Orange Publishers – high-quality t-shirts with book covers

At Orange Publishers, we believe in taking our love for literature a step further by providing t-shirt printing services with book covers. We want you to celebrate your favorite stories and novels through fashion. Each of our t-shirts feature classic novels and stories from across the world. We also provide budding authors and writers a chance to advertise their first book through printed merchandize like, comfy t-shirts.

Wear your
literature and flaunt it

Our t-shirts with book covers are directed towards bibliophiles who wish to flaunt their love for all things intellectual and artistic. It doesn’t matter if you are into sci-fi novels or romantic novels, we will print your t-shirt with the book cover of your choice. At Orange Publishers, we provide personalization options so that you can choose the design and color of the book cover that will be printed on the t-shirts.

Advertise your
book through t-shirts market

When love for reading and fashion coincide, you know it is a winning combination. If you are looking for ways to advertise your book in ways that will make you stand out or you wish to make a big noise with your first printed book, t-shirts with book cover is a great idea. Our team of designers and t-shirt printers will help you throughout the process.

We can help
distribute t-shirts

At Orange Publishers, we do not just help writers with t-shirt printing with their book cover. We also help with distribution. You can distribute it online through any of the big eCommerce websites, you can give it away for free with your book as a promotional product and so on. Our marketing team will give you unique ideas to reach out.
So, talk to us to know more about our t-shirt with book cover services.