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How to Motivate Children for Reading Books

How to Motivate Children for Reading Books

In this era of digitization, making children to read books is quite a challenge for parents. Thanks to computer games and smartphones! As the technology advances, children are increasingly becoming more glued to the screen than to the page. However, if parents do an effort to make reading interesting for kids with fun activity sessions, then they will also start loving books as their elders do. Here’s how to do it.

Start early

Children get the habit of imitating their elders as they grow up. So if your child watches you reading, he will definitely try to imitate that too. But don’t wait for that. You must start reading to your child as early as when he is six months old. This is the time when a kid’s visual and auditory senses begin to grow. So, buy some picture books or 3D pop-up books and read to him in an interactive way by making movements.

Turn reading into a fun session

A child develops his audio-sensory abilities as he grows up and forms a perception about the things and people surrounding him. So, make reading a regular activity for him, but with interesting fun activities. Take a small book that offers some learning activities. Some books come with instructions for parents on how to make the reading more appealing and interactive for kids. These will help you engage your kids in reading. Also, you can ask some easy questions while reading and make actions and movements to encourage them for further reading.

Choose picture books

Picture books are ideal for children since these help them grow their basic understanding and the ability to identify objects by their sizes, shapes and colours. Pop-up books are also a great way to narrate a story and at the same time giving kids an in-depth understanding of basic objects.

Make a cozy reading space

Creating a reading-friendly environment is also part of developing the habit of reading. For this you can decorate a room with funny words, glow-in-the-dark letter and cartoon characters. Providing your child with a proper reading space will get half the work done.

Get your child audio books

If your kid doesn’t like to read himself, then audio books are a good option. It’s a great way of telling a story. This concept came from Charles Dickens who wrote some books that needed to be read aloud. If your child can’t keep attention for long, listening to audio books can sure help. Many Book Publishers publish fairytales, myths, poems, music and historical tales in form of audio stories exclusively for kids.

Join a book club or start your own

Widen up your child’s social circle and allow him to meet different people and interact with them. You can do this by enrolling him and yourself to a book club. There you both will meet people who have wide interest in books. However, you can also start your own book club with some other parents and their kids. Pick a place and time for the meet-up and have an engaging session with kids and parents.

Go to libraries together

Books are a man’s best friend and what’s best place to find them than libraries? Take your child to some iconic libraries in the town and enroll him into one that has a good children’s section. Both the collection of books and reading atmosphere will offer him a pleasurable experience.