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Before we say anything, we have to say that this book is special and this opportunity is special. It is our privileged honour to be able to publish for such a stalwart as Dr Nagendra Nath Mondal.


This book is a treasure for researchers who are not well-funded by the government and who think of leaving the country. This book is created so immaculately that this should be in the hands of every astronomy and physics enthusiast and especially someone who is looking to pursue and follow up on important discoveries with their own pocket money.




Dr Nagendra Nath Mondal is a household name when it comes to research and physics. He is the person to look towards when someone is willing to advance their research work and that is why he is also the perfect person to have understood one of the biggest challenges for researchers in India.


We are of course talking about the lack of funding for research by the government and also the lack of funding for educational institutes and universities when it comes to research in physics.


This very problem has led Dr N. N. Mondal to create this book that has critical analyses of important scientific discoveries that are within our planet and also across the universe.


This can very well be called an encyclopaedia of research for anyone who is trying to find ideas for research and what better book to choose than from one of the brightest minds of physics in India!




There can be a million reasons for you to buy this book but one of the most important reasons that we found while publishing the book is something that is not really seen in a lot of books.


We are of course talking about variety and versatility.  If you are someone who is only interested in the characteristics of the solar spectrum and solar radiation and also black body radiation then there is an entire chapter for you.


However, if you are someone who is keen about natural disasters and how they occur and also what kind of implications it has on the general behaviour of Earth then there is also a dedicated chapter for that that has a detailed introduction and also a good theory along with a few important experiments based on the Tsunami of 2011 in Japan.


If you want to delve deep into the Bose-Einstein-Condensation and if you want to continue your research from this then there is also an entire chapter for this and this chapter contains important experiments on materials and matter.


One of the other important reasons why you should get this book is because this book is not simply an isolated collection of experiments about important equations but this book has its feet firmly planted on real-life effects and always has a focus on how different events can have a real impact on the earth.


There is even an entire chapter that focuses on the Blue Earth movement and along with that important experiments that can be done to determine if it is in fact solution to global warming.


This is also one of the rare books that focuses on astrophysics which in itself is a very new topic in physics but has excellent potential and is also seeing a good surge in popularity internationally. Some even compare astrophysics to being one of the most glamorous fields of physics because of its capability to attract the non-physics folk.


This book is full of experimentation and experimental methods and also discusses the results of different experiments meaning that you do not have to do the hard work of finding them out yourself.


From the micro to the macro this book focuses on everything that can be even remotely interesting to anyone who is trying to find a topic for research on physics and the value that you are going to get out of this book is going to be far exceeding the price of this book.





As a tribute to this book, we have named the ending of this blog as a conclusion just like how the professor likes to end chapters.


We would like to state that books like this are still quite rare to come up indigenously and it is books like this that have the potential to revolutionize entire generations into pursuing research with or without government help.


If you are someone who is indeed willing to go on this path then we would suggest that you buy not only one but two copies, one to simply preserve and the other one to use daily. This will be a treasure that you are going to cherish for a lifetime and publishing A book of Research on Astronomy and Astrophysics by Dr N. N. Mondal has been an experience that we are indeed going to remember for a lifetime.