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Welcome to this blog where we bring you a list of the top 10 book publishers in Lucknow. Lucknow is a culturally significant location with amazing publishing houses that do excellent work.

That is why if you are looking for publishing houses in Lucknow then you do not into search a lot because you will get deeply rooted traditional companies all over the area.

A lot of publishing companies in Lucknow are based in Lucknow and we will definitely include them in the list.

However, we will also include the names of top book publishers in Lucknow that sell the most copies and have a very good hold on book publication in Lucknow.

This list will be in a gradual order consisting of miscellaneous as well as educational book publishers in Lucknow with the best being at the top and gradually going down.

Having said that we must also tell you that this list of book publishing companies in Lucknow is completely our opinion and you might have a different opinion on which is the best.

So, let us look at the best publishing houses in Lucknow and find out which is the best-suited publisher for you.

Top 10 Book Publishing Companies in Lucknow

Orange Publishers


At number one on the list, we have Orange Publishers because they are simply the best when it comes to taking care of the Lucknow book market.

They provide the reliability of traditional publishers coupled with the modernity and convenience of self-publishing companies.

They have been in the publishing industry for decades and they have an excellent foothold at producing nearly every kind of book and that includes educational book publishing to literary books of every kind.

When we talk about the best publishing houses in Lucknow their name comes up simply because they understand the market and know how to provide the best kind of service at the best rates.

They have a very well-connected distribution network and along with that, they manage to keep everything affordable because all their operations are in-house.

They are trusted by bestselling authors but are also equally trusted by first-time authors simply because they are approachable and you can reach out to them and expect to hear back. We cannot say that for all the names in the list.

They are also one of the finest when it comes to novel publishers in Lucknow and have produced bestsellers.

So, if you want the most reliable option in Lucknow then you can definitely go for Orange Publishers.

Website – https://orange-publishers.com/

Contact Number – +91-9830050132 | +91-9830330809

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Ground Floor, 98, 37-A, Gopal Lal Tagore Road, Sarat Kanan Pally, Nainan Para, Baranagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

New Royal Book Company

New Royal Book Company

The second name on our list is also a legacy book publishing company in Lucknow that has a very good reputation when it comes to educational book publishing.

They have been in the industry for decades and they are a trusted name when it comes to book publishing in Lucknow.

However, the reason why they are at number two is simply because they are more aligned towards educational book publishing.

While they do other kinds of books from tourism to arts and culture and much more but they are experts at publishing books for universities.

They are experts at what they do and if you are a scholar planning on publishing your book and research papers then they are the best choice for you.

Website – https://nrbc.in/index.html

Contact Number – +91 904 4343434 / +91 955 9992467

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 1st Floor, Shah Trade Centre
32/16, Valmiki Marg, Lalbagh
Lucknow – 226 001

Book Rivers

Book Rivers

At number three we do not have a legacy publishing company like the two before but we have a new company that is slowly but surely rising up the ranks.

They are a self-publishing company primarily and they do not do any kind of traditional publishing. This is one of the reasons why they are at number three and also the fact that they do not have all the experience in the world.

If you keep that aside then they are pretty solid when it comes to providing very high-quality book publishing services.

There are several reasons why you can definitely opt for them and one of the reasons is that they do all the additional things apart from book publishing such as book cover designing as well as providing services like editing as well as promotion and even distribution.

While the other two options on our list also do that but it is still worth mentioning because a few names in our list do not provide these additional services.

It is quite easy to publish with them and all you need to do is to contact them and then choose something that is good for you and they will take care of the rest.

You can definitely choose them to publish your book.

Website – https://www.bookrivers.com/

Contact Number – 9695375469

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – HN 22 Kanchan Nagar Kalyanpur Lucknow UP

Orange Books

Orange Books

Not to be confused with Orange Publishers, they are a relatively new publishing company that does self-publishing.

They are at number four because they are quite affordable and that is why they are always able to capture a good bit of the market.

That does not mean they do not provide good quality services because they provide a good level of quality and they also have a relatively big distribution network.

They are among the new-age self-publishing companies that do not make you wait a long time before you can avail of their services.

All you have to do is contact them and they will do the rest for you. They are also among the few names in the list apart from Orange Publishers which actively promote ebooks and have a very good quality of service when it comes to publishing digitally.

While they are new in the market but you can definitely give them a try.

Website – https://www.orangebooks.in/

Contact Number –  +91-8109645082

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Smriti Nagar, Bhilai
Chhattisgarh – 490020

Arihant Books

Arihant Books

At number five we have a legacy book publishing company that has been in the national book scene for a long time and is probably one of the most popular book publishers in Lucknow.

But you might be thinking why would such a prominent name be at number five and the only reason is that they only publish a particular type of book.

They only publish educational books but when it comes to educational books, they are the leading name in Lucknow.

They do everything from school curriculum books to books for competitive exams as they publish engineering as well as medical books and much more.

They are favourites among educational institutions and students preparing to crack a difficult exam.

That is why if you have such a requirement then they are the perfect publishers for you.

Website – https://www.arihantbooks.com/

Contact Number –  +91-11-40546380

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 4577/15, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Gita Press

Gita Press

Add number six we have something of a legend and probably the most popular book publisher not just in Lucknow but in the whole of India.

They are legendary when it comes to publishing and they sell millions of copies of books, they do not even need a marketing team. They are not a self-publishing company because they only publish epics.

While this is primarily a list of English book publishers but we have decided to keep such a legendary name in the list just because of the impact they have in Lucknow.

But that also means that we couldn’t keep them at number one because that would not go with the topic of the blog so as a tribute with decided to place them at number six.

You can check out all the fantastic work they do in bringing important religious books to every home.

Website – https://www.gitapress.org/

Contact Number – +91-8188054403

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Gita Press, P.O. Gita Press, Gorakhpur (273005), Uttar Pradesh, India

BFC Publications

BFC Publications

At number seven we have a unique publishing company that specialises in not just publishing a certain kind of genre but specialises in a particular type of author.

They encourage new authors and they are an excellent choice for new authors to publish their book.

They are on this list because they have managed to find a real problem and also a solution for it.

This is because the real problem that we are talking about is publishing anxiety and that can happen with any new author because they might not know much about the publishing industry.

That is why they have the best approach when it comes to encouraging new authors. They will help you and guide you throughout the process and be extra helpful so that you can publish your first book with them.

You can definitely try them out.

Website – https://bfcpublications.com/

Contact Number – +91-5223514141

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – CP-61, Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, 226010.

Vandana Publications

Vandana Publications

The beautiful thing about Lucknow is that it is the perfect location to be if you want to find some of the best educational book publishers.

That is why we have a very reputable name at number eight because they do every kind of educational book publishing.

Along with that they also do motivational book publishing and especially books related to different social issues and economic challenges.

While they do not publish any other kind of books other than books for universities and colleges as well as societies and institutions but the thing they do, they do it very well.

This is the kind of publication you can trust because they do not try and be the jack of all trades and master of none but they rather focus on a single area and shine.

They are one of the most popular educational book publishing names in Lucknow and you can definitely contact them for all your publication needs.

Website – https://www.vandanapublications.com/

Contact Number – 0522-4108552 / +91-9696045327

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 78/77, New Ganesh Ganj, Opp. Rajdhani Hotel, Aminabad Road, Lucknow-226018, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Shristi Publishers

Shristi Publishers

Add number nine we have a very new and a very passionate and young publishing house. They represent the new youth in the world of publishing.

While they are not the biggest name in Lucknow but they are certainly something to look out for and they will definitely be a proper name in the years to come.

They are dedicated to publishing books for the youth and it is not just limited to the topics of the book but also to affordability thereby creating books that youth can actually afford.

This means that they publish on a variety of topics because youth love different kinds of topics.  However, one thing that is definitely striking and unique about them is that they focus on stories.

They bring the stories of youth into the limelight and that is truly something we should celebrate. They are in fact quite popular among the youth in Lucknow.

You can definitely reach out to them for all your publishing needs.

Website – https://www.srishtipublishers.com/

Contact Number – 011-41751981

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Srishti Publishers & Distributors 212-A, Peacock Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

Lotus Publishers

Lotus Publishers

And finally, at number ten we have yet another educational book publishing company. They are at number ten because they do something very specific in the world of educational publishing.

They focus on certain streams of education and certain subjects and they publish everything related to that subject.

For example, they have a very comprehensive list of books for B.Sc. Nursing. They do a very good job that is very specific.

That is why we have decided to include them in the list since they only do paramedical books for the most part and while they do not publish anything else but what they do is at the top of the line.

They are in fact the most popular choice for paramedical books in Lucknow and we recommend them if you have such a specific need.

Website – https://www.lotuspublishers.com/

Contact Number – (+91) 82838 10505 / (+91) 98155 39393

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 50, BDA Enclave, Pathankot Chowk, Jalandhar City, Punjab – 144004

Book Publishing


We hope this blog helps you choose the perfect publisher for yourself in Lucknow and it is definitely quite important to choose the perfect publisher. That is why we would suggest you read this blog and check out all the details to make a better choice.

And if you decide to choose us at Orange Publishers then we would be honoured and privileged to work with you in publishing the book of your dreams.