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Orange Publishers is a leading publishing house based in India, with a global reach. If you are wondering how to get a story published, reach out to us. We will walk you through the entire process and give you full freedom to create your own story book. Just submit us your manuscript and our team of editors and reviewers will polish it for the literary world. Our publishing services include designing every aspect of the printed book and marketing them. We can also convert your book into an eBook and put them out on various prestigious story publishing websites. You can opt for a printable or non-printable version of the eBook.

Whatever Your Genre, We Will Help Publish Your Story

At Orange Publishers, we are committed to publish your story and catapult you to the position of an established author. We publish story books of different genre including children story books, ghost story books, graphic story books and so on. We also publish short stories and it can be a single short story or a compilation of various different short stories. With us, you never have to think about how to publish my story again. Our wide network and team of experts with decades of experience in the printing and literary industry ensures that your story gets the exposure that you desire and becomes one of the bestselling books. From proofreading to editing and advertising, you can trust us with every aspect of your story book publishing requirement.

As one of the leading story book publishers in India, we take full responsibility in turning your manuscript into a marketable book. You will have full control in getting your book published and our team will discuss the various options and mediums available to you. We will even convert your handwritten manuscript into a Word document through our typesetting services. With us, you can expect wide distribution and be a published author in no time.

Are you interested in putting a little something together? Do you have a story to tell? Fiction or non-fiction, we will make sure that your story is out there for everyone to read. Just send us your manuscript, decide if you want a hard copy book or an eBook or both, decide on the distribution medium and let us worry about the rest. Get in touch with Orange Publishers to discuss royalties and such other finer details.