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A thriller is probably one of the most popular types of literature and it is so engaging to the readers that it creates new fandoms and generates extreme interest and even creates cult followings.


However, writing a thriller is a bit of a challenge simply because of the level of scrutiny that the readers put the novel through when it comes to everything from the protagonist’s life as well as the protagonist’s future and also about the villain and everything about them.


That is why whenever you are writing a strong thriller that has suspense and mystery, you must make sure that there are no loopholes because if there is a loophole then that can totally crash the sales and your reputation as a thriller writer.


So, the question is how to write a thriller or even how to write a thriller novel.  While we cannot teach you how to write and we also cannot teach you how to evade loopholes, what we can do however is tell you a few important tips for writing a thriller.






What we mean by that is that you shouldn’t make it easy for your readers to identify who is the good guy and the bad guy.  It is a thriller so you can try keeping it grey.


This will not only spark the interest of the reader but will be a very realistic portrayal of life because in life as well it is not easy to say it with 100% confirmation that this is a good guy and that is a bad guy.


Every good guy has a few bad characteristics and every bad guy can probably have a few good ones. While you can of course make it simple for the reader to understand by making the good guy exceptionally good and the bad guy very bad but the readers will lose interest because they will simply be able to predict the next move. It will be a very basic and average novel.


There must be conflict in the minds of the reader if they should completely support the good guy or if they can totally hate the bad guy.  You can add a lot of backstory so as to help the readers understand why someone is being like that and what has made an individual come to this predicament.





One of the most important things that you must keep in mind while writing a thriller is that it is the literary equivalent of an action blockbuster movie but much more intense and much more nuanced.


Therefore, you must always make sure that you have that novel jampacked with action, and especially when you are starting the opening scene you must keep in mind that it should be hair raising experience for the reader to read it.




You must write it in a way that makes a difficult for the protagonist to do anything well, this way the reader will always be in anticipation that the protagonist is going to try again, without knowing if the protagonist is going to succeed.


You must litter the plot of the protagonist with obstacles and hardships so that it is not only real but rather intense to find out that the protagonist does not have everything easy.


If it’s a story about the hero and a villain then you cannot simply make the hero shoot the villain in the first page, then that will simply make it an interesting post on Facebook, not a novel.




You can utilise everything from narration to obstacles as well as anything unpredictable to make sure that the story has many twists and turns. This will make it unpredictable for the reader and every reader loves unpredictability.


You must make sure that the story is unpredictable so that the interest level of the reader is always constant and goes up higher as we reach the climax.


This is everything that differentiates a good thriller from any average thriller because thrillers are very common and in order to stand out you must make the plot difficult to predict.




The ending is as important as the beginning and you must always keep in mind that you must make the ending satisfying.


When we say that you must make the ending satisfying, we do not necessarily mean that you must make that ending happy.


But you must make the ending a conclusion whether it is good or bad but you must make sure that the ending is shrouded in mystery and you must let the readers interpret the meaning of the ending.


You can leave them on a cliffhanger if you want to continue that thriller novel and release a second part.


These were a few of the most important tips that you must keep in mind whenever you are writing a thriller novel and if you are someone who also wants to publish that thriller novel then we are here to help you.


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