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Editing & Revision

Orange Publishers is a self book publishing house in India providing complete editing and revision services to up-and-coming authors. Our team of experienced editors will thoroughly proofread your manuscript and make sure that it is grammatically correct. We will make the necessary changes to spelling and grammar. In some cases, we might even restructure the sentence.

We are proudly among the few Bengali and English book publishers in Kolkata who will not only edit the manuscript, but also make revision to your book’s content, along with making changes to the title and MRP across various distributions channels.

Book Design

At Orange Publishers, we strive to make self publishing in India hassle-free by offering complete book design services. Our design services include the graphic design on both the front and back cover of your book, along with typography and layout design of every page within your book and eBook.

Whether it is a history book, children’s book or a story book, our creative team of designer will make sure that your book conform to the highest standards of professional book design.

Marketing & Distribution

As one of the best book publishers in Kolkata, Orange Publishers take care of the entire marketing and distribution process of your book. We are one of the few tech-savvy book publishers in India and will market your book across offline and online channels. From a social media launch to retail displays in popular bookstores in Kolkata, a robust email marketing plan to creating a personalized video teaser for your book, our team does not leave any stone unturned.

Furthermore, you will find your book in several book stores in the city, as well as, online distribution channels, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Ebay, Google Books and so on. Your book will also be on our online bookstore, Purushottam Bookstore.

Publishing Packages

A With Orange Publishers’ bespoke publishing packages, you can stop asking yourself how to self publish a book. We make self publishingsimple with our elaborate offline and online book publishingpackages. We provide 4 packages and you can choose them on the basis of your number of pages inside your book, paper specification, cover, binding, copy editing, proofreading and so on. We also give you options to add on specific services like, illustrations, distribution channels, newspaper book review, video teaser, t-shirt with book cover and more.

Whatever you need, we have the perfect solution.

How to Self Publish Your Book

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