Contact Number – 09639112211
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 9th Floor, Sultan Ahmed Plaza, 32 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000

Panjeree Publications Ltd

The fourth name on our list is also quite a reputable name when it comes to book publishing in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.

Panjeree Publications started as an academic book publishing company when they started all the way in 1994 but the best thing about them is that they have managed to expand the publishing into other genres as well.

They are quite versatile when it comes to the types of books they publish because they do everything from novels to comics and literature classics as well as reference books and even poetry books.

In a way, they reflect the literary landscape of Bangladesh. They also publish internationally in countries like India as well as the US and Australia and much more.

You can definitely check them out for your publishing needs in Dhaka.

  • Website – https://www.panjeree.com/
  • Contact Number – 58310156, 58316120, 9341375, 58311902, 9345059
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 43, Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Sarak (Old 16, Shantinagar), Dhaka-1217.

Dyu Publications

If you are looking for a contemporary publishing company in Dhaka that publishes their books on significant social issues then the fifth name on our list would be your choice.

This is because Dyu Publications are quite well known for publishing significant books related to everything from social to cultural issues but most importantly historical topics.

They cover the Bangladeshi Freedom Movement with a good number of publications and they also have books related to recent social incidents such as the pandemic.

That is why if you are an author who only focuses on important social as well as cultural issues along with historical issues then this might be the best choice for you.

You should definitely contact them.

  • Website – https://dyu.com.bd/
  • Contact Number – +8809606033393
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 274/2 S J Jahanara Imam Sarani, Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205

Pathak Shamabesh

This is one of the oldest and one of the most reputed names in the entire list because this publishing company started their operations three decades ago in 1987.

Pathak Shamabesh does absolutely everything when it comes to book publications because these publishers publish books on cultural studies as well as religion and literature.

They also have some fantastic books when it comes to the Bangladeshi Liberation War as well as books on science and art as well as poetry.

They also have a good selection of original novel collections and books related to travel as well as music.

That is why they are a very good choice for any kind of author because these publishers cover a very large section of types when it comes to book publications.

You should definitely check them out and contact them for your publishing needs.

  • Website – https://pathakshamabesh.com/
  • Contact Number – +880 1841234611
  • Contact Email – [email protected], [email protected]
  • Address – 17 Aziz Market, Ground Floor, Shahbag, Dhaka 1000. Bangladesh.

Sean Publication

If you are in the market for a publisher that only publishes religious books then this publisher is a good option for you.

They publish books both in English as well as Bengali and they mostly publish religious books.

That is why if you have this specific need then you can definitely check them out because they have a good reader base in Dhaka.

However, if you are looking for a publisher that publishes everything then this publisher is probably not the best choice for you.

You can still contact them and enquire about your publishing needs.

  • Website – https://seanpublication.com/
  • Contact Number – +8801781183501, +8801753344811
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – Islami Tower, First Floor, Shop No # 3

Nymphea Publication

If you follow closely then you might notice a common theme which is that the publishing industry in Dhaka is quite mature.

This is because most of the names in the list are at least 20 years old and that is also the case with this book publisher because Nymphee Publication is 25 years old at this point.

They are quite a versatile publisher but they follow a common theme throughout everything they publish and that is to tell the story of Bangladesh.

This means if you have a publishing need and your book focuses on history and culture then this publisher is going to be a good choice for you.

However, if you have any other kind of book related to anything from the environment to the economy as well as politics or even tourism then again they will publish it for you.

You should definitely try them out and visit their website and check out everything they do.

  • Website – https://nympheapublication.com/
  • Contact Number – not available
  • Contact Email – not available
  • Address – 205/1/A, Hashim Tower, Suite 6C, 6th Floor, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Parash Books

At number nine we have quite a unique publisher in this entire list because while most publishers publish on various topics but this publisher only publishes on a particular topic.

This particular topic is also quite a niche topic because Parash Books only publishes medical books and they are the leading medical book publishers in Bangladesh.

They publish everything from pharmaceutical books to medical books and they also do architectural books as well.

They are mostly known for their huge selection of medical books.

That is why if you are an academic author who only writes medical books and you need the best kind of service for that kind of book then you should definitely contact them.

  • Website – https://parashbooks.com/
  • Contact Number – 01674-897700
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 155 Dhaka New Market, Dhaka -1205, Bangladesh.

Liton Publication

Finally, at number ten, we have Liton Publication. They publish a wide variety of books.

They are among the very few publishers that do income tax books. They also publish books on custom laws as well as land and labour laws.

This might make you think that they only do law books but that is not the case.

This is because they also publish books on history as well as poetry and even children’s books.

Along with that, they also publish books for students and chartered accountants and this is the beauty of this publisher because they do a lot when it comes to various genres and topics.

That is why you can definitely check them out.

  • Website – https://litonpublication.com/
  • Contact Number – 01711945949, 01628000049, 01840092121
  • Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Address – 67/A Pioneer Road, Kakrail, Dhaka.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to choose the best publisher for your publishing needs in Dhaka.

And if you decide to choose us then we would be honoured to provide you with the best kind of service and along with that, access to the Indian publishing industry.

We are Orange Publishers and we are one of the emerging names when it comes to the publishing industry in Dhaka Bangladesh as well as India.

We publish books from every genre and every category and our entire publication process takes place in-house right from the printing to the publication as well as the distribution and promotion.

Book Publishing

Along with that, we provide a whole host of publishing-related services.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Check Out the Top 20 Fun Book Facts That Will Surely Surprise You Today

Facts are always fun and if you get to know fun facts then it will not only help you improve your knowledge about different factual truths but will also help you improve your craft.

This is especially important if the facts are about something that you love and that is exactly why if you are interested in books, this blog is going to be fun for you.

This is because we bring you this blog about the top 20 fun book facts that will not only improve your knowledge about books but will genuinely surprise you.

These facts will help you understand the importance of books for our human civilization as a whole and will also help you understand a lot of history.

We hope to present you with facts as latest as possible and these facts might even change with time and we would love to hear about them in the comment section so that we can keep on updating this blog for you.

So, grab yourself a nice coffee and just sit down and relax and enjoy these facts about books.

Top 20 Fun Facts About Books

The True International Bestseller

We all want to create a bestseller as authors and sometimes it might be very difficult.

Bestsellers usually occupy popularity and a location in a list if that book has been sold the most in a particular location for a few continuous weeks.

But how about a book that has remained the bestseller for nearly 2000 years and we are not even talking about a particular region or country?

The true international bestseller is the Bible. It is the book with the most printed copies in the world along with a bunch of other world records.

This is because there are an estimated more than 5 billion printed copies of the Bible around the world.

The Smell of Old Books

If you are a book lover like us then you probably love the smell of old books. You know exactly what we are talking about.

It is that awesome smell of old paper along with a combination of book glue and even the ink and this kind of a smell can mostly be found in old books and in old libraries.

There is actually a name for this, it is called bibliosmia. It is this sensation of enjoying the smell of old books.

Teeny Ted – The Tiniest Book

When you think of the smallest book in the world, you might imagine that book must be at least a few inches in height.

However, that is far from the truth with the world’s smallest book verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Teeny Ted from Turnip Town is the smallest book in the world and it can’t even be measured in inches because it measures 100×70 micrometres.

If you want to look at it then you might need a magnifying glass but if you want to read it then you might need a microscope.

Abiblophobia Is Real

We promise we are only going to talk about fun facts but this is a fact that is not fun for the people who experienced it and this is something quite truly real.

We are talking about the fear of an empty bookshelf. Yes, this is an actual fear and it has an actual term and it means people who truly love books might develop this fear of their bookshelves being empty.

This leads them to keep on buying books even before they finish their existing collection because their greatest fear is that they might finish reading all the books they have and might not have anything more to read.

Luckily there are libraries as well as bookstores that help them.

Macabre Books

If we talk about disturbing books then the list can become quite huge because there are disturbing books that talk about disturbing history and then there are books that talk about disturbing occurrences in psychology.

However, those are the subject matter of that book and it will probably not disturb anyone when those books are closed.

But think of a book that is so disturbing that people do not like to look at it or find it very fascinating to look at.

That most disturbing kind of book definitely has to be made of something disturbing. That is why when we talk about macabre books, we are talking about books that are made from human skin.

Yes, these kinds of books are actually real and you can even check them out at Harvard University library.  Now it’s beyond our thinking why would someone make a book like that but they exist.

The Largest Book Collection

When you talk about the largest book collection, we do not obviously mean libraries because public libraries out there contain millions of volumes.

That is why when we talk about the largest book collection in the world, we mean the largest privately owned book collection that is in public knowledge.

That has to be John Q. Benham’s book collection. It is estimated that he has at least 1.5 million volumes large.

While it is impossible to know the actual number but the key thing to understand about him is that he has been collecting and expanding his collection for over 50 years and it houses a very diverse collection of rare books.

20 Days of Effort

Let’s now look at a fact that our authors and writers would love and this is something that we have actually dug up from our own calculations.

It takes an author roughly 3 weeks or 20 days of dedicated writing to complete a novel on average.  However, saying that would be wrong because nobody writes 24 hours a day.

So let us break it down into hours because it takes nearly 500 hours to complete a novel. This means a few hours every day for a few months.

And we are not even including things like research as well as the time it takes to edit the manuscript.

First Novel on A Typewriter

Mark Twain was the first novelist to use a typewriter actively for his novels. This was a relatively new technology and authors did not want to get into it.

After he started using it and published his novel Adventure of Tom Sawyer in 1876 solely written on a typewriter, it gave hope and assurance to other authors to also do the same and adopt the tech.

Fast forward to today when most authors type on a keyboard, a derivative of the typewriter.

Codex Leicester

Books have come down in price by a lot and there are even options to get books for virtually nothing with different subscription models if you like eBooks.

But would you like to know which is the most expensive book in the world? You definitely cannot buy it in any bookstore.

Well, this book cost Bill Gates $30.8 million which he actually paid for at an auction. We are talking about the Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is probably one of the most important books to exist in history.

Harry Potter Books Banned

Are you a Potterhead? We sure are and that is why this is a very fun fact that you should know and perhaps be glad you are not from the US.

If you think about the books banned in the US then you might think of some books that have to do with USSR or China.

You are going to be surprised to find out that Harry Potter books fall into the category of most banned books in the US.

This is because America is actually quite religious and since the Harry Potter Series books contain things like witchcraft it’s banned a lot in several districts and places that are religious.

Over A Million

While it is impossible to put an exact number to it, over a million books are published each year on planet Earth.

China leads in the game when it comes to publishing as it publishes nearly 40% of all books in the world followed by the US and then the UK.

Now that is quite a number that we would like to match and change and bring India to the forefront of the greatest number of books published one book at a time.

Only Two Fingers

If you remember the fact about the time it takes to write a novel then you are going to appreciate this fact even more.

You have probably heard about Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit but would you believe it if we told you that it was only written with two fingers?

Yes, that’s right because J.R.R. Tolkien used to type with two fingers and he had written the entire Lord of The Rings Trilogy of 1200 pages using just two fingers.

Beyond The Printed Text

You probably know that books come in all shapes and sizes and all kinds of formats and you are probably familiar with audiobooks as well as eBooks.

But there are also special kinds of books that do not use ink. Yes, these books are printed but there is no ink in the book.

We are of course talking about Braille books for visually impaired readers. Every popular novel out there and every important book has its brail version for visually impaired readers and it is more common than you think.

A Lot of Translations

You might have heard of the Iliad and Odyssey and thought to yourself how many times has it been translated and for which languages?

So, you might also ask, which book holds the record for having the greatest number of translations?  Translations into over 3000 languages to be exact.

The Bible holds that record too because it is the book that has been the most translated book in the world for a while now and has been translated into over 3000 languages.

The Largest Book

The largest book in the world measures approximately 5 by 7 feet in size when it is closed and it weighs nearly 60 kilograms in weight.

We are of course talking about “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom” by Michael Hawley.

It is a fascinating picture book.

The Shortest Novel

Some people think that the shortest novel in the world is “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” by Ernest Hemingway.

However, It is a flash fiction experiment that shows the power of storytelling but it was never meant to be a novel.

The shortest novel in the world is actually “Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man” by Walt Disney. It is just one sentence long.

While we do not encourage the piracy of novels but we can surely tell you the entire novel here. It goes like this, “Suddenly Mickey realized the peril of Goofy’s position.” And that’s the entire novel.

The Youngest Author

The thing about publishing is that it is never too early or it is never too late to write a book and this is probably what Dorothy Straight had in mind when she wrote her book “How the World Began”.

Would you like to guess how old she was when she wrote her book?

She was just 4 years old and it is a record that has still not been broken by anyone.

She did not write it to have it published because she probably did not know what publishing meant at 4. She wrote it for her grandmother.

Oldest Surviving Printed Book

The Diamond Sutra or the Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra is the oldest surviving printed book in the world.

It is estimated to have been printed all the way back in 868 AD which makes it more than a thousand years old.

It was found in China in the early 1900s and it contains a valuable collection of manuscripts that are very important to Mahayana Buddhism.

The Top Three Ever

If you want to know the top 3 most read books in the world then you might not be surprised with the first one which is definitely the Bible.

The second name in the list might also not be surprising because it is Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and it is a compulsory book in China.

However, the third name on the list might surprise you because it is Harry Potter books because they are among the most read books in the world.

Books And Mental Health

Multiple studies have proven and concluded the fact that books can actually be excellent for your mental health.

Studies have even suggested that reading books can even prevent Alzheimer’s and even Dementia and that is why if you are a reader all your life then there is a lesser likelihood that you will ever get Alzheimer’s.

So, keep reading!

We hope this was fun for you to read as much as it was fun for us to write and we would love to bring you fun blogs like this about books because we all love books.

And if you are planning on publishing a book just on a topic like this on fun facts or anything and you want a reliable publishing company that can publish for you then you can count on us.

We are Orange Publishers and we are the fastest-growing legacy publishing company in India with the convenience of a self-publisher.

We publish in nearly every fiction and non-fiction genre of books and we do everything in-house whether it is the book cover design as well as the illustrations to the printing and publishing and even the copyright.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Check Out This Picture Story Telling Guide – Create Your Picture Book Today

Pictures can tell a thousand stories and pictures can be a very powerful medium to express your story and that is why we bring you this important picture storytelling guide.

This guide will help you understand how to utilise pictures effectively in children’s books so that you can convey your powerful message to one of the most difficult audiences out there, i.e., children.

We have decided to keep children’s picture books at the front and centre of this blog simply because it involves a lot more complexity compared to any other kind of picture book guide.

This is because there can be different kinds of picture book genres out there and these kinds of books can be about very critical topics like conflict, art, economy etc.

However, they are a different kind of illustrated storytelling simply because you are dealing with a mature audience and you can even get away with a lot of text.

The primary focus when it comes to children’s storybooks is pictures which means if you include text and other details in those stories then your highly critical audience(children) will simply lose their interest.

That is why we are only going to talk about picture books for children in this blog because that is even more difficult in a sense than any other kind of storytelling with images.

Before we go into the steps or tips of how to create such a book, we need to understand what is picture storytelling.

What Is Picture Story Telling?

Picture storytelling is simply the art of telling a story through pictures or illustrations and it is the art of understanding what kind of pictures to use at which points.

If you are planning on creating a picture book for adults on serious topics then you will not really need to think about emotions or actions or even things like lessons or morals.

But when you are creating the picture storybook for kids, you need to think of the plot as well as the position of the pictures from their perspective to understand how it will bring out their emotions.

This is not only critical but if you need the best kind of accuracy with your results then you might also want to consult a child psychologist when you are creating your picture storybook.

The subject of picture storytelling and the techniques for photographic storytelling might be different based on the type of book whether it is for children or for adults but the concept is the same in essence.

It is basically utilising pictures instead of text to showcase your ideas.

So, What Are the Types of Children’s Picture Books

There are a lot of types when it comes to children’s picture books, here are a few common types.

Folk Tales And Parables

This is probably the most traditional kind of picture book for children and they contain different fantasy characters along with amazing illustrations.

They are loved by children throughout the world and some are primarily pictures with very little text and others are pictures and text put in equally.

These picture books rely heavily on hand-drawn illustrations and showcase different stories with kings and queens and animals.

Only Pictures

These kinds of picture books are mostly for very small children and these books do not contain any kind of text because that does not make sense.

Sometimes these books will contain the usual ABCD and are called concept books and that is why if you want to create something like this then you need the best image storytelling tips because you do not have the advantage of text.

Interactive Picture Books

Interactive picture books are one of the most popular kinds of picture books for children because they contain different moving bits and pieces and pop-up elements.

If you have never tried out this kind of a book then the closest thing would be interactive greeting cards that contain sceneries that pop up.

The process of creating these books is unique.

Biography Books

Biography books are for parents who want to teach their children about different historical figures and these books follow a different kind of design logic.

The thing is, you need the very best illustrators for creating a picture book like this because you need to have a very accurate representation of the historical person in the pictures.

While illustrations are the most popular format for biography books but you can also use photographs and then you do not have to search for a very good illustrator.

It is best that you look at storytelling photography examples to get a better idea of how to use photography for biography books.

Animal Story Books

Animal storybooks are also quite popular among children and they only contain pictures of animals and might contain stories of animals.

These kinds of books are not only interesting but they are also very educational as they teach about different animals to small children and can even contain moral lessons.

These kinds of books usually contain illustrations but you can also create a book like this with photography and that is why you need very clear storytelling photography ideas in order to accomplish this task.

Art and Sketch Books

This is one of the most popular kinds of picture books and they usually do not contain stories but sometimes they do have stories along with pictures and empty sketches next to them.

Children are usually instructed to complete the sketch and fill up the colours and then move on to the next page and read the story and then colour the black and white sketch.

This Is How You Create a Picture Storybook

Select The Design

The first step in the process of how to tell a story with photography or illustrations is to look for a professional book layout designer. This is the best option if you are not confident enough.

However, if you are confident enough and you want to take care of the design yourself then the first thing to do would be to select the type of book you want to write.

And if you are sure about that then you can think about selecting the design because there are different kinds of designs based on the type of picture book you want to write.

You can choose an animal picture book or you can choose a traditional picture book with illustrations and stories. Or you can choose a picture book that helps children learn to read numbers.

There are templates specifically out for each of these kinds of picture books and if you are not sure about the layout then there is a simple thing you can do.

You can try downloading different templates that already have the layout and will act as a guideline for your picture book.

You can also get good templates from template. net and if you want to use that template directly from an app then Microsoft Word also has some good templates regarding picture books.

Select The Type of Pictures

Now that you have selected the design, we expect that you also have the story in mind along with an outline of the story.

The only important thing now is to choose a style of illustration and choose the type of pictures or illustrations you want to include in the book.

You can choose to have pictures in the form of digital art or pictures in the form of AI-generated art because that is something gaining momentum.

Or you can go the traditional way by including line drawings and old-fashioned illustrations that are usually done in watercolour and are quite appealing to children.

We would suggest you to stick with watercolour and keep it classic because it does not really make sense to include realistic pictures taken from a professional camera or AI art.

Select The Specifics

Now that you have selected the type of picture book as well as the type of pictures and the templates, there is still something important you need to do before you get down to the illustrations.

We are talking about the specifics which means you need to create an outline for the length of the text.

  • When we talk about a picture book the length should not be more than 300 words because your audience simply does not have the patience to read or maybe they can’t read because they are too little.
  • And along with that you also need to set the page count because picture books are usually 32 pages but then again you can reduce the number of pages if you are writing for very small children.
  • After that, we come to the trim size. The accepted trims in the industry are-
  • 8 x 8 square
  • 8 x 10
  • 5 x 5 to 10 x 10

Apart from that, if you decide to create a children’s book then you must forget paperbacks exist and always choose hardcover because your audience is not the most careful bunch when it comes to taking care of delicate paperbacks.

Tips For Creating a Picture Book

Focus On Pictures

Sometimes picture book authors make the mistake of focusing on the book cover design as well as other aspects but the primary focus should be on the content which is the pictures.

You must always look at the pictures from the point of view of your little audience and think about how they are going to react to the pictures.

It is even better if you have a child at home so that you can essentially ask your child to peer review the work before you publish it.

Try Avoiding Photographs

The second thing you must keep in mind is that it is not really wise to use photographs for children’s books because children do not like realistic photographs.

Children are into cartoonistic illustrations that highlight things like colours and expressions and other important details.

If you plan on using photographs then you must choreograph those photographs in a certain way that is attractive and applicable for a child audience with a lot of colours and a lot of fun.

Try Including Lessons and Morals

Publishing a children’s book is a much bigger achievement than publishing any other kind of book and it is because you are not only publishing something fun but you are shaping society.

That is why, if you are planning on writing children’s books, always try to include important lessons of honesty and kindness and important morals in the stories so that these stories can shape their minds in a good way.

We hope this blog will help you create the perfect picture book for your tiny human audiences so that they can not only enjoy the book but also learn something important.

And if you have the manuscript ready for such a picture book and you want to publish it then we are here for you.

We are Orange Publishers and we are the fastest-growing publishing company in India and all our operations are in-house.

This means you can maintain tight control over the quality of the print if you publish with us and you can oversee every step of the process.

We do everything from book cover designing to printing as well as publishing and we even take care of the copyright.

We publish all the common fiction and non-fiction genres of books, including children’s books and we will help you publish the perfect children’s picture book.

Common Picture Book FAQs

How do you make a picture tell a story?

If you want to make a picture tell a story in the context of a picture book then you need to understand the audience in the first place.

This is because if your audience are children then you need to think of it from their perspective and that picture should be full of vibrancy and colour and easy enough for them to understand.

If you want to create a picture book for adults then you need to utilise a picture that goes with the theme of the book.

We would love to create a whole new blog for you just so we can discuss this topic and we would love to hear about it in the comments whether you would like such a blog.

What is storytelling pictures?

The thing is quite self-explanatory because storytelling pictures is just utilising pictures to tell a certain story and these pictures can be in progression.

You can think of it like comic books because if you pick up any comic book then you are going to see the pictures progress one scene after another.

That is how you do storytelling with pictures.

Things can become a little bit more complicated if you are doing storytelling for children because then you need to think about it from the perspective of children to do good storytelling.

How do you write a children’s book picture book?

When it comes to children’s books, you need to keep in mind what kind of children because there are children below the age of 6 and then they are children below the age of 10 and 12-year-olds are also considered as children.

That is why it is very important to understand your audience and that audience will help you determine the kind of book you want to write.

The smaller the child, the less the text because smaller children will simply lose interest in text. You must also keep this in mind when it comes to character building because smaller children do not have the capacity to understand complex characters. However, you can make those characters more dynamic for an older child.

You must also make sure to use a lot of pictures and only get the best illustrators.

How do I get my children’s book illustrated?

The best thing to do would be to illustrate yourself but if you do not know how to draw then you should not attempt it alone because it will take up a lot of time and the outcome might be unprofessional.

Instead, you should look for illustrators on freelancing websites as you can get a good deal when it comes to these websites.

You can hire these professionals and pay them by the project or by the hour and you can even keep an eye on their progress.

The other thing would be to look for them offline but it is going to be much more expensive and it will be difficult to find an illustrator like that.

How many pages is a kid’s picture book?

The thing about this is that there are no rules to it because you can have as many pages as you want but the industry standard is 32 pages.

When we say 32 pages, we mean everything from the cover pages to the extra pages and introductions and everything else.

However, you can make it smaller than that but we would not suggest you to make a book bigger than 32 pages for children.

You must also make sure that the book is bound in hardcover because that is usually the norm in the industry.

How Do You Write a Bestselling Business Book? Find Out Today

If you are someone with in-depth business knowledge and if you are especially someone who is a business leader with your own business then you should definitely write a book about it.

You should let the world know your understanding of business and create a legacy that others will celebrate. And if you are planning on doing just that then this blog is for you because we are going to talk about how to write best-selling business books.

We will help you understand a few important tips that will help you write this book in the best way possible even if you have no experience in writing.

Writing a book like this should be on the bucket list of every business leader because this is a simple but effective way of creating your legacy.

So, let us find out some of the most effective best-selling business book writing tips.

These are primarily steps but you can consider them as tips as well and if you follow them one by one then you will have a complete guide on writing this book and a complete manuscript in your hands in no time.

So, let’s look at these important steps on how to write a business book.

Important Steps to Write a Best-Selling Business Book

Target Audience Research

The first and most important step to successful business book writing is to understand who you are writing this book for.

You have to understand your target audience and you can have different kinds of target audiences. You can write a general book that will be applicable to every business leader and everyone going into business.

Or you can pick a target audience based on a certain category of business leaders and businessmen and write a book for them. You can also pick a target audience in the form of the category of business.

For example, you can choose your target audience based on the stock market or the commodities market. You can even choose a target audience based on the country of business as your book can be about business in the USA or Germany etc

The entire point of choosing a target audience is to narrow down your focus so that you can write content that is going to be effective. This is perhaps one of the basic writing strategies anyone can follow.

Topic Selection

The second step of this incredible journey should be about topic selection because when we talk about topic selection, we usually say one thing.

You should be an expert at the topic you select because it will make things much easier for you and will free up a lot of time which you can spend on market research instead of learning about the topic.

You can of course decide to write about a topic that is unknown to you but then you would have to spend a considerable amount of time in topic research so that you become an expert on that topic.

However, it is your book and you can do whatever you want. No topic is bad if you have a proper execution and if you maintain a proper book structure that your audience can follow.

When you decide to choose a topic, you must also understand and analyse the relevance of the topic in the current market.

This is because you might be an expert at some topic but that topic might not be relevant enough for your book to become a bestseller so that is also something you must keep in mind.

Book Breakdown and Outline Creation

Now that you know your target audience and you also know the topic, you can focus on the actual contents of the book.

And now you must think that you should simply start writing the book but you should not do that because there is another important step that will help you focus even more.

We are talking about a book outline. If you aimlessly start writing the book without an outline then it will be very difficult to break it down into chapters.

Furthermore, if you simply start writing the book without an outline then you might simply miss out on different sub-topics and chapters.

So, you need to create an outline beforehand and this outline should be about all the chapters and each chapter should be broken down into further sub-topics.

This should be like a simple map that will allow you to focus and navigate your way around the book.

If you feel lost while writing the book then you can simply look at the outline and figure out your position in the book.

Pre-writing Requisites

This is when we will talk about writing the book and it is the most important step in the entire process of the creation of your business book.

However, there are a few important prerequisites you should keep in mind.

After you are done selecting the topic as well as the target audience and even creating the outline, you need to keep a few things in mind before you start writing.

You must make sure that you keep all your research material nearby so that you can simply reach out and grab any piece of information you want to include in the book.

You must also make sure that you take care of all writing distractions whether it is business calls or whether it is family events or anything like that that will stop you from writing.

Additionally, you must two important things in mind.

Writing Schedule

If you want to have the best kind of efficiency when you start writing then you need to establish a regular writing schedule.

This can be in the form of a few hours that you dedicate in the morning or evening or any time of the day but you must make sure to strictly follow this schedule.

The thing about writing schedules is that it helps with discipline and focus and nearly every kind of writer does this whether it is for writing novels or any other kind of book.

Writing Goals

The second thing you must keep in mind is going to be writing goals. Writing goals can include the writing schedule but it is much more.

It is about creating goals before you start writing so that you can try and achieve these goals. You can create writing goals in the form of word count.

You can also create a writing goal in the form of the number of chapters you write in a day or the number of topics you cover in a week. It is completely up to you and you should do it at your own pace.

First Draft

Now that you have everything sorted out from the topic to the outline as well as the writing schedule and writing goals, it is your time to shine because this is when you start writing the first draft.

The reason why it is called a first draft is simply because there are going to be many more drafts after edits and changes.

However, you must not keep all that in mind and you must simply find your writer’s voice and continue writing your business book.

If you want you can keep it a dry book but we would always suggest you to include your personality in the book so that it makes the book unique.

You must pour your personality abundantly in the book and you must make sure you are speaking directly to the readers through your book.

This is not about creating a textbook because this is about creating a legacy and that is why this book must reflect your ideas as much as your personality.

Title Selection

This might not seem important but this is one of the most important things about your business book and this is the first thing people are going to read.

That is why when you decide to write a title for this book, the title should reflect the topic of the book but it should also reflect other things.

The title should reflect your personality and the title should reflect your target audience because if your target audience is young then the title should also have lingo from that generation.

The title should be a hook and it should be trendy too.

However, you should not spend a lot of time thinking about the title and you can even ask your friends to recommend titles for the book and choose something you like.

Editing The Business Book

Now that you have completed the manuscript’s first draft, it is time to edit the book and we would suggest following a three-step editing process.

This is a very practical editing process formulated by Tucker Max and it is actually quite simple and well suited for a beginner.

1ST Step

The first step involves making sure you have everything in the book that you planned for and making sure that the structure of the book is right.

This step is simply about finding missing content and then adding it and making sure your book is complete. This is not the most detailed step of the process and for that, we need to look at the second step.

2nd Step

The second step is the most detailed part of the editing process because it is about going through the manuscript line by line and making sure everything is correct.

It is about questioning the relevance of each line and making sure to remove anything unnecessary and clearing out any sentence that seems too complicated or out of place.

The second step is also about making sure that the contents of the chapter are actually what the chapter is about. You can take all the time in the world in the second step of the three-step editing process.

3rd Step

The third step of the editing process is actually quite fun because you can involve your friends and colleagues in the process.

It is simply about reading out the manuscript to yourself or to someone close to you who understands the topic.

This step is just a safety check or a quality control step that simply looks at the manuscript from a different perspective. If something is wrong with some line in the book then this step will bring it out.

Publishing The Book

And now you have a complete manuscript in your hands and it is time to approach the publishing industry to submit the book and get this masterpiece published.

The best option for you would be to approach a legacy publishing company that has deep roots in the publishing industry like us at Orange Publishers. We will talk more about how you can publish with us at the end.

However, unlike us, most publishing companies will simply not entertain a newcomer if you do not have existing ties with the company.

If that is the case then you can also approach a self-publishing company where you can self-publish by investing in the book publication as well as the book promotion.

It is important to understand that you always need to select experts who have a history of publishing a lot of books and working with talents like you.

After you select the publisher, you can then design the book cover yourself or you can get it done by a professional.

And then you can finally publish your book and then work on the marketing of the book.

Detachment From the Book

The last and final thing you must keep in mind in this journey of writing a business book is that you must never get too involved in the book.

This means you must understand that you are different from the book and that the book is but a small part of your legacy and you can of course write another book again.

This is very important to understand because sometimes authors simply get two involved and connected with the book that they simply fall into a creative limbo if they want to write another book.

That is why an author and a creator must distance themselves from their art after they have created it.

This also comes in handy if the book does not perform according to your expectations.

We hope this blog will help you and inspire you to write the business book of your dreams and create a business bestseller.

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