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30. Why ORANGE PUBLISHERS instead of printing my book myself from a local printing press?

It is one matter to print a book by yourself, but getting it published with a total package of editorial, design, sales, marketing and distribution support are quite different. Below is a comparative study between ORANGE PUBLISHERS and your local press:

Your Local Printing Press/Printing Your Book Yourself:

  • Local printing presses will just print your book for you. They will not help you with the editorial, design and illustration requirements or selling or marketing the book.
  • Local printing presses will not assign any ISBN for your book. Without an ISBN, you will never be able to sell or enlist your book in any marketplace.
  • They will deliver you your order of all the printed copies of your book, which is most often a truckload that will occupy your living space, adding to your frustration.
  • Local press will give you one-time service and they will not offer after sales service.
  • Promoting, selling and distributing your book after the printing is over is an uphill task requiring specialized skill, experience and network.

Publishing your book with ORANGE PUBLISHERS:

  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS will publish your book with an internationally valid ISBN, so that your book is ready to be marketed & sold anywhere in the world!
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS provides you a complete package of editing, designing, illustrations, printing, marketing, distribution/selling and even facilitating book review in leading newspapers and book-review sites at a very reasonable charge.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS also offers flexibility to choose the package according to your pocket.
  • It caters to selling of the books and provides support during pre and post publishing processes.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS also offers search engine optimization service (offered with certain packages) that helps you get noticed by readers
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS offers total accountability for payment of royalty, support forever, registration of copyright, marketing support, editorial support, selling of books, website creation support and distribution support.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS are the best option if you want to custom publish your book.
  • You can count on us to get your book customized yet well marketed in safe hands without compromising your ambition, direction and vision.