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Reasons to write a book

Book Witing

In case someone asks the reason for writing a book, my immediate answer shall be I love to share and hence I write. I share my experiences, my knowledge, my feelings, and my world with others. And I shall love to know the same things about others as well. Our world is limited to relatives, friends and acquaintances and we have gained some knowledge about them over the years by direct interactions. However, to know about the world beyond my circle, I read. And I write to reach out to that world. When I read a book, it works as a therapy to me- I get solutions to many problems I face, both internal and external. Similarly, my writings as well as the books of many authors heal others and acts as a therapy. Writing a book involves reading as well- an author reads a lot and educate himself before writing a book. This reading adds on to his wisdom and changes the life of the writer in the days to come.

Writing a book is not limited to better writing skills only. Self-motivation, time management, planning and setting goals are key factors to transpire thoughts and ideas to book. Motivating oneself and managing time from the daily routine to write, planning what to write and setting a time for finishing the book is not as easy as it seems to be. However, if someone wants, he can. Hence all can write books. And when one takes the challenge and writes a book, he would himself see the difference in him before writing and after completing writing the book. This challenge ends with a self- assessment experience as it reveals more about us to ourselves. It is this experience that lets one know the persistence level in oneself and their strengths and weaknesses as well. And the most important aspect is- it manifolds one’s confidence in oneself – as conquering the intellectual challenge is not an easy thing to do at the end of the day! The fact that a person has finally joined the league of interesting story tellers whom he has awed after and adored all his life makes a person feel like reaching the summit of a mountain. And this feeling brings lot of positive changes in life in days to come. Monetizing the knowledge- getting financial benefit from the sharing of knowledge by writing a book is something which one has not witnessed before is an experience by itself!

Financial benefits of writing a book

Writing a book increases the credibility and acceptance of a person as that helps in positioning a person as a thought leader and helps in attaining respect from customers and business associates. If a book is handed over to a person on the other side of the table, it saves time from persuading or explaining him as the book instantly increase credibility. Wiring books can generate fantastic leads for the business as well. Most business authors use the strategy of sending a copy of the book to the target customer and before establishing a contact also, the customer can be reached in the process. And precisely for this purpose, the business authors mention the contact details in the book itself- as they are almost certain that if the book reaches the target customer, building a bridge is just a matter of time- books being the most effective promotional tools. For a business author, it help in getting speaking and consulting assignments and many business authors have developed their careers as public speakers and business consultants through his book. Passive income is a dream of all- writing a book opens up the door of this additional income in form of royalty. And for a business writer, the new leads and referrals is more important than royalty- as they transpire to new customers even if books are distributed strategically.

Importance of publishing industry

Book publishers promote the writers and ensures that their creative skill is brought to the forefront and reaches the mass. They are the mediators in connecting the authors to their target readers. Hence publishing industry is of immense importance and without their support, all the hard-work of the author shall be futile and unnoticed.

Authors need support, reassurance and motivation to deliver their creative best. It is the publisher who imbibes the positivity in the author with his valuable feedbacks. With the feedback from the publisher, the author mends his loopholes and improves in areas which were previously unnoticed by him. At times, the writers become overly cautious and analytical about themselves. It is the publisher who comes as a messiah to them and provide the necessary support, boost and feedback to ensure the author reach the next level. The author may not understand about the commercial angle and is oblivious about ideas to increase the profitability and sale. The publishing house assign the right genre of the book of the book to ensure the commercial success.

Why do people prefer paper books?

The feel of paper makes a huge difference in the mind of the reader. There is a real human experience to holding a book in hand, smelling the paper, hearing the crackle of the binding and flipping through the pages matters a lot. . Observing the number of pages you’ve read and the number you are left to read also plays a part of the psychological experience of reading. Reading a light-emitting e-book before hitting bed hampers the sleep, affect the alertness the next morning with an over-all negative impact on health. The recall value of paper book has been found having more recall value than e-book. A recent survey suggested that over 75% of people between the age group 18 and 24 years had read a paper book in last year. Only 21% had read an e-book. Most importantly, 66% of children between the ages of 6 to 17 preferred print books. Most of the students receiving e-textbooks get the book printed. The primary reason for this is concentration. 92% of the students of an American university researched that 92% of college students concentrate better when they study with paper books.

E-book publishing

E-book is electronic version of printed book.  Over time and advent of newer technologies, e-books have become increasingly popular. The reason for the popularity of e-books are many. They are easy to publish and the process is user-friendly at a reasonably low cost. The reach-out is maximum and there is no cost involved for this reach-out, and generates a passive income for the author. Hence, a huge section of authors are actively publishing e-books leveraging the platform and increasing the earning creating book funnel without any extra effort and building fan base. The steps of publishing an e-book are quite simple. Quite naturally the first condition is one has to write a book which is worthy of printing. Once one has written a book good enough to reach the readers, he also has to ensure the book is well edited and well designed. Thereafter, the author has to write a book description which is essentially telling the readers why this book should be read, what value this book would add and how is it different from the book of other authors. The proverb A book is judged by the cover is more applicable in case of an e-book, hence it is important the author designs an attractive cover for the book. Formatting the e-book for kindle is also extremely important for the success of the book in this version. Next, the author chooses the e-book publishing platform-the most common is Amazon as they sell 60% to 80% of all digital books and Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books are few of the other prominent sellers. Thereafter, the author selects a price for his e-book, create a direct publishing account with the seller and shall upload his book.

Business book

This genre of book writes about running of a business, or financial aspects of a business and of management. Business books include books containing step-by-step instructions on how to run a business and things one should know on how and when to start, own and run a successful business touching all ends of business including marketing, finance, taxes etc. They may also include growth of a business in different cultures and regions and their economic impact on business. Whether it is  a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just someone seeking useful career advice, there are many great books of this genre to look forward to. Business books can provide psychological concepts for better negotiation skills, personal anecdotes to avoid repeating mistakes, or self-help tips to improve productivity.