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17. What about Book Marketing & Distribution? How can I have my books made available in traditional bookstores? Do you have a distribution system in place for the purpose?

Book marketing is a ever-changing field in the current world. After your book is published, both you and us will have to work towards making sure that the book is marketed well. It is a teamwork, and works well if the author and publisher puts in combined effort, in a structured plan. We also help in generating maximum possible publicity and awareness about your book through all our social media channels, National & International Bookfairs, etc..

There is a list of bookstores mentioned in our website. Depending on the chosen package, your books will be made available to those bookstores. We are also constantly tying up and updating our chain of bookstores, and in case a new store is added to the chain, your book will be automatically made available there. Being your publisher, it is in our own business interest, and our responsibility to give maximum possible market exposure to your book. We want your book to sell fast and become a bestseller as much as you do!