Book to screenplay adaptation with Orange Publishers

Is your book an exciting narrative with romance, action and a dash of humor? Is it a moving drama with larger-than-life characters that actors would love to play? So, you have all the ingredients and all you need is a professional to adapt your novel or book into a screenplay. This is where Orange Publishers can help!

At Orange Publishers, we specialize in book to film adaptations. We help authors turn their books into exciting screenplay that coveted directors would like to turn into on-screen movies or theatre plays.

We convert a
novel to film

Converting a book into a screenplay is a daunting task. The characters have to be developed in a way that it comes alive on-screen. The story has to be broken down into dialogues that characters would say to each other to bring alive a particular situation in the novel. From describing the premise to including pitch sheets, we can help you convert your book to screenplay. Just give us your book and allow our professionals to work on it. Of course, we will show you the final screenplay copy for your perusal.

We have a wide network
in the movie industry

At Orange Publishers, we know agents, producers and other studio executives who would be interested in your novel being turned into a film. Once our professional screenwriters have converted your book, we will send people in the movie industry the screenplay adaptation. By choosing our screenwriters, you can improve your chances of being noticed in the film industry. We can give you the boost you need.

Call us for novel to screenplay adaptation

Our book to film adaptations services covers all aspects of the adaptation process. If you are unsure whether your book or novel has film potential, we also provide critiques who will assess the potential of your work. We will even give you ideas and advice on how to improve. So, get in touch with Orange Publishers and have your book transformed into a screenplay for a film.