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21. Will it charge extra if – my manuscript includes complex design / diagram / font / language e.g. – my book contains Chinese/ Russian/ Sanskrit/ Diacritics/ Phonetics – my book contains Engineering/ Scientific diagrams, notations, symbols or mathematical formulae?

We do NOT charge extra other than a compelling reason. However, if your manuscript contains special symbols, notations, fonts etc, including special characters and mathematical formulae, our page-layout experts will need to invest significant extra effort for creating your book in print-ready format. Moreover, the finished soft-copy will have to be checked thoroughly by you and approved by you before going to print. All this may entail multiple rounds of checking with either laser-printed draft or on tracing paper, etc., involving additional cost, time and effort. After reviewing your manuscript before we start, and depending on the case, we may charge you some reasonable fees for this extra effort, which may vary on a case-to-case basis.