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No publisher or self-publisher can ignore Amazon because it is one of the most important platforms to sell your book and that is why we are going to talk about how to increase Amazon book sales today.

We will be specifically talking about strategies to increase book sales on Amazon with simple steps that can be done by any self-publisher or even publishing company.

This is important if you want to get concrete success because if your book is popular on Amazon then you do not even need any other platform and that is why these steps to sell more books on Amazon are important.

We will talk about the Amazon algorithm so that you know exactly how to boost Your book’s sales on Amazon.

Along with the algorithm we will talk about how it affects Amazon book ranking and how book keywords and categories on Amazon are responsible for your book sales.

So, let us start this very informative blog with the Amazon algorithm so that you might understand how book sales work on Amazon.

Here is How the Algorithm Deals with Book Sales on Amazon

The algorithm is there to help you and it is not there to stop sales which some people might think. The Amazon algorithm is designed in a way to make sure that the correct book for the correct search is found.

It does not matter if the book is by the best publishers or a single individual, if the algorithm deems it fit, then it has excellent chances of success.

This means that the algorithm has been created with the readers and the customers in mind and that is something you should always keep in mind.

So, the more you try to think of helping the customers in finding the book they want the better your chances are of getting better treatment from the algorithm.

This means if you want the best results while selling your book without any Amazon book promotion or Amazon book advertising then you need to make sure to do what the algorithm likes.

The algorithm likes and promotes listings with a lot of detail. The Amazon algorithm will actively promote books that are genuine and that have a lot of details about them.

This means if your book has a lot of keywords that are relevant along with different classifications for genre and type of book then it will perform better.

The algorithm is also going to promote a book that has a lot of reviews and sales. All you need to do is to make sure that the Amazon algorithm is satisfied with a lot of data inputs.

That is why the entire blog is going to focus on how you can improve your Amazon listing. We are going to talk about things like the book description as well as the author bio and everything else that includes more data about the book in the listing.

This will also affect your Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) because if you have more sales then it will guarantee even more sales and improve your seller rank and help you become a best-selling author on Amazon.

This also applies to you if you publish through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Things To Keep in Mind for Better Amazon Book Sales

Title and Subtitle Optimisation

One of the first and simplest things you can do is to optimise the book title as well as the subtitle of the book.

When you do that, you should include elements like keywords in the title or even the subtitle because these keywords will help the algorithm to direct the book to the buyers.

The title and subtitle are the key identifiers when it comes to the listing and it is the first and the most basic thing you can do on your path to optimisation.

Additionally, you must make sure that the title is the actual title of the book and then you can add a space and put in a little more.

But when it comes to the subtitle you must make sure it is an accurate description of the book and it can even contain a hook about the book.

The thing you must realise is that this is one of the first things that potential readers are going to look at and that is why you cannot skip on optimising titles and subtitles.

Book Description

The second point of optimisation is definitely going to be the book description. When it comes to book descriptions you can do a lot of things.

You can do things like making sure to mention if the book has won any awards because that is definitely going to help your book stand out from the competition.

If you can make sure to write a description in a way that compares your book to others in that category then that will also put you into a classification.

This is very important for the algorithm to notice you and to recommend your book in the suggestions tab when someone is looking at a similar book.

The book description is very important and it is probably the most important factor after the visitor looks at the title and the subtitle.

That is why you need to make sure that the book description is a hook and utilises emotional language and sensational language that will make the readers ask for more.

Additionally, you need to make sure to utilise relevant keywords for your book and in order to do that you can utilise any kind of online keyword research tool.

But do make sure to utilise the keywords as naturally as possible and to not stuff keywords because that will not go well with the algorithm.

You should also make sure to add reviews of popular book critics on top of the description and always try and update those reviews so that your book listing is always updated.

Book Cover Design

While some might say that book cover design does not really matter when it comes to selling your book on Amazon but we would like to defer.

Book covers always matter when it comes to books and it also matters when it comes to publishing your book on Amazon.

This is because when people search for something, the product listing space is given to the product image which is the book cover in this case along with the title and subtitle.

That is why you must ensure that the book cover is different from the rest of the competition but also has elements of the genre.

Proper Keyword Us

One of the most important things you must keep in mind if you want to optimise your Amazon book sales is simply having the right and proper keywords.

It is not just enough to utilise general keywords for a type of book. You need to be specific with the keywords and you need to focus on the book’s subject rather than just the genre.

That is where you need to put the specific keyword subject in the subtitle and in order to do so you need to find that out.

If you want to find the perfect keyword then you can utilise any kind of online tool and there is even a popular Google Keyword Planner that will help you do the thing.

When you are planning on utilising keywords you must make sure that you also utilise keywords for the description in which case you can utilise specific keywords for specific reasons.

For example, you should have a keyword for the setting of the book and then you can also utilise a keyword for the tone of the story.

You must also utilise keywords for the type of character in the novel or story and also have keywords for plot themes.

The more specific you get with keywords the easier it is for the Amazon algorithm to find your book when someone is searching for something similar.

If you want the Amazon algorithm to find your book then all you need to do is add character types as well.

You can even use these specific keywords for the title and it will enable you to have even more accurate Amazon algorithm identification.

Get Reviews

When it comes to reviews you need to pull all the stops because reviews are one of the best ways in which the Amazon algorithm notices your book.

In order to do so, the first thing you would want to do is to send out copies of your book to your social media followers on all social media platforms.

You can then request them to leave reviews on Amazon. This will be very beneficial for you as your readers are going to leave reviews if you ask them nicely.

You can also ask anyone who has bought your book to leave a review. You can also try out different techniques such as signing the first 1000 copies and writing a small note that a review would be very helpful.

In order to get reviews, all you need to do is ask politely and tell them why reviews are important and people are generally kind enough to understand that.

You can also try out email marketing and that is also very successful when it comes to books because if you ask your readers then they will definitely review it after buying the book.

It is also important to understand that there are different kinds of reviews. The reviews of confirmed purchase customers are of more importance and those reviews will be seen first and that is why you should always encourage everyone who buys from Amazon to review on Amazon.

Utilise External Sources

The Amazon algorithm works on different stimuli and one of the ways by which you can stimulate the Amazon algorithm to pay close attention to your book is through external sources.

If the algorithm notices that your book is been clicked on multiple times and more people are looking at your book posting and purchasing it then it will definitely promote your book.

In order to do that you can utilise all external sources and by external sources, we mean social media. You can utilise every social media out there and promote your book.

You can promote your book everywhere you want which also includes Reddit and Facebook and even send your book promotions to WhatsApp groups you know.

You should not shy away from promoting your book in relevant places but do not try to spam book promotions because that might get your account blocked.

When you are utilising these external sources, you must keep in mind that they will only work if you have good promotional material.

You also need to have book trailers and create different types of promotional videos. These promotional videos do not have to be high production value because they just have to be unique for people to notice.

You can then utilise the promotional material in different places and you can sometimes even do paid promotions with influencers as well.

If you can make people visit the Amazon products page and look at it then it will get the job done and the Amazon algorithm will do the rest and promote your book.

· Do Not Ignore the Author’s Pag

You need to make sure to establish yourself when it comes to your Amazon presence and one of the things that you simply cannot ignore is the author page.

If you have a proper author page then it will be more material for the algorithm to ensure your legitimacy. It will also be one more area for promoting your books. You should never leave out promotional real estate, especially on a platform like Amazon

In order to do that you should have an engaging biography which means you should include small but interesting details in that biography and you should mention things like your inspirations and your goals in life and much more.

You should also include a good-looking author photo.  It does not have to be very formal but it has to be high quality and show that you are serious about writing.

There are so many other details to utilise such as adding the follow button and then adding all the promotional videos and material you have.

You should also include links for all the blogs you have written and also customise your URL and make sure no part of the author bio and author page is incomplete.

If you have more than one book on Amazon then it makes even more sense to have a complete author page because that will allow you to add links to your other books.

Try Amazon Advertising and Promotions

If you want to spend money on advertising then why not try Amazon advertising because it is one of the best options out there to get your book noticed more.

This will simply help the book reach more people on Amazon and you can also have specific advertising by setting different target groups so that you can have a more targeted approach towards the ads.

But your ads are only going to work if everything else about the book is perfect because if you have a complete book listing with different keywords being utilised properly only then your ads are going to work.

You can also set up deals and promotions so that more people buy your book and you can run these promotions for a limited time.

You can set up those promotions on special days and make sure that they are promoted all over your social media pages.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how you can increase your Amazon book sales. But if all these steps seem too much work, then we are here for you.

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We will help publish your book on Amazon for you and we do everything in-house. All you need to do is to submit your manuscript and we will take care of the rest.

We do everything in-house which means we do the manuscript processing to the book cover design as well as the copyright and book printing and publishing as well as the promotions in-house.

We welcome you to find out more about what we do on our website.

Common Amazon Book Sales FAQS

· How do I get more sales on my Amazon book?

There are several ways you can do that but you must understand the only way you are getting more sales on your Amazon book is if the Amazon algorithm notices you.

In order for that to happen you need to have more data scattered throughout the book posting and on your author page.

This means you need to have relevant keywords and you need to have a proper book description and a book title and subtitle.

You need to focus on reviews and you need to focus on proper marketing and promotions. You need to have a solid game plan.

There is so much more you need to do and we would suggest you go through this entire blog to understand more about how you can improve your Amazon sales for your book.

What makes a best-selling book on Amazon?

If you want your book to be best-selling on Amazon then all you need to do is to get noticed by the Amazon algorithm and actually have a book that is worthy of being a best seller.

If you have a book that is excellent and totally deserves to be a best seller then all you need to do is to make sure that all the other prerequisites are alright.

This means you should have a complete author page. You should make sure to utilise relevant and proper keywords in your book subtitle and description and you should also make sure to leverage social media. Then comes things like reviews.

If you optimise everything mentioned above and a few more things mentioned in the blog then you will have a successful book.

Is it easier to sell books on Amazon?

It is definitely easier to sell books on Amazon compared to creating an offline supply chain and distribution chain because that can take publishers years to develop and still it’s not perfect.

If you want to sell your book offline then you need amazing networking with bookstores and still, you might find it difficult to sell your book unless you are a publisher.

But with Amazon, it is a level playing field because everybody gets a fair chance and your book might be posted next to the best seller just because your book is performing well.

That is why you should definitely try out Amazon and try selling your books on Amazon.

What makes a top-selling book?

By top-selling book, you probably mean a top-selling book on Amazon because if you want to have a top-selling book on Amazon then you need a combination of factors.

You need a good quality book that is worthy of being a best seller because without that no matter how hard you try you cannot become a best seller.

But if we consider the fact that the book is worthy of being a top-selling book then you need to make sure to get noticed by the Amazon algorithm.

When we say Amazon algorithm, we mean that the algorithm is the only factor that will promote your book on Amazon. That is why you need to make sure that everything about the book is perfect from the product listing to the Author’s page.

You need to have a good title and subtitle and also a complete description with relevant keywords. Along with that, the more reviews the book has, the better are chances for the book to get noticed and that is why you should make sure there are more reviews.

Along with that, you should also promote your book outside Amazon such as on social media and it will get more people to visit the book which will improve its chances.

If you want to know more about this topic then we would suggest you read the entire blog.