9. Can I get more than one personalised printed T-Shirt if I want? How do the T-Shirts look?

We do all it takes to help you and your book achieve maximum exposure, publicity and commercial success. You can order as many T-Shirt as you wish to, with your book’s picture printed on it! We shall be happy to send you as many T-Shirts as you want, at a nominal cost. For T-Shirts, the charges are as follows:

1 pc. Standard round neck T-Shirt (Half-Sleeve): INR 399.00 / BDT 599.00 / US$ 9.50

1 pc. Standard round neck T-Shirt (Full-Sleeve): INR 499.00 / BDT 699.00 / US$ 11.50

1 pc. Premium collar T-Shirt (Half-Sleeve): INR 699.00 / BDT 849.00 / US$ 16.50


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