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Top 10 Art Book Publishers and Self-Publishers – The Best Painting Book Publishing Guide

Every artist needs to preserve their legacy and the best way for an artist to preserve their legacy is to really have their painting next to the Mona Lisa.

However, let us get away from fantasy and get into reality because the next best way for them to have their legacy immortalised is with the help of an art book.

And that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog. This is going to be the best painting book publishing guide that will help every artist out there to get their art book published by the best publishers possible.

There are a lot of things we must keep in mind when it comes to art book publishing, the most important being that not all publishers are equipped to publish art books.

That is why you need specialised publishers who are going to help you understand how to self-publish an art book.

But before we look at all the best painting book publishers, let us understand why you need to publish your art book.

Why Should You Self-Publish Your Art Book?

A Successful Art Career

Successful Art Career

The first and the most important reason for you to publish your painting book is simply if you are an art lover. If you have dedicated your life to art and if you have tried to keep that love of art alive throughout many struggles then you should definitely have your own book.

A successful art career does not necessarily mean that you might be the next Picasso, however, it means that you tried expressing your art throughout your life and you have an active desire for people to look at it.

That is more than enough reason for you to have your own art book published. Not every person has the willingness or capacity to publish a book because not every person has the desire to express their art and express themselves through art to the world.

If you are someone who has that kind of a desire to just express yourself through art and if you are looking for the best kind of medium to do so then it is time to convert oil-on-Canvas to microns.

A Story of Art and Paintings

Story of Art and Paintings

People have the misconception that only novels contain stories but that is not the case because art itself is a story and every piece of art tells a story.

Your art can convey ideas and it can convey emotions and it can even tell epics. If you feel like you need to tell a story through your art and a single canvas is not enough then you need to self-publish your art book.

This is done mostly in the form of collections and it follows similar themes and is usually published by artists like you with a lot to share with the world.

A Desire to Inspire the World

Art Book Publishers

We now come to one of the most significant yardsticks that will measure your need for an art book. If you are someone who always has the desire to express their art throughout the world and you are looking for a medium then an art book is your answer.

This is because it is very difficult to publish and showcase art in a portable way that is also convenient and significant without it just being a website full of pictures.

If you want something permanent like a gallery but you also want that to be portable then a painting book or an art book is the best option.

Extensive Knowledge of Art and Paintings

Extensive Knowledge of Art and Paintings

One of the most important reasons why you should definitely write a book on art and publish your art book is if you are someone with an extensive knowledge of art.

Art books are not just books about your paintings because they can be about your opinions on other paintings and if you are someone who holds a great deal of knowledge in this field then you should definitely share that knowledge.

In fact, some of the most popular art books out there are actually art history books that talk about the evolution of art. If you are not an artist then you can definitely be a critic because your voice matters too.

In our quest to understand how to self-publish an art book, it is important to learn from success and it is very important to learn from successful authors when it comes to the world of publishing.

That is why we need to look at some of the most popular art books in the world.

These Are Some Examples of Top Art and Painting Books Ever Published

“The Story of Art” by E.H. Gombrich

The Story of Art

If you want a book that teaches you about art right from cave paintings to modern times then this is the best book to go by.

The best thing about this book is how simple it is because it is an excellent choice for experts as well as beginners because of the simple way in which it is presented.

“Ways of Seeing” by John Berger

Ways of Seeing

Context is a very important thing when it comes to art and that is exactly what this book talks about as it challenges traditional assumptions about art.

If you are looking for a book that talks about critical theory then this is a very good art book for you and this is also excellent for cultural studies.

“The Lives of the Artists” by Giorgio Vasari

The Lives of the Artists

The name of this book makes it quite clear what the book is about and if you are thinking that it is a biographical book about artists then you are correct.

This book talks about some of the most eminent names when it comes to the lives and works of artists from the Renaissance era.

“The Ultimate Art Museum” by Ferren Gipson

The Ultimate Art Museum

This is an amazing concept of an imaginative creation that literally creates an imaginary art museum for young readers.

This book is excellent for you if you are looking to understand diverse art works and this book is excellent for explaining art to children.

“Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland

Art and Fear

Just like any other professionals in the world, artists have their fair share of problems and challenges including psychological challenges and creative blockages.

This book is excellent when it comes to talking about such issues and overcoming challenges like this and if you are an artist facing a situation similar to this then this book and motivate you.

“Color and Light” by James Gurney

Color and Light

Art is as much about imagination as it is about technicalities and colour theory is one such important technical aspect that helps artists better use colours and lighting.

This book goes into the scientific aspect of colour theory and helps artists by enhancing their understanding of visual representation.

These Are the Top 10 Art and Painting Book Publishers You Can Find Out There


The first name in the list is ARTBOOK and they are actually a very good destination related to all kinds of art-based publishing.

This means you can be a photographer and you can contact them for your book and you can be an artist and publish your first art book with them.

They have quite a good reputation when it comes to the general art community and they also do a lot of cultural programs and events to showcase their authors.

You can definitely check them out and they are a very good option for you especially if your content is related to any kind of art.

Website – https://www.artbook.com/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – 800 338-2665

Address – 75 Broad Street, Suite 630, New York, NY 10004, USA


If you are looking for another leading publisher and distributor of books when it comes to arts and visual culture then this is a very good option for you.

They have been in the industry for a long time and they have published books for fashion designers and architects as well as photographers and most importantly artists.

They actually have a lot of popular publications including publications for antique silver and furniture along with a lot of applications on jewellery.

Additionally do a lot of publications on art and British architecture and they are a very good establishment to get your first art book published. We recommend you check them out.

Website – https://www.accartbooks.com/uk

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – +441394389950

Address – Riverside House, Dock Lane, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Orange Publishers

The third name on our list is a legacy publishing company when it comes to publishing art books and painting books for reputed artists.

They actually have extensive experience in publishing books for artists and their operations are in-house which means you get to have tight control on the quality of the print when it comes to art books.

This is actually a very important aspect of art book publishing that is different from any other kind of publishing.

Whether it is a complete art book or a book with art and descriptions, they are definitely one of the best options out there to go to.

The best thing about them is that apart from being a legacy art book publisher, they also do every other kind of traditional publishing out there whether it is publishing novels or comic books for kids.

We recommend you check them out.

Website – https://orange-publishers.com/

Email – [email protected]

Phone Number – +91-9830050132 | +91-9830330809

Address – Ground Floor, 98, 37-A, Gopal Lal Tagore Road, Sarat Kanan Pally, Nainan Para, Baranagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

Art Books Publishing

The fourth name on our list is a specialised art book publisher with a lot of experience when it comes to everything from photography to cultural studies as well as architecture and design and definitely art book publication.

They mostly publish in the genre of visual arts and contemporary culture and they actually work with a lot of reputed artists and writers all over the world.

Additionally, they also provide a lot of services such as museums and galleries as well as artists for hire and they also publish books for children and other kinds of books such as biography books etc.

You can definitely check out everything they do.

Website – https://www.artbookspublishing.co.uk/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – +44 (0)20 8533 5835

Address – 77 Oriel Road, London E9 5SG, United Kingdom

British Book Publishing

The fifth name on our list is a new book publisher in the UK but they provide a good quality of service when it comes to custom art book publishing.

They provide a whole host of services when it comes to book publishing and while they might not be the specialists when it comes to art book publishing, they can definitely help you out with your needs.

In fact, they also have a limited degree of experience when it comes to art book publishing and they also provide a lot of other book publishing services.

You can definitely check them out.

Website – https://britishbookpublishing.co.uk/artbook-publishing

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – 02035040907

Address – not available


We all know Bloomsbury, right? Well, they are quite a legendary name when it comes to book publishing.

But today, we are going to talk about their US undertaking.

The Bloomsbury US is actually quite well known for their art and painting book publishing and they actually have a lot of experience in publishing art books.

While it might be difficult to get art book self-publishing services with them but that should not demotivate you from contacting them and actually figuring out the process yourself.

If you do manage to get your art book published by them then they have very deep distribution channels to distribute the book.

You should definitely visit their website.

Website – https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – + 1 (212) 419 5300

Address – 1385 Broadway, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10018, USA

Smallworks Press

The seventh name on our list is a quite popular publisher based in Las Vegas and they are actually an award-winning publisher when it comes to publishing titles in art and culture.

They are quite the quirky publishers when it comes to publishing art and they also have a good network of artists and writers that are art based.

While they might not be a giant like the first few names on the list but they have definitely managed to win awards as well as a lot of praise when it comes to their art-based publications.

We would recommend you to check them out.

Website – https://www.smallworkspress.com/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – 702-577-6592

Address – 3540 W. Sahara Ave. #464, Las Vegas, NV, US 89102, USA

Heritage House

At number eight we have Heritage House and they are actually quite a well-known publisher when it comes to publishing art books and mostly books on travel and tourism and guidebooks.

They follow specific local geographical interests when it comes to publishing because all the publications are based on geographic locations and they specialise in areas such as British Columbia as well as the Pacific North East and the Prairies & Plains and most importantly Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands.

They also publish a lot of titles related to adventures as well as indigenous history and even humour and politics.

That is why they are quite popular when it comes to art and photography for authors of a particular geographic region.

That is why if you belong to the areas mentioned above then you should definitely check them out.

Website – https://www.heritagehouse.ca/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – 800.665.3302

Address – 1105 Pandora Ave Suite 340 Victoria, BC, V8V 3P9 Canada

Lund Humphries

If you are looking for a very aesthetically conscious publisher then the ninth name on our list should definitely be on your checklist.

This is because Lund Humphries is actually a very good publishing company when it comes to publishing different kinds of books related to art and culture.

They mostly do art-related publications such as design publications as well as photography book publications.

Along with that they also do architectural book publication and you can definitely check out everything they do.

Along with that they also have a very interesting book catalogue and we also recommend you to check that out too.

Website – https://www.lundhumphries.com/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – +44 020 7440 7530

Address – Huckletree Shoreditch, The Alphabeta Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH, UK

Abrams Books

And finally, at number ten we have Abrams Books. They are an excellent choice for you if you are looking to publish your first art book or painting book.

They have a lot of good books to their name when it comes to publishing art and illustrated books.

They publish on a lot of topics when it comes to art such as general art and photography and they even do books on cooking and craft as well as comics and interior design.

They are also well known for publishing fashion art books and books on popular culture as well as children’s art books.

They have a lot of experience when it comes to publishing art books and you can definitely check them out.

Website – https://www.abramsbooks.com/

Email – [email protected]

Phone number – (212) 206-7715

Address – 195 Broadway, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10007, USA

We hope this blog will help you find the perfect art book publisher for all your art and painting book publishing needs.

These were some of the finest names when it comes to the art book publishing industry.

And if you do decide to choose our publishing company then we would love to publish your art books in the most intricate detail possible. We have extensive experience in publishing specialized art books and books in general with a lot of art elements.

We welcome you to visit our website and check out everything we do.

Common Art Book Publishing FAQs

How can I publish my paintings?

The best way for you to publish your paintings is with the help of art and painting books because if you want to individually publish prints then that is a very difficult and capital-intensive process.

Artists often choose books to showcase their paintings because books are an excellent medium when it comes to art, especially as modern book publishing is able to capture very minute details when it comes to art printing.

That is why we would recommend you to publish your paintings in book format and especially in the hardcover format.

What is the cost of self-publishing an art book?

While it is impossible to tell you a ballpark figure without understanding the specifics of the project but a thousand dollars would be a good starting point.

The starting point might be different when it comes to text-only books but if you consider art books then you must also consider the fact that the quality of the prints has to be the highest quality possible.

That is why self-publishing art books are a little bit more expensive than regular books and novels but then again there are many variables that dictate this price.

What is the best publisher for self-publishing a painting book?

While there are a lot of publishers out there, we would suggest you to choose a publisher that has extensive experience in publishing art books and painting books.

We would love to tell you the fact that we have extensive experience in not only publishing art books but also painting books and books on photography and design.

Additionally, we also are capable when it comes to the infrastructure aspect of things because all our publishing operations are in-house which helps us maintain good control over the quality of prints.

You can definitely check out everything we do on our website.

What is the cheapest price for publishing a book?

It is nearly impossible to come up with any ballpark figure without knowing the specifics of the particular project or the kind of project you are referring to.

However, if you talk about the cheapest price for publishing a book then you should hold an estimate of about five hundred dollars.

A book can cost a lot more to publish than that and it and even cost less than that but that is very rare.

We would suggest you to contact us with the specifics of your project and we would love to answer all your questions.