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Successful Book Publishing and Marketing Tips

Successful Book Publishing and Marketing Tips

Authors, especially successful authors are very few. This is because the journey from a writer to becoming an author is a tumultuous one, and often people give up.

However, with the new era of self publishing houses in Kolkata like, Orange Publishers, the process of becoming a published author has somewhat become simplified.

But, you still need to be pushed in the right direction and since self-publishing houses like us rely mainly on your vision and needs, some tips to help you successfully publish and market your book will go a long way.

Here, take a look.

Publish stories, adventures or journeys…Not just books!

You know, people do not buy ‘books’. They buy an escape from their monotonous life or the job that they don’t like. Reading makes them travel to another world where they might find the answer to their problem or just ease themselves of the daily stress.

When you are writing, you are completely immersed in the experience and finding words from deep within. And that’s what it should be because you’re an artist!

But, when it comes to publishing, it’s a whole new ballgame. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your readers. A lot of time authors become obsessed with the using the right words, the right format and the right keyword, but they forget to feed the reader’s experience.

So, when thinking of publishing a book, you need to question yourself the following:

  • What do your readers want to read? Do they want to escape on an adventure? Do they want to find a deeper meaning to life? Do they want to manage money learn a new skill?
  • Where should you publish your book? Should you just focus on the online platforms or want your book to be featured on the bookshelves of popular bookstore? Or do you just want people to read your book and wish to offer special sales?

The second question requires a deeper introspection. Just publishing your book isn’t enough. You need to choose the right platform. Now, if you’re someone obsessed with sales, revenue and readership, you will obviously go the online way – eCommerce stores, Kindle and the like.

But, if you are not that bothered about your rankings and sales, and just want your book to be read by the right people, you would think outside of the box.

For instance, if you have a book written about parenting, you could sell them in bulk to stores that sell mother and baby products. You would sell your book to libraries and universities. Basically, you would think beyond the over-saturated markets and create your own niche.

Find a publisher willing to assist you on your journey

As you must already be aware, it is not easy being a published author. Now, even the most well-known authors are known to crib and complain about their traditional publishers because there’s just too much pressure. Traditional publishing houses are extremely demanding and have strict deadlines.

So, the best solution for book publishing for beginners would be self-publishing.

The problem is that self-publishing is a daunting task and if you don’t want to everything by yourself, you have self book publishing companies like Orange Publishers. We help in the self-publishing journey and even provide premium services like, editing, proofreading, book cover design, marketing, distribution and so on.

We even have ghostwriters who can finish your manuscript on your behalf.

So, you need to carefully make a decision. You have to make sure that your publisher truly understands your needs and are giving you the services that will eventually help you in becoming an author.

Out-of-the-box marketing ideas

Of course, we will help you in marketing your book. From social media advertising to blogging, we will cover the entire marketing spectrum.

As one of the leading book publishers in India, we have an extensive network and expertise in marketing books.

However, you can also do your bit to get the word out.

You could decide to let everyone in your contact know about your book so that word spreads. Or you could choose to speak to your local bookstore about arranging for a small book event where you can talk about your book and interact with the audience.

Keeping everything aside, do you know the most important tip of book publishing and marketing? Finishing your book!

So, get to it and don’t forget to send us your manuscript.