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2. How does ORANGE Publishers decide the Minimum Cover Price of the book? What is Flexible Book Cover Pricing?

We at ORANGE have a complex formula to determine the Minimum Cover Price of a book. The number of pages in the final printed book as well as the word-count of the manuscript helps derive the Minimum Cover Price. Usually, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches printed page of an average book can accommodate approx 325 words per page (assuming 10 point font size, no tables, charts of images). If there are additional tables, charts, drawing objects, images, textboxes etc. then that will result in more pages in your book. For example, in a manuscript of 135,000 words where the estimated word count is 450 words per page in 300 A4 size pages, the book would have 415 pages, excluding charts, tables etc. Now, if the manuscript has 100 images – with each image taking up one full page – then that would expand the book to 515 pages in total. The Minimum Cover Price of your book will be determined by us accordingly. However, if you feel, you reserve the right to revise/decide on the Cover Price of your book to any figure above the Minimum Cover Price fixed by Orange Publishers. We define this as Flexible Book Cover Pricing.