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Are you considering publishing your book as an audio book? The explosion in the use of tablets, e- readers and smartphones has had a massive impact on the audio book market. Today, people are downloading nice audio books instead of buying CDs from the store.

With voice-activated speakers like, Apple’s HomePod and Amazon’s Echo, the demand for audiobook production is bound to grow and when it comes to producing audiobooks, Orange Publishers is the self-publishing house to consider.

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As one of the leading audiobook publishers in India, Orange Publishers have the technical know-how, experience and resources to produce audiobooks. For self publish audiobook, it can be quite difficult to enter the market and the production of the audiobook can be costly. However, our team can help you overcome the challenges.

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The market of audiobooks is expanding at an exponential rate and we can help you take advantage of it. Of all the book formats, audiobook production can be the most effective way to reach out to the masses. At Orange Publishers, we provide competitively priced audio book creation service and you can count on our team every step of the way. From graphics to voice-over, we have what you need.

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Convert or publish your book as an audio book and reach out to the masses. From sound engineering to studio recording, we take care of it all. As one of the premier audiobook companies in India, we can also covert your e-book and make it more accessible to your target audience.
So, do you have a book and planning to transform it into an audio book? Contact Orange Publishers and fulfil your self-publish audiobook dreams.