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38. What should I do if I receive the complimentary copies in damaged condition?

It is best to track the courier tracking number, while the parcel is in transit, to track its whereabouts. We would also advise you to check the parcel personally upon its arrival.
We take utmost care in packaging and dispatching your books to your address via the best courier services in the country, so that they reach you in good condition and on time. We use the services of our logistics partners like DTDC, DHL, Speed Post etc for sending books so as to ensure that almost 100% of the books reach their destination with no trouble. However, it is the duty of the respective courier company to ensure that the books reach you in good condition. Before the Courier delivery guy leaves, make sure there is no major visible damage by inspecting the parcel carefully. DO NOT receive a parcel that is damaged or tampered, wet, torn or broken with books spilling out etc.

If you find your parcel damaged as described above, please

  1. Take a photo of the damaged parcel;
  2. DO NOT receive the parcel – ask the courier delivery boy to take it back;
  3. Send the photo to us as evidence. As soon as we receive your communication,

We shall immediately take up the issue with the courier service, and make arrangements to send you a new set of books in a fresh parcel.
Please remember: If you receive the parcel, it implies that you agree and are satisfied with the delivery. Courier services do not accept complaints if clients send us a complaint AFTER receiving a damaged parcel.
Printing and binding issues: In the very unlikely case you notice printing or binding issues after receiving and opening the parcel of complimentary copies, please bring it to our notice immediately. Our editorial team will investigate the issue and if it is found that the printed portion has your prior approval, then we cannot help you there. However, if significant difference is found between what has been printed or bound and what you had approved; or the pages are in wrong order due to a book-binding issue, we shall take complete responsibility. In that case please send back the copies you have and we shall be happy to replace the exact number of copies you send back, with correctly printed and bound copies.