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Commuting to work or going for a run? Stuck in traffic or the never-ending queue at the bank? In such situations, wouldn’t be nice to have Charles Dickens transport you to London during the Victorian era or RK Narayan to Malgudi? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to learn a new language? All of this is possible with audiobooks and that is why they’re so popular today. The publishing house of Orange Publishers is excited to help new and upcoming authors expand their reach with audiobooks. We want your story to come alive with evocative narration and state-of-the-art sound design. With our audiobook recording services, your story will truly give flight to the reader’s imagination.

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If you are a storybook writer or a novelist, converting your book into an audiobook is worth considering. At Orange Publishers, we make it possible for aspiring writers to record, edit and even produce their own audiobooks.

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of voice over artists market

Making an audiobook takes a lot of effort and only the right voice over artist can bring alive the characters of your manuscript. Thanks to our huge database of voice over artists, we can help you pick the right voices for the various characters of your story. Our voice over artists are proficient in English, Hindi and Bengali and are known for their years of experience in the audiobook recording industry.

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At Orange Publishers, we provide audiobook recording services, along with assistance with audiobook distribution. Some of the biggest sellers of audiobooks include Amazon, iTunes, Audible and Audiobooks online. We can even help you convert your audiobooks into CDs or make it as a part of asubscription to help you earn revenue.
So, are you ready to turn your manuscript or book into an audiobook for the Internet-crazy, always-on-the-move generation? Contact Orange Publishers.