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Author Checklist

What does ORANGE PUBLISHERS Easy Publishing mean?

Okay now … your manuscript is ready for us to start working on, you have compared the various packages offered by Orange Publishers and made your choice, and you have gone through our FAQs section in great detail. Just before you submit your manuscript to our office, it would be a good idea to run through the following check-list of a few simple Do’s and Don’ts.

Adhering to this check-list will save you (and us) a great deal of time, while we publish your book! So, here it goes:

1.   Send your manuscript either in MS-Word (ver. 97, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013) or PageMaker (ver 6.5 or above).

2.   Mention author's name in your manuscript. If you wish to have a pen-name (not your real name) in the published title, please mention that clearly in the manuscript as well as in the email.

3.   Mention *one* email address instead of many for correspondence. If you mail us from different email ids at different points of time there will be a chance of missing valuable information and instructions. Using one email id always is strongly recommended.

4.   Mention your postal address where you want the book's complimentary copies to be delivered, and the address to be put on your complimentary visiting cards as well.

5.   Please mention your contact number (preferably mobile phone number) so that we can reach you at any point of time easily.

6.   Please keep us informed of any change in your contact number or email addresses.

7.   Include 100-150 words write-up on "About the Author".

8.   Include 100-150 words write-up on "About the Book".

9.   Send us a photograph of the Author, where her/his face is visible clearly (to be put on the back cover of the book). The file size of this image should be within 8 MB Maximum, in JPEG/JPG/GIF/TIFF/BMP/PNG formats only.

10.   If your manuscript contains any special font, please send us the font file (ttf/otf).

11.   If your manuscript contains Prose, mention chapter headings and sub-headings clearly in your manuscript.

12.   If your manuscript contains Poetry, mention the poetry titles clearly in your manuscript.

13.   Apply BOLD and ITALICs in the manuscript only where you need them.

14.   Try to send the entire manuscript in a single file. Avoid sending your manuscript in parts, unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.

15.   Proofreading of your manuscript is recommended (note: Proofreading is not included in Jasmine and Rose packages) unless you are opting for our Value-Added Proofreading or Editorial services.

16.   If you want to send any pictures/photos/images to us, please send us the images in JPG/JPEG, PNG or TIF formats. Firstly, read up our FAQ on copyright-free images. Secondly, some important points to be noted here:

  • [Insert image01.jpg here]
  • [CAPTION] to be placed immediately below the directive to insert the image.

17.   Always keep a copy of the images with you which you send us.

18.   If you have included images inside your manuscript, and if you want to give Captions for your images, please follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • [Insert image01.jpg here]
  • [CAPTION] to be placed immediately below the directive to insert the image.

19.   Check your e-mailbox at least once every day. We communicate primarily through email for approval of your Manuscript page-layout, cover design, illustrations, etc. We cannot proceed without your approval; delay in checking & approval on your side may cause delay in the publishing process.

1.   Avoid “designing” your manuscript yourself. e.g., setting margins, paragraph / line spacing, indent, page breaks, section breaks, headers, footers, etc. Our layout design expert team will do that for you. If you attempt in designing your manuscript, it might result in double work for you and us - consuming more time. If you have any special formatting instructions, please send us an email with your instructions.

2.   Never embed images (if any) into your manuscript. Instead, mention a directive like this: [Insert image01.jpg here] at the proper place. Make sure you use the same name as the FILE NAME of the given image, otherwise we cannot relate it.

3.   Do not send us any low-resolution image for the purpose of printing (cover design, illustrations, etc.). If you want to send us images for any purpose please make sure that the image should have more than 300 dpi resolution.

4.   In case you send your own cover design, please make sure you own the copyright of the photo(s) or artwork used on the cover, or use copyright-free images. If someone else owns the copyright of the images used on the cover, please send us the permission of the copyright holder of the cover images in writing. The same applies for photos or images used inside the book. It may be noted that images freely available on the internet are not free to use - someone or the other owns copyright of these images. It is advisable to use photos either clicked by you, or drawn by your paid artist, or purchased from stockphoto sites, or downloaded from copyright-free stockphoto websites.