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The self-publishing team at Orange Publishers is one of the most organised and one of the most well-structured systems in the entire publishing world and we take pride in having one of the most efficient and effective ways of making sure that we assess and process excellent manuscripts submitted to us by our esteemed authors.


While the process might look simple to the authors as we process manuscripts quite quickly, but there is a lot going on in the background and it is a well-oiled machine at play here when comes to all our techniques and organisation.


Let us divide the essential components of a well-established self-publishing team into several categories so that you might find it easy to understand how we do what we have been doing for decades.






The editorial department is basically quality control because we understand that our esteemed authors are humans after all and they can make typos and grammatical mistakes that need to be sorted out.




They are the first line of defence to simply read the entire manuscript and point out all the mistakes and this is quite a thorough process. We make sure to assign the reading to multiple readers with multiple copies of the manuscript so that there is no mistake that is left out.




Then the manuscript is passed on to the editor who makes sure that the quality of the reading team and the initial pointing out of mistakes is at par with the quality standards at Orange Publishers. The editor is assisted by several subordinates in order to make sure that every important change is made and nothing slips through the cracks.


Our editing process is so meticulous simply because we value the investment that our esteemed authors make in support of self-publishing and we value their investment.




The proofreaders do the exact same thing as the initial reading and editing team but just on the opposite side. They are the final line of defence before the books can be classified as print-worthy and publish-worthy. They make sure that everything is alright and that there is not even a single mistake that has slipped through the eyes of the other members of the editorial department.


While it has never happened to us that our proofreaders have come across a mistake but if they do so in the future then it is our protocol to repeat the entire editing process once again and the manuscript is rotated so that we get zero errors on every book that will publish.




We have one of the most renowned design departments with some of the finest illustrators and cover designers in the entire Indian publishing industry and we take pride in making sure that we create designs that are not only unique but are the exact representation of the book.




Among the several teams in the design department one of the primary teams is the cover design team who makes sure everything about the book cover is sorted out.


Our cover design team consists of everyone from illustrators to format editors and colour specialists and many other people. The cover design team is quite creative and can give multiple recommendations for cover designs to our authors upon request.




While the outer layout of the book is important and is handled by the cover design team, the inner layout is also important and is handled by the typesetting team.  They make sure that everything from the font to the spacing and everything else is perfect.




Orange Publishers not only operates offline but we have one of the widest online footprints available and along with that comes the responsibility of creating promotional content and also other web design needs.


That is why we have one of the most advanced graphic design teams that make sure everything from the promotional content to poster creation and all the other factors involved in the promotion and publishing of the book is done correctly.




While we could have included the eBook and audiobook team in any other part of the design department but we have specifically created and categorised this into a separate team in order to make our operations even more efficient. Our eBook and audiobook team makes sure that everything from the eBook formatting to the audiobook recording, editing and compilation is done perfectly.




Now that everything from the editing to the designing is done, we are left with the production and the distribution which is proudly done in-house at Orange Publishers, let us look at some of the teams involved in the last chapter of the publishing journey of a book at Orange Publishers.




We have our in-house physical locations in place where we have one of the finest and most secure print facilities in the country. We have one of the finest print teams who make sure the printing never stops and that we can achieve both print-on-demand and limited print runs whenever there is a necessity.


We have the capacity and capability to print on a wide range of materials and a wide size and colour gamut.




We have one of the finest legal teams in order to make sure that everything from the confidentiality clauses for all the employees and all the other legal obligations is maintained at all times


This is to make sure that all our printing and processes are secure legally. Along with that we also make sure that every book that passes through Orange Publishers has the perfect copyright filing done.


While we could have created a miscellaneous section in order to include this essential team but we have decided to include this in the production and distribution department so that it becomes easier for our readers to understand.




There are several distribution teams under Orange Publishers which consist of everything from the online distribution team who makes sure the distribution channels are efficient and perfect both in B2B and B2C channels to the offline traditional distribution team who takes care of our renowned offline distribution foothold in the publishing industry which includes everything from multinational bookstore chains to wholesalers to individual book stores and much more.




You might have observed that there are many departments and that is why there needs to be excellent coordination between entire departments and entire teams as they need to collaborate in order to make sure that only the perfect results are achieved and that is exactly what the management does.


The management makes sure that everything from the administration to the collaboration is maintained and we have a perfectly synchronised structure which is headed by our chief editor.


HR is also an essential component of a self-publishing company and is an important part of the management team in a company like ours.




We are a future-ready and forward-looking company and in order to do so we have one of the best sales and marketing teams out there that are always on top of the game when it comes to online and offline marketing and reaching new markets and exploring new sales opportunities to make sure that the excellent books we publish reach even more readers.


While we can’t go into the details of our proprietary techniques and our offline and online marketing strategies but we can assure you that it is definitely working as you can see by the rapid growth and love that we experience in the market, we stay humble and hardworking as always.




An accounts department is one of the most important elements of a self-publishing company because we need to keep track of multiple transactions and we need to organise and manage multiple movements of materials and funds.


Everything from the salaries of our employees to the transactions between publishing material suppliers and tax filing and much more are managed by our accounts department.


We hope we haven’t missed any other element, although there are a lot more people working to keep everything in order. We also hope this gives you a clear idea about how one of the finest self-publishing companies in India operates and what are all the essential components of Orange Publishers.


We welcome you to check out our services and we welcome you to request a quotation because we would be delighted to work with you in publishing your imagination and your vision into the world by publishing with us, the no-compromise publishing company of modern India.