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Aspiring to be the next Amish Tripathi or RomilaThapar? If you are a historian or have a deep passion to present the historical events with a twist of fiction, Orange Publishers can help you publish your history book. We are one of the well-known historical book publishers based out of India with a global presence. Thanks to our team of professionals who have over a decade of experience in the publishing and printing industry, we can help your book become the next bestseller. In case you are writing a book and wondering how to become a published author, you simply have to get in touch with us.

Historical books are in great demand at the moment. Readers simply cannot seem to get enough of the past and now the list of bestsellers always contain new releases on Indian history. In addition to community histories and war histories, books on personal and family history are also very popular among the readers. There is also a growing interest in historical fiction novels, as well as, historical books that contain a touch of mythology, thriller and sci-fi elements. This is a fabulous way to preserve a record of the contributions of the people of the past and its influence in the present day life. As one of your trusted local history book publishers, we will gladly walk you through the entire process of getting yourself out there and published as an established author.

Proofreading to Publishing and Marketing – All Under One Roof

As a debutante, you need all the help and assistance that you to become a published name in the industry. Joining hands with us will prove beneficial to you in more than one. For starters, we will help you with everything you need to get published. From typesetting, proofreading, editing or rewriting to designing the book layout, decorating the cover and marketing the book, you can count on our team’s support at every step of the way. Moreover, we also provide ghost writing services to help you clear out your writer’s block. If you want, we can create an eBook for your history book or history fiction novel and distribute it across appropriate channels.

Are you writing a history book? Connect with Orange Publishers, one of the trusted and premier history book publishers in India to make your debut one to remember in the industry. We welcome any query regarding the pricing and preparation of history books.