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Today we are going to talk about ‘Adventures of Ikata and Tikata: Go Green’ by Chitra Raghavan.


This children’s novel is a homage to silviculture and much more. This novel, although which has been classified as a children’s novel, has the capability and quality and unique character of being interesting to everyone of every age group.


Let us divide this review into sub-points on why you should get this children’s novel for yourself and your kids.






This is truly one of the rare instances when an adventure novel is created on silviculture and has a very important cause that is guiding the novel.


This is not just a novel that you read for timepass because you are going to derive real-world values that are so basic and important in nature that these values can shape the next generation into understanding and falling in love with nature.


From the introduction of the children with their pets and their toys to the development of their keen minds which allows them to explore nature and care for it, this novel can do marvels for kids who might not interact with nature due to being involved in technology for entertainment and education.




This is an adventure novel that tells the story of two children Ikata and Tikata, when we tell you that this novel is for everyone it is for everyone simply because it not only talks about the deeds of these two brave children but it also talks about the supporting parentage that they get from their elders.


From their grandparents to their parents as well as other important people can be seen in the novel supporting the very beautiful motive that the children have for doing their green drive in the locality.


We can see positive interaction between the children and the adults as we can see the adults not being too overprotective of the children but being a guide in guiding them to moral lessons about nature and much more.




This is not like any other children’s novel which has been written just for entertainment because this novel can help anyone get the clear message about caring for the environment.


Just like how Gulliver’s Travels can be categorised as a novel for young minds and also categorised as a political novel, this is the same case with Go Green, but the message here is about nature awareness and understanding.


Chitra Raghavan has done an amazing job of keeping the novel extremely balanced, simple and easy to understand for children and nuanced for adults to derive a message about silviculture.


This has been done so effectively that it adheres to all the important tenants of child psychology, children usually learn more through action than words and complex ideas. And that is exactly what has been done with this novel because it teaches children compassion about nature with a very adventurous and fun and practical demonstration.




It is always a good thing to imbibe children with spiritual consciousness on their level and this is exactly what has been done in the novel.


The Indian psyche and the Indian ethos is very rich and diverse where human beings have always had excellent spiritual connectivity with nature. This novel has captured this Indianness and transformed it into a simple amalgamation that children can understand.


This is not a novel about children going to the zoo and looking at caged animals but this is about children going into nature and interacting with animals in their habitat and the best part about this is that the animals answer back.


Childhood is a beautiful time when we do not need to differentiate fantasy and reality and children are excellent dreamers as well as believers. If we can inculcate important moral lessons and values in them through fantasy then that will be fun as well as as a very permanent effect in their minds.


Fantasy has been used very consciously and very clearly to make sure children understand what it is to be with nature and be a part of it.


This captures the spirit of India’s soul in a beautifully simple way for children.




We can be sympathetic to someone or something without understanding their situation and without feeling their feelings.


However, empathy can only occur when we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes in order to feel exactly what they feel and that is exactly what has been done in the novel.


The children are not only made to observe nature but feel as if they are also nature and that they must protect nature in order to protect themselves.


This is probably one of the most beautiful themes of this incredible novel.


So, we hope we have given you a definite answer as to why you should buy this incredible children’s novel Adventures of Ikata and Tikata: Go Green by Chitra Raghavan.


If you like her work, you can also read other adventures by Ikata and Tikata and there is an incredible series on these two brave children. She has also authored countless other novels which you should definitely take a look into.


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