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How Do You Write a Bestselling Business Book? Find Out Today

Business Book

If you are someone with in-depth business knowledge and if you are especially someone who is a business leader with your own business then you should definitely write a book about it.

You should let the world know your understanding of business and create a legacy that others will celebrate. And if you are planning on doing just that then this blog is for you because we are going to talk about how to write best-selling business books.

We will help you understand a few important tips that will help you write this book in the best way possible even if you have no experience in writing.

Writing a book like this should be on the bucket list of every business leader because this is a simple but effective way of creating your legacy.

So, let us find out some of the most effective best-selling business book writing tips.

These are primarily steps but you can consider them as tips as well and if you follow them one by one then you will have a complete guide on writing this book and a complete manuscript in your hands in no time.

So, let’s look at these important steps on how to write a business book.

Important Steps to Write a Best-Selling Business Book

Target Audience Research

The first and most important step to successful business book writing is to understand who you are writing this book for.

You have to understand your target audience and you can have different kinds of target audiences. You can write a general book that will be applicable to every business leader and everyone going into business.

Or you can pick a target audience based on a certain category of business leaders and businessmen and write a book for them. You can also pick a target audience in the form of the category of business.

For example, you can choose your target audience based on the stock market or the commodities market. You can even choose a target audience based on the country of business as your book can be about business in the USA or Germany etc

The entire point of choosing a target audience is to narrow down your focus so that you can write content that is going to be effective. This is perhaps one of the basic writing strategies anyone can follow.

Topic Selection

The second step of this incredible journey should be about topic selection because when we talk about topic selection, we usually say one thing.

You should be an expert at the topic you select because it will make things much easier for you and will free up a lot of time which you can spend on market research instead of learning about the topic.

You can of course decide to write about a topic that is unknown to you but then you would have to spend a considerable amount of time in topic research so that you become an expert on that topic.

However, it is your book and you can do whatever you want. No topic is bad if you have a proper execution and if you maintain a proper book structure that your audience can follow.

When you decide to choose a topic, you must also understand and analyse the relevance of the topic in the current market.

This is because you might be an expert at some topic but that topic might not be relevant enough for your book to become a bestseller so that is also something you must keep in mind.

Book Breakdown and Outline Creation

Now that you know your target audience and you also know the topic, you can focus on the actual contents of the book.

And now you must think that you should simply start writing the book but you should not do that because there is another important step that will help you focus even more.

We are talking about a book outline. If you aimlessly start writing the book without an outline then it will be very difficult to break it down into chapters.

Furthermore, if you simply start writing the book without an outline then you might simply miss out on different sub-topics and chapters.

So, you need to create an outline beforehand and this outline should be about all the chapters and each chapter should be broken down into further sub-topics.

This should be like a simple map that will allow you to focus and navigate your way around the book.

If you feel lost while writing the book then you can simply look at the outline and figure out your position in the book.

Pre-writing Requisites

This is when we will talk about writing the book and it is the most important step in the entire process of the creation of your business book.

However, there are a few important prerequisites you should keep in mind.

After you are done selecting the topic as well as the target audience and even creating the outline, you need to keep a few things in mind before you start writing.

You must make sure that you keep all your research material nearby so that you can simply reach out and grab any piece of information you want to include in the book.

You must also make sure that you take care of all writing distractions whether it is business calls or whether it is family events or anything like that that will stop you from writing.

Additionally, you must two important things in mind.

Writing Schedule

If you want to have the best kind of efficiency when you start writing then you need to establish a regular writing schedule.

This can be in the form of a few hours that you dedicate in the morning or evening or any time of the day but you must make sure to strictly follow this schedule.

The thing about writing schedules is that it helps with discipline and focus and nearly every kind of writer does this whether it is for writing novels or any other kind of book.

Writing Goals

The second thing you must keep in mind is going to be writing goals. Writing goals can include the writing schedule but it is much more.

It is about creating goals before you start writing so that you can try and achieve these goals. You can create writing goals in the form of word count.

You can also create a writing goal in the form of the number of chapters you write in a day or the number of topics you cover in a week. It is completely up to you and you should do it at your own pace.

First Draft

Now that you have everything sorted out from the topic to the outline as well as the writing schedule and writing goals, it is your time to shine because this is when you start writing the first draft.

The reason why it is called a first draft is simply because there are going to be many more drafts after edits and changes.

However, you must not keep all that in mind and you must simply find your writer’s voice and continue writing your business book.

If you want you can keep it a dry book but we would always suggest you to include your personality in the book so that it makes the book unique.

You must pour your personality abundantly in the book and you must make sure you are speaking directly to the readers through your book.

This is not about creating a textbook because this is about creating a legacy and that is why this book must reflect your ideas as much as your personality.

Title Selection

This might not seem important but this is one of the most important things about your business book and this is the first thing people are going to read.

That is why when you decide to write a title for this book, the title should reflect the topic of the book but it should also reflect other things.

The title should reflect your personality and the title should reflect your target audience because if your target audience is young then the title should also have lingo from that generation.

The title should be a hook and it should be trendy too.

However, you should not spend a lot of time thinking about the title and you can even ask your friends to recommend titles for the book and choose something you like.

Editing The Business Book

Now that you have completed the manuscript’s first draft, it is time to edit the book and we would suggest following a three-step editing process.

This is a very practical editing process formulated by Tucker Max and it is actually quite simple and well suited for a beginner.

1ST Step

The first step involves making sure you have everything in the book that you planned for and making sure that the structure of the book is right.

This step is simply about finding missing content and then adding it and making sure your book is complete. This is not the most detailed step of the process and for that, we need to look at the second step.

2nd Step

The second step is the most detailed part of the editing process because it is about going through the manuscript line by line and making sure everything is correct.

It is about questioning the relevance of each line and making sure to remove anything unnecessary and clearing out any sentence that seems too complicated or out of place.

The second step is also about making sure that the contents of the chapter are actually what the chapter is about. You can take all the time in the world in the second step of the three-step editing process.

3rd Step

The third step of the editing process is actually quite fun because you can involve your friends and colleagues in the process.

It is simply about reading out the manuscript to yourself or to someone close to you who understands the topic.

This step is just a safety check or a quality control step that simply looks at the manuscript from a different perspective. If something is wrong with some line in the book then this step will bring it out.

Publishing The Book

And now you have a complete manuscript in your hands and it is time to approach the publishing industry to submit the book and get this masterpiece published.

The best option for you would be to approach a legacy publishing company that has deep roots in the publishing industry like us at Orange Publishers. We will talk more about how you can publish with us at the end.

However, unlike us, most publishing companies will simply not entertain a newcomer if you do not have existing ties with the company.

If that is the case then you can also approach a self-publishing company where you can self-publish by investing in the book publication as well as the book promotion.

It is important to understand that you always need to select experts who have a history of publishing a lot of books and working with talents like you.

After you select the publisher, you can then design the book cover yourself or you can get it done by a professional.

And then you can finally publish your book and then work on the marketing of the book.

Detachment From the Book

The last and final thing you must keep in mind in this journey of writing a business book is that you must never get too involved in the book.

This means you must understand that you are different from the book and that the book is but a small part of your legacy and you can of course write another book again.

This is very important to understand because sometimes authors simply get two involved and connected with the book that they simply fall into a creative limbo if they want to write another book.

That is why an author and a creator must distance themselves from their art after they have created it.

This also comes in handy if the book does not perform according to your expectations.

We hope this blog will help you and inspire you to write the business book of your dreams and create a business bestseller.

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