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Have you written a book? Are you looking for proof-readers to go through your manuscript? If so, turn to Orange Publishers. We provide affordable manuscript proofreading services in India. We believe that editing and proofreading is a lot like writing. It is a craft that has to be consistently honed, developed and practiced. We understand that your document is a collection of sentences and words that have been beautifully strung together, and our team makes sure to proofread and maintain the harmony between those words.

We provide
proofreading and editing online

At Orange Publishers, we provide manuscript and academic editing services online. You simply have to send us your document, via email and our proof-readers and editors will get to work. There is simply no hassle! We understand that time is money, and we want to guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time. Just send us your manuscript or academic paper, and we will finish the editing process over the Internet.

Our editors and
are experienced

Editing and proofreading is a skill that our team possess. We carefully hire dynamic professionals who have an excellent grasp on the English language and have the capability to edit a document, ensuring that it is free of grammatical errors and syntax mistakes. Thanks to our exceptional team, our book editing services in India is the most trusted among self-published authors. Even when it comes to editing academic document, we are the publishing house of choice.

Get flawless document
with our help

With Orange Publishers, you will receive top-notch quality editing and proofreading services that will render your document flawless. Along with making edits to spelling, grammar and sentence construction, you can also count on our editors to correct the flow and structure of the document. So, talk to us today and publish a book that is free of mistakes and errors.