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Tips to Make Your Book into an Audiobook

Book into an Audiobook

When an author turns a book into an audiobook, the reach of the book increases manifold- for which the audiobook option always remains in the top bracket of the wish list. However, to make your book into an audiobook, one must undergo quite a few steps without which reaching the goal is nearly impossible. Obtaining the rights is most important to convert a book into an audiobook, but when the author initiates, he already has the rights hence this is never a stumbling block. Audiobook production steps start with preparing the book in a script format which shall be suitable for narration. Selection of narrator is also an important proposition as it is important that the voice and style of the narrator align well with the tone of the book. The author need not have to arrange for a narrator if he himself has the narrating skills- but in that case, the author should be equipped with proper equipment which are required for audiobook production.   A good quality audio recording is important for creating a good audiobook. The tranquillity of the recording environment and use of professional equipment catalyses production of good quality audiobooks. The next most important step is the editing and post- production process, where the mistakes are rectified, long pauses removed, and background noises edited. Once the editing process is complete, one must listen to the entire audiobook with utmost care for identification of any remaining issues like audio glitches or mispronunciations and necessary corrections are incorporated thereafter. Audiobook creation process doesn’t end here but steps into the next level once the audiobook is ready. Choosing the right platform where to publish the audiobook is extremely important. There are a big range of popular platforms like Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books etc. and each of them have specific requirements for formatting and submission and the author needs to abide to the requirements once he chooses the platform. Audiobook publishing is ready now- and is time for uploading in the chosen platform and make the audiobook available for streaming. This is the time when the author needs to concentrate fully on the promotion through various channels like website, newsletters etc. Simultaneously the author gather feedback from the listeners for future betterment and monitor the sale.