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Influencer marking is not only something important for authors but it is a necessity in today’s day and age for authors. You as an author will need influencers to grow your author brand and make an impact in the digital marketing landscape.


You will need an influencer marketing strategy to make sure the book influencers do the proper and effective book promotion and the promotion of your author brand.




When you ask the question of why work with an influencer, the answer is social media. Social media platforms are the means are the primary reason why book influencers play such a key role.


Influencers have a deep reach within the reader community and influencer audiences can number in the millions, making influencer engagement a necessity if you want to reach deep within the community.


So, whether it is author influences or book influences, influencer marketing for authors cannot be ignored.




  • The best way to do this is simply research.  You can go on popular social media platforms and look at influencers who are popular in a certain category.


In order to do this, you can search with relevant hashtags such as books or the type of book you write and the genre. You are going to get influencers and the number of views that they have and this will enable you to choose the perfect influencer.


  • You can also ask your writer friends for suggestions because there might be influencers that they go to and that way you can be more certain about how to approach the influencer.


  • You can also ask your readers for suggestions simply because there are going to be a lot more readers than a single person and they are going to be exposed to more content than which is ever possible by a single person like you.


They will probably give you a few good ideas on which influencers to choose.


  • Another great option to make sure that you have the perfect influencer for your kind of book and your kind of authorship is to utilise paid tools.


We had explained you how to search influencers with the help of hashtags and how to make sure that I influencer is genuinely good.


You can do this automatically with the help of these paid tools and they are going to be more accurate because this is exactly what these tools do and that is find influencers.


  • Another great option would be to ask your network and by network we mean your publishers as well as critics and people from the media that you know and of course, your writer friends because these connections that you are going to get from your network are going to be genuine.





One of the most important things that you must keep in mind when you are approaching influencers is that you must approach them as formally as possible.


Unless you have any mutual connection with the influencer it is always the best idea to approach the influencer as formally as possible because that is how this specified it and if you are going to do so then it will be a sign of respect.


It will be like acknowledging their importance and being willing to respect them for that.


You must always be ready to have a pitch that you want to offer to them. This pitch should be a concise pitch that contains everything important about you and your work and which book you want the influencer to promote.


There are generally two kinds of influencers and there are two kinds of ways for approaching them.


  • There are going to be amateur influences who are new to this and you must understand who are those amateur influencers because if you start talking about money with them then they are not mature enough to keep it confidential because they are new to this and they can even reveal it for content.


You must offer them freebies instead such as the best quality of your book and audiobook CDs and you must give them merchandise and you must promise that you are going to work with them in the future and you must also give them exclusive access to books before launch.


  • Now we come to the professional influencers who already have a huge audience base and know exactly what they are doing.


You must not hesitate in asking them their asking price for reviewing your book. If they mention a price and if you are alright with the price then you can ask them specifics about reach and how many people are going to watch the video and much more because this is a business transaction.


After everything is done you must simply go ahead with this plan.



We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand how to approach influencers and also why influences are so important in the book world.


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