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Do you aspire to be the next Salman Rushdie, R.K. Narayan or Emily Bronte? If so, Orange Publishers are here to help you through the process of publishing a novel. Hailed as one of the best novel publishers in India, our experienced team will help you establish yourself as a revered novelist in India and abroad. From first-timers to veteran novelists, we have helped thousands to prove that custom publishing is the way forward and conventional publishing deal is not the only way to bring your dream to reality.

Show us your manuscript to get started

As a leading novel publication house in India, we specialize in self publishing a novel inseveral languages, including English and Hindi languages. Reach out to us if you have a manuscript and our editorial board will read through and analyze your manuscript. This process might take up to 7 days. During the reviewing process, we may get in touch with you in order to understand your thoughts and views regarding penning down all the subtle passages of your novel. This process brings you a step closer to publishing a novel. As soon as our editorial board approves your manuscript, you need to choose a custom publishing package, sign a contract with us and become a published novelist.

Here’s how we make self-publishing a novel hassle-free and easy.

  • We are among the few novel publishers in India who cover all the needs – printed novels, eBooks, global distribution, design services and also marketing assistance.
  • Connect novelists with the readers thanks to our large retail network.
  • Publish novels of various genres and languages.
  • Send novelists a finished proof of their book before it finally goes for printing and distribution.
  • Awesome customer services as our expert panel of professionals are always proactive and eager to answer questions or clear doubts.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also work with a team of ghostwriters who are more than willing to finish a novel for you. If you have great ideas, but somehow cannot manage to give words to your thoughts, our ghostwriters can do it for you, with 100% confidentiality guaranteed. The idea will be yours, the credit will be yours. We have already completed over 2,000 ghostwriting projects and our services are fully confidential. Check out our Ghostwriting Services  for further details. Being one of the stalwart novel publishing companies in India, we are here to help you in any way that we can.

So, ready to become a published novelist? Connect with Orange Publishers – your go-to English and Hindi novel publishers in India.