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31. Can I organize a book launching event / function / ceremony for my book?

You can organize your own event for your book launching though a book launching event / program / function / ceremony organized by you. This should be communicated to us (the publisher) and our advice about the date and venue for such an event should be taken. There should be at least a 10 days prior notice from the expected publication date and the actual event / ceremony date, in order to avoid a last minute rush for a hurried publication. It would be best if you announced the launching event date after you received your complimentary copies in your hand. In case you want help in arranging such a launch event, please let us know well in advance.

IMPORTANT : Please note, that we are not obligated to send additional copies to the venue/bookstore for the launch event on credit. If we supply the extra copies of the printed book to such venue/bookstore directly, then the price of additional copies have to be paid in advance, less the standard author’s discount. Alternatively, you may give the bookstore (which is the venue of your launch event) copies for the event from your complementary copies. Requisition of additional copies for the launch event has to be communicated to us well in advance in order to ensure smooth operations.