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Just because you have written and published a book, it doesn’t mean that people will read it. It doesn’t even mean that people will know about it, especially if it is your first book. You have to get the word out and Orange Publishers is one of the revered providers of book promotion services.

As a leading book marketing and promotion company, we have all the tools and book promotional materials that you need to give your book a good start. We will market and promote your book in physical stores and online to help build a loyal readership base.

We make
Books discoverable

Orange Publishers is committed to providing book marketing for self published authors. Thanks to our dynamic team of marketers and promoters, we are able to enhance the discoverability of new books in the market. We will place your book in the radar of your target audience.

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promotional events

There are so many new authors in the market every single day that it is possible for your book to get lost in the crowd. But, our book marketing experts will not let that happen with you. We will brainstorm with you to come up with innovative promotional ideas to market your book and make it attractive. From the planning to the execution, you can count on us every step of the way.

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our help

Our book and eBook marketing services are directed towards helping new, self published authors find a voice of their own and shine. We can help you stand apart from the crowd by implementing myriad offline and online promotional tools. So, are you ready to get your name out there? Contact us!