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Google Book Search, a program created by Google, the most popular search engine, is an online book marketing program enabling authors and publishers put their books in front of their potential customers by making a limited number of book pages (optional) visible to readers accessing the Google Books program. Google Books ‘matches’ appropriate user searches with your book after analyzing the content of your book, after which the reader can reach your book via a page hosted by Google Book Search. The author, continue to retain ALL rights to the book / manuscript as the Google Book Search program never takes away the copyright or any other rights the author may hold. Google Book Search ensures more sales of your book, as well as more traffic to your web site. Click here to go directly to the Google Book Search page for authors.

We at ORANGE have a complex formula to determine the Minimum Cover Price of a book. The number of pages in the final printed book as well as the word-count of the manuscript helps derive the Minimum Cover Price. Usually, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches printed page of an average book can accommodate approx 325 words per page (assuming 10 point font size, no tables, charts of images). If there are additional tables, charts, drawing objects, images, textboxes etc. then that will result in more pages in your book. For example, in a manuscript of 135,000 words where the estimated word count is 450 words per page in 300 A4 size pages, the book would have 415 pages, excluding charts, tables etc. Now, if the manuscript has 100 images – with each image taking up one full page – then that would expand the book to 515 pages in total. The Minimum Cover Price of your book will be determined by us accordingly. However, if you feel, you reserve the right to revise/decide on the Cover Price of your book to any figure above the Minimum Cover Price fixed by Orange Publishers. We define this as Flexible Book Cover Pricing.

We offer various types of Additional Cover Beautification as optional add-on services, e.g.,:

  • Embossed Lettering – raised impression of letters against the background of the cover design.
  • Spot-UV coating – Create a glossy appearance on a certain selected area on the cover design while the remaining areas are covered by matt-finish lamination, thus protecting the printed surface underneath from moisture and other types of damage.
  • Golden/Silver inking – printing letters direct on the cover design using metallic ink of gold/silver colour. Gold ink is made from bronze powder and the silver ink from aluminium powder or paste.

Even though our team of cover design artists are really good at their work, the finalised cover design must be approved by you in writing (via email) before going to print. During this stage you might want to make certain changes (“rework”) to refine and finalise the cover design of your book, with a limit to how many times a cover design can be reworked. The details for free rounds of reworks are as below –

  • Jasmine supports 2 free rounds of rework.
  • Lotus supports 3 free rounds of reworks.

After these free rounds there will be an extra charge for a new cover design, to get another free round of rework. In case your basic idea of the cover design needs to be changed and started afresh from scratch, that will be considered as a new cover design.

Extra charges for another round of rework: INR 1000.00 / BDT 1300.00 / US$ 20.00

Extra charges for starting new cover design, starting afresh: INR 1300.00 / BDT 1700.00 / US$ 28.00

  • For (B/w) – there will be a charge of INR 800.00 / BDT 1200.00 / US$ 18.00 for each illustration.
  • For colour – there will be a charge of INR 1300.00 / BDT 1700.00 / US$ 28.00 for each illustration.

Your book has to go through several mandatory steps before printing & binding can start. One of these important steps is proofreading… Read More

Getting down to start writing? Or, applying finishing touches on your manuscript? All you need is an original idea and quality control. While the former is your forte, an experienced editor is required to finalise your manuscript. Sooner or later, every author needs a good editor.. Read More

Depending on the package chosen, we send your book to the ‘book review’ section of India’s leading newspapers e.g., The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, Statesman, Sanmarg, Maharashtra Times, etc. In case you want to send the book for review to a particular regional newspaper of your choice, please send us a mail request and we shall be happy to help.

We do all it takes to help you and your book achieve maximum exposure, publicity and commercial success. You can order as many T-Shirt as you wish to, with your book’s picture printed on it! We shall be happy to send you as many T-Shirts as you want, at a nominal cost. For T-Shirts, the charges are as follows:

1 pc. Standard round neck T-Shirt (Half-Sleeve): INR 399.00 / BDT 599.00 / US$ 9.50

1 pc. Standard round neck T-Shirt (Full-Sleeve): INR 499.00 / BDT 699.00 / US$ 11.50

1 pc. Premium collar T-Shirt (Half-Sleeve): INR 699.00 / BDT 849.00 / US$ 16.50

In order to help you and your book achieve maximum exposure, publicity and commercial success among the readers, we will send you a certain number of business cards – along with your complimentary copies, which shall depend upon the publishing package you have chosen. . You can use the business cards to introduce yourself as a published author, at your book launch event, at a bookfair, at a social meet, or wherever you feel suitable!

SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

If your book belongs to Fiction category, it is eligible for distribution to major bookstores in Mainland Europe and UK since we have a tie-up with international book distribution agencies for all books of that genre.

We provide promotional material and additional books at Author’s volume discount at the book launch. The event is organized and sponsored by authors, at a venue of their choice, often in their home city. We provide telephonic support as well, in special cases, in order to help connect the author with the right venue, bookstore, auditorium etc. No fees are charged for this service. Additionally, if you want us to organise a Book Launch Event for you, we can do so – just call us for a custom quotation. We have tie-ups with exclusive venues, event-managers, PR agencies and the like, in all major cities of India.

In case of books that are custom-published by our authors, to start with we print a few hundred copies. Out of this, the complimentary copies (depending on the package chosen) go to the author. The remaining printed copies remain with us and are made available through all the distributors mentioned in the website and your contract. As and when these copies are all sold off, we reprint at our own cost to make sure the book is continuously available to readers as long as it is in demand in the market. In fact, as long as you wish to stay with us, we promise to keep your book available to the distributors and readers, for years to come.

Yes. Please share details. If the advertisement is in colour, usual value-added services charges may apply.Contact Us

Our books are available globally through portals such as Amazon, eBay and Purushottam Bookstore with whom we have a strategic tie-up. The list is growing fast, as other distributors and bookstores are signing up every week.

Book marketing is a ever-changing field in the current world. After your book is published, both you and us will have to work towards making sure that the book is marketed well. It is a teamwork, and works well if the author and publisher puts in combined effort, in a structured plan. We also help in generating maximum possible publicity and awareness about your book through all our social media channels, National & International Bookfairs, etc..

There is a list of bookstores mentioned in our website. Depending on the chosen package, your books will be made available to those bookstores. We are also constantly tying up and updating our chain of bookstores, and in case a new store is added to the chain, your book will be automatically made available there. Being your publisher, it is in our own business interest, and our responsibility to give maximum possible market exposure to your book. We want your book to sell fast and become a bestseller as much as you do!

We do offer eBook conversion and availability across the world as a Value-Added Service. The e-book versions of our best selling books are already available.

The website built by us (as a Value-Added Service) for marketing & promoting your book and spreading online awareness is a unique, intuitive and standard design (all inclusive cost – custom domain name, hosting space and website development & maintenance for the first year). For a very small fee, you can add extra features (e.g. custom mailbox) or enhancements, The fees are calculated as per the required enhancements. Please call us for a custom quotation.

Colour illustrations are not offered free as a part of any Package but part of our value added services. In case you wish to add colour illustrations in your book, the following two charges apply:

  1. Extra charges for Colour Illustration artwork: 
  2. Extra charges for adding “inside colour page” in your book: Contact Us.

We do NOT charge extra other than a compelling reason. However, if your manuscript contains special symbols, notations, fonts etc, including special characters and mathematical formulae, our page-layout experts will need to invest significant extra effort for creating your book in print-ready format. Moreover, the finished soft-copy will have to be checked thoroughly by you and approved by you before going to print. All this may entail multiple rounds of checking with either laser-printed draft or on tracing paper, etc., involving additional cost, time and effort. After reviewing your manuscript before we start, and depending on the case, we may charge you some reasonable fees for this extra effort, which may vary on a case-to-case basis.

Please refer to our Packages. Extra charges for the books exceeding the page limit are as follows:

  • (pgs > 150 and < 250) :: 25% of package fees.
  • (pgs > 250 and < 350) :: 50% of package fees.
  • (pgs > 350 and < 450) :: 75% of package fees.
  • (pgs > 450 and < 600) :: 100% of package fees.
  • FAT Books: Books more than 600pgs? Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • Odd-Size Books: Book Size & Shape larger /smaller / different other than 5.5″ X 8.5″? Please contact us for a custom quote.

Our books are mostly set-up in a popular bookshelf-friendly size at 5.5 inches X 8.5 inches, either in Hardbound or in Paperback (finished product dimension). Apart from this standard size, we can create several sizes and shapes of books as per your wish and demand. The most common ones are: 5”X 7” pocket books,  6” X 9” international size, 7” X 10” (large), 8.5” X 11” (large). Large sizes are considered as “double sized” books. 75 pages of a large size book is equal to 150 pages of a normal / default sized book.

Value added service charges may apply. Please Contact Us

  1. ROYALTY EARNING: You as the Author, will earn 25% royalty (on printed MRP) on each book sold directly by ORANGE PUBLISHERS, and 10% royalty (on printed MRP) on each book sold through other outlets e.g. Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, PayTM, etc. third-party portals. This amount is paid at a regular interval as promised in your Author-Publisher agreement, along with statement of sales. For example, if your book is priced INR 300 only, and during the first month five hundred copies are sold – out of which 200 copies are directly sold by ORANGE PUBLISHERS, and 300 through other outlets, your net royalty earnings for the first month would be INR 24,000.00 as royalty on book sales.
  2. Apart from that, the author receives several COMPLIMENTARY COPIES (depending on package chosen) worth a few Thousands of Rupees (depending on the cover price of your book).
  3. The WEBSITE made for you in your name, for a nominal fee, would be a permanent online asset for you. Also, after you would establish yourself as a published author, it would help you increase your professional rate/fees/salary, earn more respect in society, get preference professionally, get preference as a candidate in a job.

Thus you reap significant direct financial benefits and other indirect & intangible benefits.

No, not at all. In fact, many major publishing houses are eager for a grab of custom-published books that are successful in the market. Many of our authors, whose books became major hits got noticed by large conventional publishing houses who approached them to republish or publish the next book with them.

Yes, you own exclusive copyright of your work. Copyright Registration (Govt. of India) is done by us in your name or any other person you nominate, usually a close relative. All our packages include copyright registration FREE of cost, as a built-in feature.

Publisher’s logo always appear in the book. But you can have your own logo along with the publisher’s logo in your book.


It is one matter to print a book by yourself, but getting it published with a total package of editorial, design, sales, marketing and distribution support are quite different. Below is a comparative study between ORANGE PUBLISHERS and your local press:

Your Local Printing Press/Printing Your Book Yourself:

  • Local printing presses will just print your book for you. They will not help you with the editorial, design and illustration requirements or selling or marketing the book.
  • Local printing presses will not assign any ISBN for your book. Without an ISBN, you will never be able to sell or enlist your book in any marketplace.
  • They will deliver you your order of all the printed copies of your book, which is most often a truckload that will occupy your living space, adding to your frustration.
  • Local press will give you one-time service and they will not offer after sales service.
  • Promoting, selling and distributing your book after the printing is over is an uphill task requiring specialized skill, experience and network.

Publishing your book with ORANGE PUBLISHERS:

  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS will publish your book with an internationally valid ISBN, so that your book is ready to be marketed & sold anywhere in the world!
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS provides you a complete package of editing, designing, illustrations, printing, marketing, distribution/selling and even facilitating book review in leading newspapers and book-review sites at a very reasonable charge.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS also offers flexibility to choose the package according to your pocket.
  • It caters to selling of the books and provides support during pre and post publishing processes.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS also offers search engine optimization service (offered with certain packages) that helps you get noticed by readers
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS offers total accountability for payment of royalty, support forever, registration of copyright, marketing support, editorial support, selling of books, website creation support and distribution support.
  • ORANGE PUBLISHERS are the best option if you want to custom publish your book.
  • You can count on us to get your book customized yet well marketed in safe hands without compromising your ambition, direction and vision.

You can organize your own event for your book launching though a book launching event / program / function / ceremony organized by you. This should be communicated to us (the publisher) and our advice about the date and venue for such an event should be taken. There should be at least a 10 days prior notice from the expected publication date and the actual event / ceremony date, in order to avoid a last minute rush for a hurried publication. It would be best if you announced the launching event date after you received your complimentary copies in your hand. In case you want help in arranging such a launch event, please let us know well in advance.

IMPORTANT : Please note, that we are not obligated to send additional copies to the venue/bookstore for the launch event on credit. If we supply the extra copies of the printed book to such venue/bookstore directly, then the price of additional copies have to be paid in advance, less the standard author’s discount. Alternatively, you may give the bookstore (which is the venue of your launch event) copies for the event from your complementary copies. Requisition of additional copies for the launch event has to be communicated to us well in advance in order to ensure smooth operations.

No. Editing service is optional value-added service. Usually, our editorial advisers go through your work for an evaluation and suggest you whether an editing is recommended for your book or not. However, you may or may not decide to go for our optional editing service, even after the feedback. Click here to know more about this.

No. Proofreading service is optional. Our editorial advisers check the work for an evaluation and suggest whether a proofreading is recommended for your book or not. Based on the feedback, you may or may not decide to go for our optional proofreading service. Click here to know more about this.

Yes, surely! You can have a handwritten manuscript. We shall computer-type it. All you have to do is just scan and email us your handwritten manuscript, or courier us to our address. For more details of additional fees for computer-typing your handwritten manuscript, please click here.

You may move out if you get better offers. Just send us an email. No compensation would be claimed by us from you. There are however no refunds either, for payments you have made, in case you decide to terminate your contract. Please note: We being the publishers reserve the right to terminate the contract and withdraw the book from all the sales counters with immediate effect after publication, if the book is found to be plagiarized, or copied from another book. No refunds would be payable to you in such a case.

Royalty is accrued on book sales in the market. Your royalty is already given to you as part of the ‘Author’s Discount’ for extra copies you order directly from us. Hence, you do not earn any royalty on the extra books you order. However, ordered copies from other outlets like Flipkart.com, etc, by you without any Author’s Discount, will give you normal royalty.

We would strongly recommend – please send us (submit) your manuscript ONLY after you finalise it, and you feel confident that no further changes are necessary. However, we allow you to incorporate minor last-minute changes in your manuscript up until you have approved it for printing. Our Page-Layout team will work closely with you and guide you through the process, to avoid any version-conflicts. No changes are possible after you have already approved the manuscript for printing. Your manuscript and cover design are sent to the printing press immediately on your approval by email.

However, you may incorporate further changes, if needed, when the next edition of your book is published.

It is best to track the courier tracking number, while the parcel is in transit, to track its whereabouts. We would also advise you to check the parcel personally upon its arrival.
We take utmost care in packaging and dispatching your books to your address via the best courier services in the country, so that they reach you in good condition and on time. We use the services of our logistics partners like DTDC, DHL, Speed Post etc for sending books so as to ensure that almost 100% of the books reach their destination with no trouble. However, it is the duty of the respective courier company to ensure that the books reach you in good condition. Before the Courier delivery guy leaves, make sure there is no major visible damage by inspecting the parcel carefully. DO NOT receive a parcel that is damaged or tampered, wet, torn or broken with books spilling out etc.

If you find your parcel damaged as described above, please

  1. Take a photo of the damaged parcel;
  2. DO NOT receive the parcel – ask the courier delivery boy to take it back;
  3. Send the photo to us as evidence. As soon as we receive your communication,

We shall immediately take up the issue with the courier service, and make arrangements to send you a new set of books in a fresh parcel.
Please remember: If you receive the parcel, it implies that you agree and are satisfied with the delivery. Courier services do not accept complaints if clients send us a complaint AFTER receiving a damaged parcel.
Printing and binding issues: In the very unlikely case you notice printing or binding issues after receiving and opening the parcel of complimentary copies, please bring it to our notice immediately. Our editorial team will investigate the issue and if it is found that the printed portion has your prior approval, then we cannot help you there. However, if significant difference is found between what has been printed or bound and what you had approved; or the pages are in wrong order due to a book-binding issue, we shall take complete responsibility. In that case please send back the copies you have and we shall be happy to replace the exact number of copies you send back, with correctly printed and bound copies.

Yes. You as the author retain 100% film / movie rights for her/his book. You have the full right to deal with any filmmaker, or film production company; sign a deal with them and sell the film rights, without us getting involved in the process in any stage. You do not have to share your earning from selling the movie rights with us. This means, if a filmmaker gets interested to make a movie out of your book and wants to deal with you; you have the full freedom to step into such a deal; we shall have no role in whatever capacity in it.

For your Book Launch Event, you can order colourful A3-size posters of your book cover. The size of the poster which we generally provide is A3 (double the size of an A4 page). It will have the blow-up of the front cover design with the price, email-id, author’s website (if applicable), about the book (200 words) and availability info. Poster can be used –

  • In a book launch event at the entrance or on the stage
  • OR, if you are a student you can use the notice board of your school to swing the posters
  • OR, you can request your local bookstores to hang the posters at the entrance of their store or at a prominent place.