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Why Are Book Reviews Important To Authors, Readers and Publishers?

Book Reviews Important

In this blog we will discuss the importance of book reviews and how a book review is more important than it seems and how a book review and benefit the reader as well as the author. Book reviews come in all shapes and sizes they can be long as well as short and they can be inside full as and even poorly written and not a good way to judge a book.  There are a lot of pros and cons to book reviews but in this blog, we are going to discuss primary why we all can agree that book reviews are not such a bad thing and that if book reviews are written properly by the proper professional book reviewers with the proper know-how and prowess then book reviews can act as an important tool to not only the readers but also the book market and book publishing industry in general. Few ways in which book reviews solve a lot of problems and are a blessing to the literature community.

Through the woods –

just like Google and the internet, the book market and the book publishing world is a huge place and finding the right book of your choice can be like finding a needle in a hayfield. Book reviews by professional book reviewers as well as reader reviews can act as a guide to help you find the book of your choice. Writing a book review is an art in itself because you don’t want to give away too much that is in the book and there is the risk of favouritism and bias and there is also the risk of manipulation, however, in the literature community we all can agree that this is not a big issue.  All things aside book reviews by an unbiased reviewer have always done better than harm and has always guided that readers’ community towards books of their liking.


Through the looking glass –

Although book reviews and book criticisms can be put together on the same page or perhaps the same book, but book reviews are sort of a glimpse into a world that you may or may not choose to enter and this is important from the author’s perspective because without the review the book would not even have reached the potential book buyers and potential readers. Now, an author can get past this problem through promotion and advertisements however there is nothing like word-of-mouth in the literary community as we can agree that the world of literature is something of a world that has moved into the future with strands still in the past. 


Through the mirror –

book reviews are important because they act as a reflection and interaction (be it one way) for the author to truly get a sense of how the community is reacting and embracing their work. Book reviews can be polished or crass but book reviews nonetheless provide an idea to the author of what their audience base is wanting from them and deciding if or if not to enact future changes on that demand, but get a sense nonetheless of how their book is been received by the audience. There are a select group of authors who do not adhere to or even read book reviews let alone make changes after reading book reviews because they have this belief that the work should be independent of external involvement but overall, the majority of authors tend to give importance and attention to book reviews.


Through the Gutenberg –

book reviews are embraced by successful published authors and successful publishing houses and even book stores and dealers because this shows the literature community and industry in a good light as being transparent and open to criticism and on the economic point of things book reviews are excellent untainted free publicity that any wise author will not be willing to let go.  The literary community is a close-knit community and forgery of book reviews are simply not possible if not practical or viral because one can talk to buy a few reviews for a few reviews but if the community gets a hint of this that publishing house for that other than we ostracized or in online terms, informally banned for life. 


Just as books have shifted from being paperbacks to hardbacks to Amazon Kindle e-book readers, book reviews have also come a long way from being on testimonials in book stores to editorials in newspapers to Amazon’s “what the customer thinks” area and we hope and we predict that book reviews are here to stay. What we can say for certain is that Orange publishers are the best self-publishing Book House to publish your books and we at Orange Publishers take book reviews seriously and never try to intervene in this process of pure criticism called book reviews.