We specialize in novelization of a screenplay

Do you want to turn your screenplay into an actual book? At Orange Publishers, we are experienced in turning screenplay to novel. By turning your script into a book, you can get your story out into the world, sometimes even before the movie has been made.

Turning script to novel is a daunting task, and our team has the expertise and resources to handle every aspect of it. We will keep the integrity of the script while making it an interesting read for your readers.

Our writers have
excellent formatting skills

When you want to turn your script into a novel, the main emphasis should be on formatting. Our writers will flawlessly convert the tense, work on characterization and stick to the premise to turn it into a compelling book. We will perfectly adapt the screenplay into a book, and make it as exciting and gripping as the movie. When we convert it into a book, we will be skipping the parts that readers usually skip.

We can help with
publishing your book

Orange Publishers is one of the leading self-publishing houses in India. We will not just help you in turning your screenplay into a gripping novel, but we can even help with the publishing of your book. We have a wide network and a team of editors and proof-readers who will get your manuscript ready for publishing. With our help, you can become a published author without much hassle. If you want, we can even help with the book cover design and distribution.

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screenplay novel

A screenplay novel is a fantastic way to capture both the markets – readers and movie-goers. You can have the screenplay adapted into a novel before the movie hits the theatres to create a buzz or after the movie has been well-appreciated by the audience.
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