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25. What do I gain? Do I recover the money I am investing? What are my financial benefits?

  1. ROYALTY EARNING: You as the Author, will earn 25% royalty (on printed MRP) on each book sold directly by ORANGE PUBLISHERS, and 10% royalty (on printed MRP) on each book sold through other outlets e.g. Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, PayTM, etc. third-party portals. This amount is paid at a regular interval as promised in your Author-Publisher agreement, along with statement of sales. For example, if your book is priced INR 300 only, and during the first month five hundred copies are sold – out of which 200 copies are directly sold by ORANGE PUBLISHERS, and 300 through other outlets, your net royalty earnings for the first month would be INR 24,000.00 as royalty on book sales.
  2. Apart from that, the author receives several COMPLIMENTARY COPIES (depending on package chosen) worth a few Thousands of Rupees (depending on the cover price of your book).
  3. The WEBSITE made for you in your name, for a nominal fee, would be a permanent online asset for you. Also, after you would establish yourself as a published author, it would help you increase your professional rate/fees/salary, earn more respect in society, get preference professionally, get preference as a candidate in a job.

Thus you reap significant direct financial benefits and other indirect & intangible benefits.