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These Are the Top 10 Book Publishers in Pune

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Welcome to today’s blog where we bring you one of the most informative but also exciting blogs where you not only get to learn about book publishers but also get to understand the book market for a particular region.

Today’s region is going to be Pune. It is a hub of economic activity and it is certainly a hub for publishers and publishing activity as well as readers.

That is why we bring you the top 10 book publishers in Pune. When we say the top 10 book publishers, we do not only mean the publishers in Pune but also the publishers with the biggest market presence and popularity in Pune.

These are some of the most reliable publishers to work with in Pune. However, this is our list and our opinions and we would love to hear what you think about this list and if you want to add anything to the list in the comment section.

This blog is not only going to help you understand the publishers and what they do but also understand the book publishing market in Pune as it stands right now.

So, let us begin this informative blog and help you understand the top 10 book publishers in Pune and we are sure this blog will help you choose your next publisher as an author.

These Are the Top 10 Book Publishers in Pune

Orange Publishers


The number one name on our list is Orange Publishers because they are a legacy publishing company which means they have been in the industry for a long time.

They are one of the most popular publishing companies in Pune and they are on the top of the list because they are simply perfect in every sense.

They publish nearly every kind of book as well as audiobooks and ebooks and everything they do is in-house.

They do self-publishing as well and all their operations are in-house, which means you are only going to get the finest quality and also the assurance of that quality.

The best thing about Orange Publishers is that they publish in every genre and every language we highly recommend their services.

Website – https://orange-publishers.com/

Contact Number – +91-9830050132 | +91-9830330809

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Ground Floor, 98, 37-A, Gopal Lal Tagore Road, Sarat Kanan Pally, Nainan Para, Baranagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

APK Publishers

APK Publishers

The second name on our list is not really that old and legacy when it comes to publishing because they are a dynamic company and they are new.

While they do not have the experience but they have their track record and excellent quality of service to make up for it.

This is a publisher that understands its audience and while they only publish in English but they make sure they publish exactly according to the needs of their clients.

They are primarily focused on first-time writers and if you are a first-time writer then you can definitely check them out because the founders of this publishing company are also authors.

If you are into supporting new publishing companies in Pune then you should try them out.

Website – https://apkpublishers.com/

Contact Number – +(91) 982 279 6490

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 5/301 Ved Vihar, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune-411038

3. Vishwakarma Group

When it comes to regional publishing companies in India you can find very good names and Vishwakarma Group is one of those groups with an amazing publishing company.

This is a very good place for English, Hindi and most importantly Marathi publications. They self-publish which means you can publish your own materials as well.

Along with that they also have a very good collection of books for you to look at and purchase. They offer a very streamlined and good quality service.

You can definitely try out their services.

Website – https://vishwakarmapublications.com/shop/english/

Contact Number – +91-20-24525541

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 34A/1, Suyog Center, 7th Floor, Gultekadi Marketyard Road, Giridhar Bhawan Chowk, India Pune: 411037

Sunidhi Publishers

At number 4 we bring you a very homely company when it comes to book publishing because Sunidhi Publishers is exactly that.

It is founded by two very passionate people who are very hard-working and have established a brand right here in Pune.

They pay a lot of attention to detail and publish in English but mostly in Hindi and Marathi and that is why if you want to get your books published with them in regional languages then it is a good option.

They have quite a respectful number of books published under the names with a lot of authors publishing for the second and the third time.

While they are not as old as Orange Publishers or other names on the list but the 8 years they have been in the market have been excellent and you can definitely trust them.

Website – https://www.sunidhipublishers.com/index.php

Contact Number – 020-24457118

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – ‘Anandashram’, 22 Budhwar Peth, Bajirao Road, Near NMV High School, PUNE- 411002

Mehta Publishing

At number 5 we have a very popular publishing company that is actually very popular in Pune and all over Maharashtra.

They have been publishing for a long time and they have quite the level of experience you expect from it proper regional publishing company.

They publish a lot of things which can include science textbooks and nonfiction books as well as historical books and even religious books.

They are also really good when it comes to children’s literature and even sports books.

They are really good but the reason they are at number 5 is because they are not as refined as the other names in the list. This might be due to the fact that they do a lot of publishing and they do not have a lot of time for that.

You can even find best-selling names when it comes to Mehta Publishers. We definitely recommend them.

Website – https://www.mehtapublishinghouse.com/

Contact Number – +91-20-24475462 / +91-9545000513

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – 1941, Sadashiv Peth, Madiwale Colony, Opposite Telephone Exchange, Bajirao Road, Pune – 411030 (Maharashtra), India

KSagar Online

If you are looking for a very popular and reputable academic literature publishing company with a lot of demand and a lot of experience then this is a very good option for you.

This is because they have been publishing for a long time and publish on nearly every kind of academic topic.

They mostly do competitive exams textbook publishing but you can even find them publishing novels but they are experts at textbook publishing.

They have worked with a lot of reputable institutions. While it is not very clear how easy it is to publish with them but if you want to buy their books then you can definitely check them out

Website – https://ksagaronline.com/

Contact Number – 9545567862

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Nuten Classic, 639, Narayan Peth, opp. NMV Primary School, Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune, 411030

Goyal Foreign Language Books

At number 7 we have something very unique because we bring you the only publisher in the list that primarily publishes in foreign languages.

While big names on the list like the top few names might publish a foreign language book once in a while but they primarily do native languages.

The unique thing about Goyal Books is that they primarily publish books in French and German as well as Spanish. They also do Japanese and Korean.

They are among the few rare publishers that also do Italian and Portuguese as well as Arabic and Russian. But if you want, they will publish it in English for you as well and also Hindi.

This is why if you have wanna publish your book in foreign languages then they are the best option

Website – https://goyalpublisher.com/

Contact Number – 9650597009

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Der Buchladen at MMB, Pune 14/3B Boat Club Road, Pune – 1

Sharp Publications

At number 8 we have a publication that has been in the industry for a long time if we consider and compare all the names on the list because they are among the few to be in the industry for nearly 25 years.

Sharp Publications primarily publishes study materials and textbooks and even reference books for some of the most renowned universities in Maharashtra.

They supply their study materials to Pune University as well as Mumbai University and even other universities in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

That is why if you are expecting them to publish fiction then they might do it but that is not their specialisation.

That is why if you have educational book publishing needs then you can definitely contact them.

Website – https://www.sharpmultinational.com/about

Contact Number – +91-8390848833

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – Office No. 2,3 & 4, 2nd Floor, Radha Krishna Apts, 535 Shaniwar Peth, Pune – 411030

Wings Publication

And at number 9 we have a publishing company that is quite popular in Pune and all over India because they are quite renowned when it comes to self-help books.

They do publications for fiction and nonfiction books and they are also very good when it comes to self-help books and motivational books.

They are run by two doctors who are really passionate about what they do and you can expect a very good quality of service if you publish with them.

They do every kind of medium and format you can think of and they also publish in nearly all the official languages of India.

Website – https://www.wingspublication.com/

Contact Number – +91 86000 05100

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – #B3, Shiv Villas, Behind J. W. Marriott, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016, Maharashtra

Himalaya Publishing House Pvt ltd

The last name on our list is a strictly academic publishing company and that is why you cannot expect them to publish everything you want such as fiction and nonfiction.

While this is strictly not the type of publishing company we are featuring in the list but since they have such a good presence in the Pune market along with a good reputation for textbooks that is why they are on the list.

This publishing company publishes books for competitive exams and other kinds of textbooks.

You can expect everything from banking to engineering books as well as commerce and management books and much more.

While you need to contact them to understand the publishing situation but you can definitely try out their books.

Website – himpub.com

Contact Number – 7498213372

Contact Email – [email protected]

Address – ‘Ramdoot’, Dr. Bhalerao Marg, Girgaon, Mumbai – 400 004, Maharashtra, India

We hope this blog will help you choose the perfect publisher for all your publishing needs in Pune and it is very important you choose the perfect publisher for yourself according to your needs.

That is why you should take all the time in the world to decide which publication to go with and which publication will align with your vision and idea of books.

And if you do decide to publish with us then it would be an honour to give shape to your dreams in the form of a book and publish it for the world. We welcome you to visit our website to check out everything we do.