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I found the nineteen sutras to achieving true Joy in life in the book “JoySutra”

The past couple of months have been the most trying for all of us. In every part of the world people have been dealing with this invisible virus which has disrupted life, business, travels and every single day. There is probably no individual in the entire planet who has not been affected in some way or the other. Even children have faced difficult days. People have been confined to the homes. Lots of business have seen bad days and analysts say that the worse is yet to arrive.

At this point, The book “JoySutra – 19 Amazing Sutras to get a Life Extraordinary” came in like a ray of hope. It helped me to go through each and everyday and kept me motivated.

“Life has its share of ups and downs. Challenges are a part and parcel of any individual and challenges can be overcome if one is prepared to face it. Some challenges are difficult, but not impossible. So, catch your breath and continue again after a break. That breather will assist in giving a boost to achieve the goal and get over the challenges. Prepare yourself for challenges. Get over all the inhibitions, languor and gear up to be motivated.”

These couple of months have been like a break. Nature has taught us to value life, not take things for granted and spend time with family. It has taught us the importance of life, of family and the worth of nature. Nature too has reset. When we come out this phase, I know that I will emerge a better person and I will be motivated. I will be realistic in my approach.

According to the author, we need a goal for charity and spend time with senior citizens. And I did exactly that. These months I made it a point to contact all my relatives and speak to them. I made promises of meeting them when the situation changes. Shri Deepak Ranjan the Author of JoySutra motivated me. In fact, I realised the joy I received was much more than the joy I gave. This pepped me up like wow. I am thankful that I now have my own copy of the book “JoySutra – 19 Amazing Sutras to get a Life Extraordinary” on my Amazon Kindle.

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Just Released: JoySutra – 19 Amazing Sutras to get a Life Extraordinary

More than often, life finds us at crossroads. Some paths are easy and some are very difficult. We have to make a choice. Some of decisions are to be made in a haste and the consequences of these decisions may have a long-term effect on our lives.  It may change our thinking, approach to life and subsequent conclusions. There are challenges faced in the professional front or at a personal level.  There are differences in opinions with colleagues, associates or even family members. We are left at an intersection wondering what to do. Is the decision taken right or wrong? Am I doing the right thing? These questions niggle at every juncture of life. These are cause of sleepless nights, anxiety and stress.

This motivational book, “JoySutra – 19 Amazing Sutras to get a Life Extraordinary” by Deepak Ranjan is like a torch in darkness. It is like the invisible hand that walks you across the cobbled path to a smoother road and assists to take the decisions. The sutras are simple and easy to comprehend. The examples and illustrations are from the daily walks of life. Hence makes it relatable. The language the author has used is simple, humble and unpretentious. There is a feeling of belonging in his language.

The sutras aim to aid and ease the process of decision making. It gives us a clarity in thoughts. It gives us that power to take a decision and stand by it. To be able to validate it and not feel miserable about it later in life. It is very important to maintain a rational mind while taking decisions and that is exactly what the author does. Makes the journey pleasant. Assists in decision making with ease.

I am really grateful that I got hold of the book “JoySutra – 19 Amazing Sutras to get a Life Extraordinary” by Deepak Ranjan. It has given me the joy of decision making. And now, I can proudly say that I have made the right choice.

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Scriptwriting 101 – How to Write a Script?

Every TV series or movie (or even a book) begins with one thing – an idea. The idea can be original or inspired from a book, movie or even real-life stories.

It doesn’t matter if your idea is vague or if it’s any good. It is a start.

The very first step to scriptwriting is putting down your idea on your laptop or piece of paper immediately so you don’t forget. You don’t need to write perfect sentences. Just write down your idea in the best possible way that you can understand and move on to the next step.


Nail the pre-write. This will help you in the final scriptwriting process. When you have all the points jotted down, you will have a better chance of not giving up and finishing your script.

In this step, you need to put down the following things:

  • Identify, as well as, design your main character or protagonist
  • Take your time to build the primary conflict
  • Put down the main points of the story and structure it. Put them in sequence so you know the scenes that come one after another.

You can call this stage as creating a rough draft and just assembling your ideas in one place.

Script formatting

There is a standard way of writing a script. Not many aspiring writers realize this.

One of those formatting rules include using Courier font and 12 pt. This is going to indicate the reader that you are well-versed with the formatting rules.

This is important, especially if you plan to send your script to a production company or enter a fellowship program.

Create the premise of the story

You need to come up with a unique story premise to capture the attention of your reader. Your story can be a tale of loss and love. But, there should be a unique hook, which makes your story different than the rest.

Having a novel concept is one of the most important considerations of writing a script. If you write about the same things that have been shown before, your readers will lose interest.

But, you can represent an old story with a modern twist. So, think very carefully about the premise of your story.

Development of the character

Most script is about following the story of the main protagonist. Sometimes, there are several main characters.

It doesn’t matter if your script has one main character or several, you need to develop the character/characters in a way that your readers get engrossed in his/her journey. Your readers must go on a literal or emotional journey with the character/s of your script.

You need to spend a lot of time in developing your character. The story must evolve and transform with the main character. Often, writers make their main character passive and that makes the readers lose interest.

When it comes to developing your main character, you can ask these questions:

  • Who is your main character and why?
  • What does the main character want?
  • What is stopping the character from getting what he/she want?

The questions will act as compasses. They will guide you towards making the character interesting and also give ideas for your pot development.

Development of the plot

Nobody likes a plot that is dragging and beating around the bush. This will kill the interest of the readers.

Even if your story is very common, you need to develop the plot in a way that keeps your readers on their toes. Always guessing what will happen next. Keep them unaware and that will make them interested.

Your plot must build tension and lead to a compelling climax, which should then lead to a gratifying solution. Though, you can also keep your story open-ended as most writers are leaving it that way and making readers use their imagination.

Open-ended endings mean there can be more than one possible ending. Keep your readers guessing even after the movie is over. But, for that, you have to have a solid plot structure.

Dialogue of the script

How your characters interact with each other is crucial. The story will be told to the audience through the dialogues.

While it is crucial to maintain a tone of realism, the dialogues should also be entertaining sometimes to break the monotony. Every dialogue should move the story along.

There might be instances where you have to introduce characters through dialogues. So, remember that this is not a one-day work.

It might take weeks to perfect dialogues between your characters. It is important that you do not give up.

Final words for aspiring script writers

These are only the basic of scriptwriting. For writing a successful script, you have to work on word building and build your vocabulary. You also have to watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books.

You might even have to take courses on character and plot development. There are more than one way to represent an idea and your creativity should shine through your script. If you need more help, you can reach out to Orange Publishers. We have a team of scriptwriters who can either guide you or offer to write the script for you, but stick to the idea given by you.