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Today we are going to talk about a book that is quite special to us because of the sheer level of nostalgia that it brings and also the immense knowledge that you can gather from it.

Today we are going to talk about a book that is more like a treasure chest for cricket fans all over the world because this book is going to help you know a lot of stuff about cricket and relive the glorious golden age of the 70s to 90s.

We are of course talking about the book “Cricket: A stroll down its glorious memory lane – Seventies to Nineties” by CrickFound.


You might have this question and we too had this question when we heard about the title of the book before publishing because the title states that the book is a stroll down memory lane, specifically the 70s to the 90s.

However, that is not the case because this book is not only going to attract someone who has lived during that time but this book will be even more special for someone who is from the next generation.

This book is special for a multitude of reasons and nostalgia is one of them and the other important reason why you should get this book for a cricket lover is that this book will serve as an encyclopaedia for anyone who wants to learn about the golden age of cricket.


Officially, this book is not an encyclopaedia but this book is something much more than an encyclopaedia because this book has some of the finest information curated into a beautiful package.

You can find everything about the history behind coloured clothing in cricket, how white balls came into existence and much more.

You will get to learn about some of the finest cricketing legends to have ever stepped foot on this planet like Sir Vivian Richards and Sunil Gavaskar. This book will also help you learn about some of the heroes of cricket that were forgotten or not are not in the recent public memory such as legends like Mohinder Amaranth and Gordon Greenidge.


This is not a book of narration because this is not a book of fiction as this is a non-fiction book. However, this can easily be categorised as a history book for cricket but this is not a history book of your typical kind.

Of course, the book is littered with dates and important events but it is not as boring as a history book and the style of narration is so good that this can even feel like an explainer essay about the history of cricket.

There is an interesting section dedicated to amazing facts and it is so amazing that we cannot describe them without giving out spoilers.

Perhaps you want to know about the time when Gundappa Vishwanath was dropped from the line-up and when this legend was reinstated.

Or perhaps you want to know who is that legendary bowler in cricket who did not play a single test match in India or Pakistan?

The amazing facts section contains interesting information like this and much more.

So, you must be thinking to yourself, this must be a history book, right?  Of course, you can call it a history book but one thing is for sure, no history book will be as interesting as this book. No one will get bored reading this.


This book can be defined easily as the best homage given to the golden era of cricket through a fantastic line-up of chapters and episodes categorised into fascinating topics.

Someone who is willing to learn and educate themselves about cricket can pick this book up as an educational book and forget that this is not an educational book. There are interesting sections such as best captains where you will find important information about the best captains and important information.

This book is also a tribute to one of the most legendary sportspersons in India and our hero Kapil Dev and how he managed to spearhead India and entire generations into believing in sports and making an entire nation confident.


If you are a cricket lover or a history lover or you are interested in sports then you should not only buy one copy but two copies of this book, one to preserve and another to read because this is one of the rare times that a book on cricket has been so magnificent without being as thick as an encyclopaedia.

The only complaint you might have about this book is why did it end so quickly; this book is that good.  This book is also excellent if you want to gift this to someone who is as crazy about cricket as you are or if you want someone younger from your family to be interested in the sport.

However, we might warn you that gifting this book without keeping it for yourself is difficult because you will fall in love with this book.

And if you are someone who has really liked the book and is wanting new editions of this book then there is good and bad news.

The good news is that depending on the popularity of the book, CrickFound is going to release newer editions too. The bad news is that it all depends on the popularity but you do not have to worry because the book is already on a steep climb towards becoming a bestseller and you are probably going to see newer versions in the future hopefully.

We hope you have found this blog useful and we hope to see you in future blogs where we bring you information about some of the amazing books we publish at Orange Publishers.


It’s 2022 and video is everything. Everybody is reliant on video marketing from personal brands to government agencies.

Everybody is trying to create high-quality video content complete with animation and voice-overs to simply market their product.

However, the literature community is falling back on it compared to every other industry.


As a self-publishing company with decades of publishing experience, we at Orange Publishers have always tried to stay at the leading edge of everything, this includes marketing.

We have published and promoted book trailers, author interviews and much more from the early days of YouTube to every other video platform out there.

Why you might ask.

This is simply because we could foresee the impact video marketing will have on the readers.

There have always been traditionalists in the book publishing world who had always thought of video as the sworn enemy of the book publishers because the video would replace books.

However, we always thought about video marketing as the most powerful tool to promote books.  It is an extension of the marketing campaign and also a more effective marketing tool than anything else.



Video marketing can be effective for any author but it becomes twice as effective for a self-published author.

If you are an author and you decide to market your books then you will have an excellent opportunity to create an author brand and promote it through different means.

This can be through a cinematic journey or through simple storytelling.

You can even not choose to come in front of the camera and use stock footage and create simple videos that will explain the plot to the readers.

Therefore, video marketing for authors is always a good thing.

Now that we know that video marketing can be a strength rather than a weakness for authors, we can understand why video marketing for others is important.

Before we understand the author’s guide to social media marketing in another blog probably in the future, let us find out the important tips on how to use video marketing as an author.





One of the most important things you must understand is that in 2022 every social media platform has a short video option and they are promoting short videos even more than regular videos.

This means that you will become popular with short videos and get views much easier.

There are short videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and you must focus on making simple short videos not more than 1 minute long.

However, if you decide to make regular videos then again you must not make those videos longer because it is difficult to hold the attention of video platforms.



Every social media platform and every video platform has an algorithm and these algorithms have certain preferences.

One of the key preferences that is followed throughout social media platforms is regularity.

If the social media platforms find out that you are posting regularly then they will promote your videos more than someone who is irregular.

They simply want the audiences to get a certain degree of surety about content and that is why they will always promote people who regularly post.



When you are in the intention for marketing then you must think like a marketing executive and only then you will be successful.

The most basic and simplest lesson that a marketing executive will give you is to always study your target audience.

You already know your USP, now you must figure out which kind of audience is attracted to your work and you must always utilise your videos to attract them.

If you have a good and deep understanding of the needs and wants of your target audience then YouTube or any other video platform will become much easier for you to handle.

You simply need to forget thinking like an author and start thinking like someone in marketing.



There is no harm in scripting your videos because even if you script your videos you might be able to make them look real.

There are more advantages to script than disadvantages.

The key advantage of scripting your video is simply that you will not speak more than you have intended to and you will always follow a clear path in the video.

Scripting your video will make sure that you talk about all the talking points and that you accomplish everything you wanted through the video.

These were some of the simplest and most basic tips that can help any author for marketing their video.

If you are someone who thinks that these steps at too much for you and if you are someone who is looking for a reliable self-publishing book house then we are here to help you.

We are Orange Publishers and we are the best publishing house in India and also the fastest growing in South Asia. We do everything from printing to publishing as well as marketing and creating promotional material including videos.

With us, you do not have to worry about anything and simply focus on what you love, which is writing and creating masterpieces, we will take care of the rest.

Check out our services above.


Today we are going to talk about a book and also a new movement in the Indian literature scene that is quite rare and rather fascinating.


We often have this complaint that people in a certain stream do not market the stream well enough.


It is often the case that all the great treasures that any stream holds itself locked within the people who are pursuing it.


It is especially during this crisis when someone like Amarjyoti Chaudhuri decides to challenge that and make everyone fall in love with what he does.


He is a bonafide and experienced geologist himself and he can easily be called the Indiana Jones of India but where Indiana Jones lacks deep education and explaining, this book contains and does a flawless job.




When we say that this book is for everyone, we mean that this book can educate literally anyone on the complex geological features and complex landscapes of this beautiful India without making it boring.


By the time you finish this book, you will feel a multitude of things. You will feel like you just completed a university degree without the long wait and struggle.


You will feel like you just came out of a beautiful movie that has the same nostalgic feel as a book like the Tintin series.


You will feel exhausted from using your imagination to travel to some of the most beautiful landscapes in India and you will feel like you just returned home from a long journey and you are a changed person.


This is the magic that Amarjyoti has managed to portray.




Let’s get the biggest question out of the way and let us try to define this mammoth text, by mammoth we do not mean this is as big as the Bible but we mean that it is big in character.


Simply put this is a selected narrative of short stories which are a combination of fictional and anecdotal and based on some of the fantastic real-life experiences of our beloved author and geologist Amarjyoti Chaudhuri.


While our author could have easily written a textbook about all the different geographical formations but it won’t feel personal.


What makes this book personal and as real as life is the fact that they are tigers, gem mafias, snakes, dacoits and a lot more.


Why is this important?


This is important because any geological formation does not exist by itself because it also houses life and along with that the perils of life.


If the book would have simply talked about geological formations, then it would have been an average book but it talks about every complex dynamic that makes a place real.


However, this book is not just limited to geology or just personal anecdotes.  This book teaches us a lot about the etymology and the names of popular places and how they came to be.


Like the name of one of the biggest metropolitan cities and the story behind it. So, history is done justice as well.




From the start of this blog, we might have used the word India a little too often or you might have seen the word India a little too often and imagined yourself seeing it a lot.


However, this book is as International as it is Indian.  The fact that makes it unique is that this book is in part international from an Indian perspective.


While there are narratives that travel the incredible areas around the world but the eyes that travel these areas are deeply Indian and lets the reader see the landscape and the anecdotes from an Indian perspective.


This is something that will make the book not only exciting to read but rather relatable and endearing and this is something that very few anecdotal books manage to do.




The question here should not be if you should buy the book but rather how many copies.


This book is deep but also casual, exciting and yet educational and this book is exactly something that you would want to gift to someone young in their life’s journey.


While this seems like a rare niche category but you won’t believe it when we show you the number of sales that is book is doing.


Maybe this book has hit a nostalgic and adventurous nerve with the audience or maybe this book has something that we are yet to decipher, whatever the case may be, this book certainly is worth reading and is worth your every rupee.


So, should you buy this book?


We say absolutely!


We wish we could say more about this book but that would mean we would risk giving out spoilers.  Instead, we are suggesting that you go check out the book which is currently on sale right now.


There are a lot of steps if you are trying to publish a book and if you are trying to publish a book without taking any external help then you must do everything by yourself.

While designing, the book cover might seem like the most difficult task and you might even need to hire a cover designer to do it.

However, the most difficult task or rather the task that has a pre-determined set of rules and that needs to be done perfectly is the book’s layout.

It is simply an integral part of the book that cannot be ignored no matter how good the book design experience is for the reader.

Be it best-selling authors or new authors in the industry, be it physical books or digital copies, the book’s internal layout is something that no one gets wrong.


The critical problem here is that it is quite a time-consuming and difficult process to get the book’s layout perfect. There are professionals who do it and if you are someone who wants to do everything about their book then you must at least use a professional print book formatting software.

They are many options and let us talk about one of the most popular options in this blog.


Vellum is a book formatting software that is geared towards beauty. People can use this software to format a beautiful book and this includes print book formatting as well as eBook formatting.

This software is easy to use and geared towards non-professionals who are not accustomed to formatting a book.

While there are excellent options like Adobe InDesign, however, they are difficult for a beginner and quite complicated.  However, Vellum is for people who love DIY.  It is for the people who do not want to leave any part of the book to be done by someone else and who always like to be hands-on with everything.


Vellum comes in three versions

  • FREE – This version is available to anyone who downloads the app. However, there are a few things to notice. This is not a free version but a free trial version which lasts for just 15 days.  You can do everything that you do in all the paid versions but you cannot generate and export copies of the formatted book.  However, this version will help you understand the app and how it works.
  • VELLUM EBOOKS – Just as the name suggests, this version is only capable of generating ebooks. You can generate an unlimited number of ebooks from this paid version which costs a one-time $199.99.  this is already quite high compared to the other softwares but this is a one-time payment and not a subscription model.
  • VELLUM PRESS – This is the most expensive version of the app which will allow you to do everything that this software is capable of. There is a one-time fee of $50 extra and this version is geared for professional use.



This is one of the most popular features of this app as this allows the user to already select from a good list of aesthetic and professional book styles.  Depending on the book style that you choose, you can see the changes in the book’s headers and footers, caption, block quotation, heading, first paragraph, body and ornamental break.



While this is not a special feature, having this featured in a book formatting app is important. Vellum identifies DOCX files and generally does a good job in identifying chapter headings and is able to automatically separate chapters.



This feature is quite useful if you are trying to export your eBook for a certain platform.  While working on the project you can preview what the book will look like on different platforms such as Kindle, iPhone, Android tablet, Kobo etc.



Vellum lets you generate different types of ebook formats and also preview what they will look like on each platform.  Additionally, you can also find a good interface when you are trying to generate a print book as it does a good job of optimising and formatting for print.

There are important features that also make this one of the best book writing software.  However, there are some things that we do not like about this software.

One of the most important drawbacks is that there is no windows version and as we know windows is the biggest PC platform and them not having a windows version cripples the software from good markets.  There is also no option to add footnotes.  Adding images is also quite difficult.

If you are someone who does not want to spend so much on a book formatting software and if you are someone who likes to depend on and trust professionals for doing this then we are here to help you.

We are Orange Publishers and we are the fastest growing and most popular self-publishing book house in India and we will not only ensure that your manuscript is edited but we will also use our custom book formatting proprietary software to format your book and will also have our experts examine it manually.

This is an error proof step far better than Vellum.

Of course, since you’re publishing with us, this process is completely complementary and after we are done formatting the book, we can move forward with the publishing and book marketing which is also under the same roof.