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This Is Why Book Lovers Should Visit the International Kolkata Book Fair 2024 – The World’s Second Largest Book Fair

Kolkata Book Fair

Today we have something exciting for you because we are going to be talking about the world’s second-largest book fair with a food fall of nearly 30 lakh visitors.

We are going to talk about why you should definitely visit the Kolkata Book Fair this year.

This is not just because we are also going to be there at the Orange Publishers book stall no. 59 hall no.2, near gate no. 3, but because there are other amazing reasons to be there.

The 47th International Kolkata Book Fair – Boi Mela 2024 will take place from January 18th to 31st at the Boimela Prangan in Salt Lake.

So, let us find out why book lovers should definitely visit the Kolkata book fair this year.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Kolkata Book Fair 2024

All The Books You Can Imagine

Kolkata is a book lover’s paradise in general and already has one of the largest book markets in the world and this can give you an idea of how the world’s second largest book fair is going to be.

When you visit the Kolkata Book Fair you can expect thousands and thousands of some of the most diverse books from every genre nearly every major language in the world.

The book fair has more than 1000 stalls and now imagine every stall having nearly a thousand books.  That will give you an idea of the scale of the operations.

You can expect books from all the 22 official languages of India and even international languages. There are in fact international stalls dedicated to every country that wants to put out their books in the book fair.

You can find books from classic literature to books that will help you prepare for the upcoming UPSC exams. You can expect computer programming books and you can also expect a book about the history of computers.

You can use your wildest imagination and you will still fall short of comprehending the scale we are talking about.

The Kolkata Book Fair is so popular in fact that many international tourists schedule their tour dates so that they can come in time to visit the book fair.

It is a book lover’s paradise but it is also a paradise for everyone who wants to be an author because if you can manage the put your book in the book fair then you are already on your way to success.

Interact With the Actual Authors

The best thing about the Kolkata Book Fair is not the thousand stalls of books or the huge area of operations but something even more special.

The Kolkata Book Fair will not only host your favourite books but also your favourite authors and that includes an entire schedule full of talks and discussions and events.

But most importantly authors. Yes, you will get to meet your favourite authors in person right when you go to buy their books.

This is such a big deal that even authors schedule their book publishing according to the Bookfair timings so that they can launch the new books and sign the first few copies for their fans.

You can get to listen to them talk and take part in debates and ask all the questions in the world to your favourite authors.

When we say authors will not only mean national authors who are national icons but also international authors because this is an international event.

You get to have sneak peeks of their future endeavours so that you can always stay up to date on their work.

You can even look for apprentice work because some publishing companies also carry out hiring drives and some authors are also looking for assistance but that is a rare phenomenon.

That is why this book fair is so special because you can simply get your favourite books on Amazon or in a book store but you can only meet your favourite authors in the Kolkata Book Fair.

But you must make sure to match the schedule so that you get to be there when your favourite people talk.

Excellent Cultural Events

While the name is the International Kolkata Book Fair but it is not just about books because it is primarily about culture and that culture can be found in song and dance and events and discussions and literature.

That is why, when you visit the Kolkata Book Fair you will get to experience different kinds of cultural events that showcase not only the culture of Bengal but the culture of India.

You can expect art exhibitions but you can also expect something like live music performances. You can expect a showcasing of handicraft artists and their works.

You can get to take part in different cultural events and you can get to look at some of the best culture Kolkata and India has to offer.

Along with that, the Kolkata Book Fair will also make it possible for you to meet cultural icons and we are not just talking about authors.

You can meet nearly everyone from actors to singers and directors and people who are very impactful in the cultural space such as thinkers and intellectuals.

You can even get to engage in conversations with them during these cultural events and if you are really into these kinds of encounters then this is going to be perfect for you.

A Lot of Food

The International Kolkata Book Fair can easily be called the Kolkata Food Fair because of the endless number of options you get when it comes to food.

We were actually resisting the urge to add this to the previous point about cultural events because food is definitely a very important cultural event and marker.

This way this point is specifically there for food so as to understand the scale of options and operations when it comes to the Kolkata Book Fair.

There is an entirely separate section just for food when it comes to the Kolkata Book Fair where you can get almost everything that you can get in the city.

You can get Bengali classics and traditional dishes that are usually cooked in Bengali homes and served at special events such as marriage ceremonies.

However, you can also get fusion food such as Indo-Chinese food which is something very specific to the city. You can try out main courses as well as small portions of snacks when it comes to traditional dishes as well as Indo-Chinese food as well as all the other national and international dishes.

This is just the beginning because you can also find a lot of refreshment options in the form of juices and healthy snacks along with little appetizers that if eaten a lot can fill you up.

And it would be a crime not to mention the sweets. Nearly all the most popular and most renowned Bengali sweets establishments are there with all their offerings whether it is traditional sweets or a fusion between traditional and the modern.

And finally, we come to the favourite part of all the food which is going to be Mughlai food and specially biryani.

While the Kolkata Book Fair is primarily focused on books but if you do not read books and you just want to explore all the famous names in biryani in a single place then you should definitely visit Kolkata Boi Mela 2024.

Amazing Discounts and Offers

If you are looking for some of the most exclusive discounts that are never available online or in any other place then you should definitely visit the Kolkata book fair.

This is because a lot of authors choose to publish their books at the Kolkata Book Fair.

This means if you visit the Kolkata Book Fair then you will get to witness the launch of many books which might not be available on Amazon or in any bookstore at the time and will be exclusive to the Kolkata Book Fair.

You are going to witness authors launching their own books and it is not going to be a single event but it will be like hundreds of book launches all at once.

And you know what happens at book launches and special signing events, you get special discounts along with signed copies of the book.

That is exactly what you can expect at the Kolkata Book Fair because you are going to get some of the best discounts possible on books.

Along with that, you are also going to get bundle deals.

If you are really lucky then you can even win different contests and get free books but you must watch out for these contests and these special offers.

Supporting Regional Talents

If you love literature then you must also love supporting local talent and talented authors and that is exactly why you should visit the Kolkata Book Fair.

This is because the Kolkata Book Fair is actually the largest temporary launchpad for books in the country and the second largest in the world.

This means you are not only getting international bestsellers and renowned bestselling authors but you are also going to meet new authors who are publishing their books for the first time.

If you believe in supporting new talent then this is going to be the ideal place for you because every new talent out there in the literature world dreams of publishing their book in the Kolkata Book Fair.

That is why while you can get all your bestseller books online and you can obviously get them and bookstores but that will not help you support regional literature.

But the Kolkata Book Fair is a very rare and special opportunity for you to support regional literature by talking to these authors and supporting their work and buying their books.

Amazing Networking Opportunity

Let’s now come to the best thing about the International Kolkata Book Fair because if you are someone closely related to the publishing industry then this point is for you.

The Kolkata Book Fair is probably the best networking opportunity for authors and publishers and intellectuals alike.

This is because you cannot find a bigger conference of people related to books and publishing anywhere in the world other than the Frankfurt Book Fair.

This means if you live anywhere in Asia then this is probably going to be the biggest marketing and networking opportunity for you.

You will get to meet book publishers and authors from all over the world no matter the genre and no matter the language.

While this networking opportunity is good for publishers but it is most beneficial to authors and people who are planning on becoming authors.

You will get to talk to the publishers directly and talk about your publishing proposal and you can even take their contact numbers or even submit your manuscripts directly to them.

You can connect with fellow writers and authors and you can work on collaboration projects and it all depends on how much networking you want to do.

And let us now come to the most important reason why you should definitely visit the Kolkata Book Fair if you are a book lover.

The reason is simple. We are Orange Publishers and we are going to be there to welcome you to our stall.

We will be at bookstall no. 59, hall no.2, near gate no. 3. We will be there to greet you and we will be there to personally introduce you to all our amazing books.

We will interact with you and we will also have our authors interact with you. We are also going to be there if you want to publish your own book and we can even talk about that at our stall.

We are the fastest growing book publishing company in India and we also have one of the largest in-house operations where we do everything in-house right from the printing to the publishing as well as the marketing and creation of promotional material and much more.

We even take care of the book copyrights and we also publish everywhere on all platforms you desire and in all formats from paperbacks to eBooks and audiobooks and much more.

So, mark the dates on your calendar and we will meet at the International Kolkata Book Fair 2024.