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Here you go! you have already gifted yourself the unique opportunity of ORANGE PUBLISHERS Easy Publishing.

What does ORANGE PUBLISHERS Easy Publishing mean?

With more than three decades of combined hard-core experience in the Custom publishing & printing industry, we are here to help you with everything you will ever need to become a Published Author. Your desire to become a published author can come true in just 5 easy steps. Before long, you will find your book, your creation, proudly gracing the bookshelves much like a shining newborn star. Straight & simple. No fine print. No dilly-dally. Here you go!

Your Completed Manuscript. [Start right now! ]

Your dream project is your manuscript. It carries the untold story of your passionate toil, burning midnight oil. Check and re-read it over and over again. Don’t forget to check out the ORANGE PUBLISHERS Author’s Checklist. Once you hear yourself saying ‘done’ with a huff – send your manuscript to us. By submitting your manuscript – you are just four steps away from becoming a Published Author

Choose Your Package.

An approval on your manuscript straightaway guarantees our interest in helping you publish your book! Now, all you need to do – is to select an author-friendly custom-publishing package on offer here. For doubts & questions, consult the detailed Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs). Go through our custom-publishing packages in detail. Although you are the best judge to choose which package would do justice to your dream book project, you may consult us and we shall be happy to help you make a choice. If you do not find your query answered there, please write back to us or call us. Once you make a choice, you are almost there! Just two more steps away from the podium of a Published Author.

Sign Your Contract and Make The Payment.

One of our team members will reach out to you with your Author-Publisher Agreement contract. Read through this document carefully. Note all your benefits as an esteemed author with ORANGE PUBLISHERS. Once you are satisfied, sign the document and make the agreed payment. That’s it – our several teams have already started working on your book – proofreading, page layout, churning out cover design, illustrations, etc. and fixing all the bells and whistles! Now there’s just one step left – becoming a Published Author.

Your Book is Published!

Oh my! How breathlessly you have waited for this day since that day you overcame the writer’s block and wrote that first word of your manuscript! All the night-long exploits of your fretting pen are finally bearing fruit. Your Book – your ideal dream project – is finally published. An immaculately-packed box of complimentary copies along with other goodies soon knocks at your door. Good times follow: Bookstores buzzing with your book online and offline, readers posting rave reviews, congratulatory calls from friends and family. It’s time for celebration, and basking in the glory of Authorship!!