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Ebook Promotion

Ebooks are great in general. You might have always wondered how to make money from ebooks? You might have also thought about how people make money with ebooks on Amazon and even if you should write ebooks for money.
Don’t worry because in this blog we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about ebooks and how to make money selling ebooks.
IDEA – The first step to writing an ebook is the same as writing a book and that is to get a good idea. You can have original ideas like making an ebook out of your essays or a storybook or novel or even think about a practical guide on something. You can write ebooks about self-help as well as translation ebooks in the language that you are fluent in if you are bilingual. There are a lot of good ideas out there and you simply need to choose one that suits you.

• BOOK QUALITY – If you want to know how to make money with ebooks for free then you must remember a simple thing and that is your ebook must be of high quality. By quality, we mean that it should not have silly mistakes or grammatical mistakes. You can use free software like Grammarly to make sure your ebook is alright.

• PLATFORM – This is one of the most important steps of publishing your ebook and that is to create a passive income strategy. The first step of the strategy is to find the ideal platform to publish your ebook. After you have created the ebook through any online ebook creator you can now focus on publishing it. There are excellent platforms out there to choose from here are a few.
– ORANGE PUBLISHERS – As the fastest-growing book publishing company in India and with a mission to support self-published authors and with terms and conditions that are always transparent and with the process of publishing that is simple and fluid, we cannot miss this opportunity to recommend ourselves to you as we will always welcome you to publish your ebook with the level of control that you desire.

– AMAZON KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING(KDP)- Perhaps one of the biggest platforms out there, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing can help you publish your ebooks as well as provide tools for you to convert your manuscript into the kindle format. They are also trying to push that new platform Kindle Vella, the subscription-based model of ebook reading.

– RAKUTEN KOBO- The company started as an ebook reader manufacturer and now is slowly shifting towards publishing ebooks and it can be a good platform for you. However, the popularity of this platform is not as high as Orange Publishers or KDP.

– SELLFY – This is a multifaceted website where you can sell anything digital and if your ebook is in any digital format then you can sell it there.

– SMASHWORDS – This is more of an ebook distributor than a publisher because they can distribute your ebook to all the biggest ebook platforms with Smashwords.

• MARKETING – After you’ve published your ebook, you must now come up with a solid marketing strategy that will include a marketing funnel that does the ebook promotion for you. Before doing that, we would ask you to do your own research and find out the answers to a few questions like how to make money on kindle or for example how ebook sales work. After doing a bit of rudimentary research on the sales and money-making point of things, you can then start with your marketing strategy wherein you must use any and every means necessary to promote your ebook. These may include

This was a simple guide for you to understand how to make money from ebooks. If you are someone who is concerned that the big corporations are always charging too much percentages for your ebook then we had here for you. We are Orange Publishers, India’s most trusted self-publishing book house and we are on a mission to support everything that is related to self-publishing. We will provide you with the best bookselling margins wherein you will get to make money as we support you throughout the publishing process. The concept of ebooks can seem new and they are but you do not have to worry because with us you can reach new levels of literary fame.